Posted by: AceRailgun | March 29, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 12 Final

So I said I might not watch this after the super pervy first episode. Well it turns out I did keep watching and after about three episodes the amount of perverseness went away and I got to enjoy a decent slice of life anime.


I admit every single character in this anime was a nice person. Even the one bad character turns around after seeing the three cute girls and she simply cannot resist bathing with them. No bad Ace, don’t talk about the excessive amount of cringe worthy bath scenes and girls heads between the huge breasted womens breasts during one of the many many hugs.


I won’t even mention the fat pervert or the one sided love interest Sora has for Yuuta. But it’s okay because they aren’t related so when she turns 18 they can make sweet sweet love if Yuuta doesn’t get with the big boobed girl who actually has a personality.


So lets forget the girls and Yuuta my favorite part of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai was Kouichi Nimura and Raika Oda (Thank you wikipedia for giving me their full names.) Look at Yuuta’s situation through their eyes. A nice guy they met at school suddenly has 3 children. Yes they are supportive and I know I would be too but their personalities are what make them interesting. Raika gets that whole mother complex thing happening and Nimura gets the risky more then friends thing going with Miu. Well that’s what it looks like from an adults persepective. To be honest I got really positive vibes from him at the end. He’s like the Brosuke of this anime.


Not much more to say. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai ends up at 88/155 on my top anime list. It’s a nice story with good production values. Hina gets a bit cringe worthy at times but if that’s you thing then give it a shot. Maybe.


The only similar anime I can think of is Bunny Drop.




  1. I’d have to agree about Nimura…pretty cool guy. Probably my favorite. As for Raika…something about that monotone captures my interest >.>

    • It’s strange that the minor cast was so appealing. All the main girls were pretty standard and didn’t have any unique character traits.

      That scene at the end with Hina beating on the window was cute though.

  2. Kouichi is a playboy and Raika is an emotionless cosplay fetishist. Both of them are loveavle especially since they have nice personalities.

    Hina is my favourite just because she’s a cute loli.
    In terms of personality, I like the voice actress.

    • The voice actress was a nice addition to the cast. I liked how her story worked into the story about Sora quitting her club. Hina didn’t really do too much except make everyone love her.

  3. The anime ended at a very typical, but happy end. Very Papakiki-like. I like Raika and Nimura much more then the main characters too xD I think they have a much more colorful personality.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that liked them more then the main cast. The ending was about as typical as it can get. It didn’t really feel like they achieved anything. That is until they did all that stuff over the credits.

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