Posted by: AceRailgun | March 28, 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys 12 Final

I wasn’t convinced when I saw the title 4 months ago because lets face it that title isn’t the selling point. I was plesently suprised after watching the PV with litriture girl and lets just say I’ve grown to love the anime. 


This is one of the rare examples in anime where the jokes are always funny. Well I thought so anyway. There was no swing and miss like with Kill me Baby and none of the jokes take 20 minutes to set up like Nichijou did.


Recapping the jokes seems pointless at this time but I will say that I liked the idea of reoccurring jokes like the ones from the first episode which were edited and reused in the last episode. It reminds me of Cromartie High School’s first and last episodes a bit.


I’m also glad that the literature girl/Hidenori’s story got wrapped up nicely. He finally managed to spout nonsense like a pro and impress her.


If I had to pick a favorite character I’d have to say Hidenori or the student council but since they don’t really work as individuals I’m going to say Hidenori. All his interactions with women end with me laughing at him.


This is just an observation but I think all the female characters in this anime were stronger then the males. It gives them a scary aspect which removes the moe element of a cute high school girl. I also love this anime for mocking K-on at the end of the episode. I’m so proud of anime right now.


Daily Lives of High School Boys ends up at 67/154 on my top anime list which is one of the highest school comedies on my list. Similar anime I can think of are Cromartie High School, Nichijou and Azumanga Daioh.


  1. Ah it was good. Loved the series. I hope there actually is a second season 😀

    • There could be. I’d watch it.

  2. This was a fun series. I didn’t even know it was K-On they were making fun of there, since I never saw it.

    I still say my favourite character is Literary Girl, since she was the one I was always excited to see.

    • I always grin when I see her too. I haven’t seen the K-on Movie either but I think high school girls going to London is totally mocking K-on.

  3. Still not as good as the actual Nichijou was, but good enough.

  4. This was a fun show, I thought that the style of comedy tended to get a bit repetitve after a few episodes but it was great, fun characters, good voice actors (Hidenori really wouldn’t have been half as good without Sugita to mention one example), and some fun ideas. The characters themselves actually acted like you would expect high school boys to act, just in a particularly surreal way.

    Also Lit Girl was great and I liked how her story with Hidenori ended as well, it’s just a shame it all turned out to be Tadakuni’s dream, how much is debateable.

    • Nah, screw the dreaming I reckon Literature girl got with Hidenori.

      They did feel like high school boys and not anime characters which is good for a change. I’ll admit a lot of it did feel a little repetitive but they had a large enough cast and contrast between the girls sections and the guys sections that it never got stale.

  5. A very fun series to watch just to relax and laugh. I’m going with Literature girl finally scoring with Hidenori and the dreaming only coming at the very end. Considering my education background (all guys school), it was really easy to identify with the characters and appreciate the humor involved.

    • One of the good things was that the boys actually acted like high school kids do. It wasn’t just some ideal situation. It’s sad to say but Literature girl and Hidenori were probably the best anime couple this season.

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