Posted by: AceRailgun | April 1, 2012

Upcoming Anime #6 Shiro Tabi

So this is a new anime that just got announced with scarce details to tease me and all the accompanied a brief description was this one picture. I know I should probably wait until there are more details about it available but I just couldn’t resist because the description I read sounds neat.


Shiro Tabi or White Journey in English is set five hundred years after some sort of Apocalypse and follows two characters on their travels as they search for remnants of the old technologies scattered across the land which nature has reclaimed.


The anime will be an original production and is not based off a current manga or light novel. It is slated for a 2012 release but a season has not announced yet so it could be as late as Fall 2012.


I did manage to translate some details about the characters but since my Japanese is bad they could be a little inaccurate. The main lead is an unnamed eccentric blond women who is always wearing a lab coat and carrying around a laptop bag despite being a traveller.


The second character is called Ruby, at least that’s how I think it’s suppose to be said. She is a young girl with no relation to the women. I couldn’t find out much else about the characters or the dynamic between the two at this point but I’m curious as to what they look like. In time I’m sure more details will become available and i’ll be the first one to keep you guys updated.


  1. This sounds (and from that picture looks) awesome! Here’s hoping for something similar to Kino’s Journey/Mushishi. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Sorry to disappoint you but this was an April fools. 😛 So you are my 1st victim.

      I admit I made the whole anime up but here’s some news for you. White Journey (Working Title) is a novel I want to write after I finish the one I’m working on.

      Mushi Shi and Kino’s Journey are part of the inspiration so you were dead on with that assumption.

      Oh yeah and the girl from the description Ruby, is actually Alpha.

      • That was…really, really good, actually.

        Of course, now I’m kind of disappointed. Oh well, spring season looks great and I have a huge backlog.

        Now get cracking, you prank genius! I want to see this! 🙂

      • I’ll be working on this slowly but surely. I’ve got a lot of ideas but i’m not quite sure how to put them together into a proper story yet.

        I’m so proud of this post.

  2. Interesting,
    It does, as John Sato pointed out, sound a little like Kino’s Journey or Mushishi but, the characters sound a lot more animated and eccentric than either Kino or Ginko, who were always fairly stoic, I’m interested to see what that does to this kind of a show…

    • You are my second April fool. 😛 It’s not real. Well it kind of is. I’m going to write it eventually. Once I finish the novel I’m working on I plan to start this story.

      The characters are the fun part. The girl, Ruby is actually Alpha. The women is inspired by Yuko from xxxHolic and Okabe from Steins;Gate. I haven’t come up with a name for her yet.

      • I hate you.
        You can send me a copy of this book of your’s once you have completed it to make up for making an April Fool out of me! : P

      • Fair enough. 🙂 It might be a while though.

  3. This picture has been my desktop background for a month now. This anime sounds interesting and I’m anxious to see how it will look like.

    • You are my third April fool. I’m surprised you didn’t work it out from the image you had saved. I found it by searching the Scenery_porn pool on Danbooru.

      You’ll have to wait a year until I write it. 🙂

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