Posted by: AceRailgun | April 2, 2012

Space Brothers Episode 1

I really hope I’m not the only one that liked this. It was the good start to a story and if you didn’t enjoy it you have bad taste and should just go watch some cheap harem anime instead.


Enough of the insults, I’ve heard many things about the anime. At one point I heard it’s over 50 episodes long but now I think it’s just 12.


The anime started with the flashback to the two main character childhood. The younger brother, Hibito has been more successful and outshines the older brother, Mutta. I enjoyed this idea and I just know the anime is going to be about Mutta’s journey through Space school. So unless the next episode is a royal screw up there I’m going to watch this anime all the way to the end.


Depending on the episode count we will either see Mutta’s progress through training be quick or drawn out. Surely space school is really difficult so it would realistically take a long time.


There was also a UFO which threw me off a bit at the start. I’m praying they never find the aliens on the moon. I feel the anime should be more about the journey and that moment when they reach the moon. It would be cheap if they find aliens.


If you haven’t watched the first episode go do that and get back to me.


  1. Haven’t seen it yet, but…

    “It would be cheap if they find aliens.”

    Damn right. Don’t throw the supernatural into my realistic not-quite-coming-of-age story.

    • I’m pretty sure we won’t have to worry about the aliens. I hope.

  2. It’s a slice of life where the guys are aiming for space. I was expecting it to be boring, but this is how a realistic slice of life should be done.

    I hope they find aliens, but most likely they’ll be your typical humanoids.

    • Nah, there is no way this anime this could be boring. Mutta is a very unique character so I think it will be interesting to see him work towards his dreams.

      I’m not sure about the aliens just yet but I’m willing to have my opinion changed on the subject.

  3. Wow, that’s strong language. I’ll have to check this out at some point, if only to see what made you decry those who wouldn’t like it so strongly.

    • I’m just a story nut and whenever an anime focuses more on story and characters then boobs and cute girls then I’m happy.

  4. I’m definitely checking this out soon. It seems like one of the first solid shows of the season, and what little I’ve seen looks interesting.

    • It’s worth it. I reckon you’ll enjoy it.

  5. Seems like everyone that watched Space Bros really enjoyed it, myself included. I’m a little curious to hear what you enjoyed most about it though since so many people have cited different reasons for enjoying it, though most attribute it to the realistic setting, the adventurous goals (realizing one’s childhood dream), the subtle, yet effective comedy, and the similarities to their own lives. Personally, I really enjoy the first three aspects and can appreciate the fourth (not sure what it’s like to be middle-aged and unemployed) but my favorite aspect is the support the brothers have for each other. It actually feels like a real family.

    Also, I am a little curious about the whole 50 episodes/12 episodes course that I’ve seen for it. Not sure what it will end up being but you’re right that we’ll have an idea after the next episode and how long space school lasts. I’m secretly hoping for 50 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just 12 for now.

    • I’d love 50 episodes so much but i’m not sure at this point. The first episode only scratched the surface but it still touched on a lot of interesting plots and ideals. I presume we will be introduced to the minor characters next episode when space school starts.

      Brotherhood is something that is rare in anime so it’s nice to see it for a change.

  6. Haha I see you like the anime very much. I like it too. The setting as in the song is very old-school and I really like it. Yeha indeed I wish there was no aliens at all. That is a good point there. Seriously if they do put the aliens in the show it’s definitely going to make the show less interesting. Can’t wait to see more Mutta! I wish there was more about his little brother as well. Definitely going to watch this till the end.

    • It should be interesting in the next few episodes with Mutta starting space school. I’m curious to see if he is instantly successful or if he fails and even drops out. Saying that it’s very possible he won’t even get into space.

      The little brother needs more screen time. I’d like to see him reach space first and do some stuff there.

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