Posted by: AceRailgun | April 1, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation 25 Final

It’s all over and i’m really sad but then again I’m not because I know there is at least one more episode being released months from now on the dvds which will cover the true ending.


So this episode was pretty much everything I was expecting it to be. It was good but it didn’t change anything and the battle wasn’t as epic as that one vs Kubo half way through the season so I’m slightly disappointed.


Since I’m a massive fan boy I have to get all technical here. Yosuke used Garudyne, the best single attack wind element move in the game and Chie used god’s hand. An impressive physical attack. I enjoy all the  game references but I think the best surprise for me was Yu fusing Lucifer which is one of the best persona in the game.

I will admit the rainbow friendship attack was lame but I don’t know what else they could have done to avoid it. Admittedly Yosuke initalising the evolution of everyones persona’s was neat and countered the lameness of the rainbow attack. Plus now Yosuke is the best bro to ever exist in anime.


Now I’m going to justify what I’m about to say. Persona 4 is 1/157 on my top anime list. I feel cheap adding it to the top but I do it for good reason. I love the Persona franchise and it’s made me into a fanboy, by creating a fanboy they writers have achieved what they set out to do which is make someone fall in love with their story and characters. I know all the character full names and don’t need wikipedia to remember them either.

I could go on but I won’t. If you enjoyed Persona 4 The Animation then difinately check out the Persona 3 game as well as the other games in the Shin Megami Tensei series as they are good as Persona 4.


  1. woot…they did the Persona evolution. I’m glad
    I agree…this franchise rocks. Even if the pacing was a bit fast, this was a pretty good game adaptation.

    • Persona evolution were amazing to see.

      Game adaptions seem to be high quality lately. We had Steins;Gate a while back and that did very well too.

      Here’s hoping they announce a Persona 3 anime or the release of Persona 5.

      • True, but rpg adaptations are harder than visual novels
        Persona 5 gogo!

  2. I was wondering when they were gonna get their ultimate personas. Didn’t expect they’d save ’em for the last episode
    The Persona franchise is truly awesome, and P4 The Animation may very well be the best jRPG adaptation today. Here’s hoping for a Persona crossover sometime in the future ^^

    • I was starting to think they weren’t going to get ultimate personas too. But then all of a sudden they all have ultimate personas.

      It’s one of the only JRPG adaptions I can think of. Dating sims and visual novels have had some good adaptions but this is the first time I’ve seen a good adaption of a JRPG.

  3. For me it really is one the best jrpg adaption, great visuals, ever funny and with a awesome storyline, though maybe not quite a well as it was done in the game but regardless it was great. I can’t wait for the true end episode. Though, I’m still waiting for Persona 5 so they really need to get a move on.

    • I suspect persona 5 or at least a new shin megami tensei game will be announced before the end of the year. The anime manages to put so many ideas together into one product without feeling over done which I think is the reason it was so successful.

  4. I didn’t find myself enjoying the ending- too many explosions and friendship speeches but, overall P4 was pretty enjoyable. I always really enjoyed the down-time the characters spent with each other, more so than the action. I could happily watch a spin-off of them just doing random shit for 26 episodes- they had a great dynamic between them, felt natural.

    • A lot of the game was based around the down time aspects which rubs off on my rating for the anime. I’d watch more of that too.

      The ending had a few too much friendship and sparkles but It could have been much worse.

      I’d love to see what the rest of the group did after Yu’s train left. Nanako probably cried her eyes out.

  5. And so it ends… or is it…?

    I smell an ova coming, and it HAS to be joygasm for us… we expect nothing less…

    • Marth told me something about a bonus episode that is coming with the last DVD. At least that’s what I think he said. So yes there will be more Persona goodness.

  6. 4+ months…its going to be hard to resist…

    • You can do it. Just stay calm and don’t spoil yourself.

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