Posted by: AceRailgun | March 31, 2012

Paranoia, comments and a hint of crazy

So it’s been a while since I’ve written my thoughts about blogging and the anime community but once again I have a reason to do so. Because some things are bugging me.


I’m paranoid. Certainly not hospital admission level paranoid but there are things that are constantly getting to me about blogging.  I like to imagine that the people on my blogroll are my war comrades and time is the enemy. As we battle time some of us are killed and it’s only a matter of time before we all go down. Some of us will last for a long time but others may die sooner than i’d like. I am in this for the long haul because I understand how the imaginary battle works. That and I enjoy blogging. The whole idea of people giving up and moving on bugs me a little for some reason. But ignore that, the real reason I’m posting this is about comments.

RIP Osu!Kono ☆‘s blog

MIA Anicongruence


I have noticed a pattern in blogging and comments which I’m really thinking about. I value everybody’s comments and I love to read other peoples comments. But is my comment valuable to someone else if I reply to their comment or post a comment on their blog.


However comments do differ in value. If a youtube video has over 100 comments and your comment is only one sentence in the grand scheme of things that comment isn’t very valuable. A blog comment is more personal so I know when a I respond to an anime post with a comment that person will read the comment. They probably appreciate everyones comments. I know I do.


Comments and commenting are important to me. No i’m not going to marry them but I feel that comments are the thing that keeps me around. View counts are like the Shu of anime blogging and don’t really matter but comments are like chocolates. More of them are better. I find it easy to comment in some places and hard to comment in others and I’m struggling to understand why. Has anyone else had this problem?


Currently there is two places I can’t bring myself to comment.

One is my blogging idol and the reason I got into blogging. No I won’t say who it is. I love his writing style but I can’t bring myself to commenton his blog because I feel leaving a comment would be like entering his house without permitting. Maybe I’m just star struck.

Second is a really funny blog I read on occasion. The problem is that everything the blogger says is a joke. Do I leave a joke as a comment or do I happily keep reading the blog without commenting?


I know I’m not the only one who has problems with commenting but I think that’s because I’m reserved in nature. This is the ranting of 21 year old male so I can only imagine the problems teenagers have.


  1. I find it easy to comment in some places and hard to comment in others and I’m struggling to understand why. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Well-timed, this problem. I’m currently going through a similar but not-quite-the-same issue on my end, except it has to do… It’s moreso that I’m paranoid of groups. I don’t like being the ‘new guy’ and due to current circumstances, I’m in that position.

    On one hand, it’s kind of good not to be noticed by people.

    On the other hand, I’m god damn terrified to speak up in groups or join in whatever they’re doing. It’s bad enough that I’ve left communities I’ve been with for years because of this and that’s one of the big reasons I don’t comment a lot.

    The others include: Someone’s said it better than I could; my comment wasn’t as clever on paper as it was in my head; the particular look of each and every character looks off or dumb and makes me feel bad for having even thought of posting it.

    i don’t have a problem, nope

    • I’ve never really been a group kind of guy either that’s why I don’t like parties too much when there is a lot of people around that I don’t know.

      Those are some good reasons not to comment. As long as you are posting comments about things you enjoy in places you know people will care then go for it. I don’t have much trouble posting in the anime community so I end up all over the place.

      Your’e always welcome to post here. And I approve of all the blogroll partners too. We are part of a great anime community.

  2. I do miss Gintokiro quite a bit. Hoping he’s gonna come back. 😦
    “I love his writing style but I can’t bring myself to commenton his blog because I feel leaving a comment would be like entering his house without permitting. Maybe I’m just star struck.” I feel a lesser version of this every time I comment on someone else’s blog, especially new blogs or one’s that I really like. Fortunately, some bloggers (like you) make it feel really easy and natural to comment, so I haven’t been too reserved (maybe a little less than I should have been).
    I noticed the “self control” tag there and I felt that was very appropriate. A lot of the time, I’ve stopped myself from leaving a comment because I feel that it wouldn’t be fitting (for any number of reasons) to post it.
    “Do I leave a joke as a comment or do I happily keep reading the blog without commenting?” I’m hardly in a position to give you advice on the matter, and I realize you probably aren’t looking for an answer from someone else…but you’ve got a great sense of humor, so I’d imagine the person would get a kick out of it.
    I can definitely feel what you’re saying. Right now, for example, I feel really nervous because I’ve written a lot and I feel like a large comment is kind of rude, because then it’s like I’m running my mouth on someone else’s post (which I guess I kind of am). I know I love it when I get comments of any size, but you (or other bloggers whose blogs I post large comments on) might feel differently than me.
    Paranoia, indeed.

    • Comments of any size are fine by me. There are limits but as long as I don’t need a scroll wheel to read it then I’m happy. That being said any comment less then three words isn’t really worth the time. Unless it’s damn funny.

      Maybe one day that funny guy will get a joke then. It really depends on what you said about it being appropriate for the particular blog you are posting on.

      I treat this blog as a place for me to put my opinion out there in a way that encourages replies. Anyone is more then welcome to put there opinions here.

  3. I think that for me, it’s a more post-specific block for commenting. Some posts, I just can’t come up with anything to say. I’ve never really felt that a particular blog is impossible to comment on because of intimidation or idolization or something. But there are plenty of times where I see a post and think to myself “I legitimately have nothing to say.”

    • The last part is so true. I can enjoy a post greatly and not have anything to say about it. The like button kind of counters this and lets the writer know you like something without posting a comment. Unfortunately some people just like everything with removes the benefit of this button. If you ever see me actually “like” a post it’s because I really did like it.

      • I guess I forgot about the like button. I’ve never used it before. I’ve probably thought that it just didn’t say enough…like it was too easy. Maybe I felt like I should be able to do more.

  4. Personally, in relation to commenting, I am somewhat reserved in a sense. Meaning that if i don’t understand the nature of the post or it’s messages, i withheld myself from making “just comments” such as “nice post” “this is funny” “etc etc”

    I only comment on stuff that i do understand and i can relate at the very least by a little bit.

    This is also a measure for my own blog. If i see few people commenting on some stuff i know that my message on that post is not easily “digested”. Though i do agree that all my figure comics have subliminal messages beneath it, sometimes i fail to make that message or at least the “face” of it understandable.

    On the subject of whether or not my comment holds weight in someone’s blog post, I never comment “just comments”.

    Within my seemingly one lined comments i always “bait” the post author or someone else to “pitch in”

    (e.g.) On Yunamon’s post about the latest Fate/Extra Caster Doll: i said “I really REALLY want one… but… but but but…” and then yunamon and the rest started flying in comments in replies.

    It works (most of the time) to get the ball rolling on the subject. One of the things i learned from Advanced Public Speaking 1 class back in college, is the art of “baiting”. It IS however harder on online endeavors because of the lack of visible facial expressions, gestures and whatnots, but it worked basically the same.

    That’s why i rarely comment, and if i do, i try to make that commenting turn into a conversation for 2 purposes. 1. is that posts with high comment counts tend to be more visible on search engines, benefiting the post author’s blog and also the folks who replied in it in providing backlinks through the comments. 2. Is that to make the author and the rest of the folks that actually made sensible comment to “connect” with each other, creating a healthy rivalry and also friendship.

    ps: i’m still gonna steal shinobu off of you one day…

    • I see what you did there at the end. I will unleash the full potential of my childishness and say you can’t have her even though I was done with her.

      Public speaking classes sound neat. I’m sure they would be beneficial in pretty much every aspect of life. I study, not in a creepy way the commenters or writer and respond accordingly to their mannerisms. I act slightly different around each commenter trying to not only to communicate with them but to write a comment they would appreciated. I don’t always get this right however.

  5. If we were war comrades I’d be the trigger-happy youngster that has to, occasionally, be beaten into shape by the other soldiers.

    Oh God, I have exactly the same problem! I was also inspired to start up my blog by another blogger but, I am terribly reluctant to comment on any of their posts- it kind of feels like I’d be that awkward loser that just follows this group of incredibly close-knit friends around wherever they go but, isn’t really wanted, (you probably knew someone like that at school) or that I don’t really have anything of value to say. Instead of posting a comment full of in-depth analysis it’s usually desperately trying to ‘witty’. I feel very ‘fish out of water’ on that blog!

    Your’s, on the other hand, seems very welcoming to newcomers. Hey, I’ve been following you for less than a month but, I don’t feel awkward about commenting at all!

    • I fixed it for you using magic. 🙂

      I was that guy at the begining for High School all those years ago. But then I made some real friends and was happy again. On a side note I haven’t seen those guys in years. I guess that’s what time does.

      I’m glad you are happy to comment here. I’m more then happy to talk to anyone regardless of pretty much everything which I guess is inviting to new readers and new bloggers.

  6. Cheers! Not being able to fix my screw-ups on other blogs is a constant source of annoyance for a perfectionist such as myself…

    Highschool forces you into those terrible positions- it’s like a social hunting ground…

    Me too, talking to other bloggers is part of the reason I love blogging so much! Ta for commenting on mine occasionally too, you’re right, views are good but, comments really take the cake!

    • High school is a terrible place for a lot of people which instantly takes points away from any school based around a perfect school life.

      I always triple check my comments for spelling and grammar errors as i’m a perfectionist too.

      I really should comment more at your place I read most of your stuff after all.

  7. The only time I really feel awkward with making comments on other blogs is when the post already has a large number of comments. It often feels like what I say won’t have as much impact in that case. I suppose I sometimes have a hard time writing a comment if either the post is too long or the other comments are too in depth, since I’m not very confident in my writing, especially when it’s as spontaneous as comments usually are.

    • I tend to find writing a comment for a large post difficult as well and if I do then it has to be in depth otherwise it just feels cheap. That is the problem with writing long posts.

      I think I’m fairly good with spontaneous writing. A lot of my off topic posts are spontaneous after all. This one included.

  8. This is interesting. There are actually a lot of reasons why I tend to shy away from commenting at times too. For some time, mostly ani-blogs only, it’s because I haven’t watch that particular anime yet. If it’s something I haven’t watch, I won’t have any useful nor constructive thoughts to post about, so I refrain from posting. What’s worse, if that anime is something I’m really looking forward to, it’s MORE the reason to avoid the post since I might see some spoilers. Believe it, this matter had happened to me for so many times already it’s uncountable. In order to avoid this, I try watching as many anime as I can all at once past season, but it prove to be ineffective. I’ll be reverting to my old style of watching anime. It’s as they say, it’s best to do things at the pace you’re most comfortable with..

    • I tend to avoid anime posts about things I want to watch too but that isn’t so much of a problem when I’m up to date with them. I’ve been spoiled a lot too so I feel your pain. I don’t spoil stuff here but If I do it’s because the post is marked with the episode number.

      We just have to be more careful. 🙂

  9. If have nothing interesting to say or that has been said before (sort of like now), their is no reason to comment. Then again, people usually misinterpret what I just articulated (maybe due to syntax from learning all those languages), so that is another reason on the opposite end of the spectrum. Whatever the case, I usually just read and specific blogs and withhold my comments whether I like the post or not on occasion.

    “Second is a really funny blog I read on occasion. The problem is that everything the blogger says is a joke. Do I leave a joke as a comment or do I happily keep reading the blog without commenting?”

    Oh, dear sir, you wound me with your words. Just kidding (unless that was meant for me. Don’t care either way.)

    Btw: Congrats on preemptively shattering next weeks post. I am wondering if I should post it now, since their similar in nature, but different in the ideological principle….

    • I use time travel to read all your good posts then I post a simplified version here a week earlier. 😛

      Second one is not you ^^; I have no problem posting comments on your blog when I have something to say.

      Misinterpretation is another reason to be careful with comments I didn’t even bring up. If you’re not careful with the use of certain words around certain people you might get the wrong reaction. Same goes with disliking things. Some people take this better then others.

      I’d still read your post on the topic.

  10. Most of what I read is episodic coverage so when I comment, I’ll focus on one or two things I enjoyed whether they mentioned it in the blog or not. Depending on how much I have to say, I expect to do small comments and reply to replies if I have anything else to say.

    • Bringing up things about the episode in question that the post writer didn’t is a good way to get conversation started on the episodic reviews. I try do this all the time when it comes to anime I enjoy.

  11. I find it hard too comment on a really huge blogs. I feel like my Comment is just going to be irrelevant. However, If I do feel like I really need to say something I point it out to them on twitter. I never found it hard to comment on my blogging “idols” blog. Because he always replied to me no matter how inconsequential my comment was.

    • My blogging idol is kind of a jerk so he hasn’t replied to me. However he did post here once which was so great.

      Twitter is a great way for communication as you can leave a small comment without fear of it looking small in comparison to anything else.

  12. I know what you mean. There are some post that I don’t have anything to say at all. Editorial post like one from Snippet’s for an example.. Seriously I don’t know what to comment! But most of the time, I’m able to leave a comment because I agree on something, have a different opinion about it or I sort of disagree with some of the stuff the writer have to say. I sometimes throw my own opinion as well just to express my love about an episode.

    • Throwing away an opinion can be the smart move in some cases.Especially if you strongly disagree with something.

      I’ve had troubles coming up with things to say about some peoples editorials too. Some of them are more of a statement then a question which makes replying more difficult.

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