Posted by: AceRailgun | March 31, 2012

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 12 Final

Twenty four hours is all it took me to start and finish this anime. Why? Because it was good that’s why. It kept me coming back for more and I just couldn’t help but marathon it. 


The sad thing is that I almost missed out on it. A twitter comment by someone who I’m sorry I can’t remember was all the motivation I needed and if I didn’t read that comment I would never have experienced this anime.


Lets get a few things out of the way first. Ano Natsu de Matteru is a slice of life love story set in a school. So if that isn’t your thing then this anime is not for you. It’s not Clannad, it’s not even Toradora but it’s defiantly 3rd now in my favorite love stories. The main pair isn’t what made the anime great. Sure it was a nice story but what really interests me was the side characters. I seem to have a thing for the side characters lately.


So Kanna’s story is just too sad. From her perspective an unrealistically beautiful comes along and steals away the boy she loves probably a few months before she would have been able to confess to him. I feel sorry for her but i’m glad she was still able to admit it to him and move on.


Tetsurō’s story is also sad because the girl he loves is blindly in love with someone she cannot be with. I’d feel sorry for him but he has another very attractive girl to date but chooses not to. If they did a ten years later (I hope they don’t) I’d predict that Tetsurō ends up with Kanna and not Mio.


Mio’s story is almost as sad as Kanna’s because she has no chance of ever getting with Tetsurō. She put herself out there but didn’t get much in return and certainly didn’t end up in a relationship. The sad thing is that she is at the end of the 5 way love circle and has no secret lover unlike all the other characters. Thanks to Remon’s crudly drawn diagram for putting my thoughts at the time onto paper.


What I liked most about the anime was seeing the characters grow and change. It’s not much but it’s definately there. Sadness is what makes the characters grow the most as the two love birds didn’t really change at all. Mio’s change was the most obvious and I enjoyed watching her.


I’ve ranted about characters because nothing else about the series strikes me as particularly interesting. Aliens have been done before, schools have been done before and so have quiet Japanese towns. The way it was all put together was nice and neat which results in a very complete anime.


Am I the only one that considers it possible that Remon is also an alien? How else would a girl end up working for the MIB.

Ano Natsu de Matteru ends up at 44/156 on my top anime list because I love it. These kinds of stories are the reason I watch anime after all.


  1. So, I think for the most part, ppl have like the other characters in this show more than the main characters and I wonder if that’s just because of the alien thing. I wondered the entire time how necessary that really was.
    And I’m still pissed that there were no ill side effects from Ichika healing Kaito…so annoying.
    Remon is definitely the best character…and I think she’s more interesting if she’s human.

    • The whole idea of ill side effects was very possible and it kind of got dropped along the way and forgotten. To be honest it would probably be lame if an alien with advanced technology couldn’t heal someone 100%. So in that regard i’m not too worried.

      She didn’t need to be an alien. It’s just a hook to draw in more viewers. She could have been from another country and the story would have remained similar.

      Remon having ties to the MIB was a great way to end her story. I prefer her as a human too.

      • The alien bit was so annoying in an otherwise good love story.
        Remon was extra badass in the end

      • So badass. That van. I want that van.


      • I wish. First we need to join the MIB.

  2. Tetsurou will choose Mio.
    Why? Because she’s cuter.

    • If only it worked like that. Mio might have been cuter but Kanna had charm.

      • Mio deserves it more than Kanna. He knows her secret, a sacred bond that will hold them together forever.

      • And such a great secret it was too. It always makes me laugh when she awkwardly brings it up.

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