Posted by: AceRailgun | March 27, 2012

Another Episode 12 Final

So it’s all over. I was wrong about who the dead person was but I already knew that because some jerk spoiled me last week. 


It was Reiko in case you didn’t know. Reiko being the dead person is like pizza being counted as a vegetable. It shouldn’t be and we all know it. To fit with everything the series spouted in conversation it should have been a student. Sure they cover their tracks by saying there is not enough desks in the teachers office but that just feels cheap.


Enough about Reiko I want to talk about my guesses. Akazawa and Kazami both turned out to be crazy murders so at least I wasn’t 100% wrong. Akazawa almost ruins Kouichi’s perfect ending by killing Mei. This is avoided which means that not a single important character died. Well except Akazawa she gets killed by glass rain. It’s about time someone got killed by falling glass because it happens all the time.


Interesting side not which is a spoiler for the novel if you ever plan on reading it. Akazawa doesn’t die in the novel. She is rescued in the foyer and realizes she was acting crazy. Now I’m not sure if Kazami died or not but either way he is kind of screwed because he murdered two of the random girls.


Speaking of random girls only one survived, she was wearing yellow and managed to do a very graceful swan dive from a second story window and live. The other person i’m glad lived is the librarian. He went bad ass on the crazy women and saved boh Teshigawara and Mochizuki at the same time.


One thing that’s not going to be explained is why Mei the ability to see death. Lucky it’s not  really that important.


Considering I was spoiled I still really enjoyed the last episode of Another and the series as a whole. It ends up at 54/153 on my top anime list.

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  1. librarian = greatest character ever

    I thought it would be cool if Mei’s eyes were somehow linked to the curse, but I realized that it wasn’t going to happen. I think that’s just one of those things that is just there to make people wonder.

    Still, I thought the ending was well done and I enjoyed the show…so many cliffhangers O.o

    • The ending was fairly open as well since they only stopped the curse for a year.

      I know I’ll be wondering about Mei’s eye for a while. I don’t think there is a good explanation for it so that’s why it’s been left untouched.

      I’m amazed Koichi had it in him to put a pickax through her like that. I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy for him.

      • I think that was the right way to approach it. I think it would have been too weird if they managed to somehow stop the curse altogether.

      • They’d probably need another 12 episodes if they wanted to solve that because they had no clues as to how to stop it. Leaving things open like that always makes me happy for some reason.

      • …more seasons? Is that the reason?

      • Nah I think it’s because more often then not when a mystery is explained it loses it’s appeal. That and I know if they tried to squeeze and explanation in for it this episode it would have been dodgy.

  2. That screenshot looks so awesome!
    And yeah, that was a cheap move about who the dead person was. There was no way anyone would’ve guessed that, I think. The ending turned out to be pretty alright despite the deaths that were needed to get to it – I especially liked how they made another recording for the next class. I didn’t want Akazawa to die though.
    I’m curious about the novels. Is it published in english by any chance?

    • Koichi is such a boss so it’s easy to get good screenshots of him.

      I don’t think the novels are published in English but if they are they are very rare because I know people have been asking me about them and I’ve been able to find nothing. If the anime ever gets translated into English there is a good chance the novel will too. They translated the spice and wolf novels among other things so that’s a good sign.

      At least Akazawa doesn’t die in the novel and I’ve heard the novel goes into a lot more detail about almost everything.

  3. I agree with you. All this time I thought that a student should have been the dead one. But overall the ending wasn’t so bad.

    • It would have been more dramatic if it had been a student too. Namely one of the main 5 or 6 characters.

  4. The ending was a slight let down for me. I mean the dead person did make sense and all but, it just felt….very lack luster. Mei’s ability to see dead people was just kinda passed by like “oh you can see dead people? awesome!” It was never explained as to WHY she could. I was really hoping that it would somehow link to the entire point of the curse. In fact I wish the curse was explained a bit more. Why the hell do dead people come back as “Another” student…or this case teacher in the first place?

    Overall I liked the series. I am glad I kept up with it. I would recommend it to a few friends of mine who like gory anime, but my recommendation is strictly because of the gore not the plot so much.

    • A few of those questions don’t really need to be answered. Sure they can and they might be explained in the novel but I think we might be disappointed if they got explained. The explanations might be as lame as the dead student who wasn’t even a student.

      Mei’s eye ability was overlooked a bit though. She just casually says who the dead person is and everyone just rolls with it. I heard there is a bonus OVA about how Mei becomes the ignored student maybe something gets explained in that.

  5. I always expected it to be a dead student, but a dead teacher was a nice twist.

    Super powers aren’t really explained, they’re just there. It’s even dificult to imagine the colour of death. Probably just like shift the “colour” into a visual colour. So if Mei has the ability, maybe technology could be created.

    • She’s secretly a robot. Explaining the supernatural with technology is a great way to think but I don’t think it works with this kind of thing. I liked how it showed us what Mei could see right as Akazawa died.

      • I didn’t mean she used technology. I was talking about how temperatures range from greens to oranges. Obviously they don’t have colour like that unless really hot, but it’s changing the radiation into a colour visual to the human eye.

      • Yeah i know what you mean I was just kidding. It’s a very strange concept so I’m glad it didn’t get an explanation.

  6. Guess I was the only one who wasn’t disappointed. I had been guessing all along that it was Reiko. It was way too obvious to me. They kept dropping hints all over the place, it was too easy. What I would have liked to find out was what started the calamity? The librarian eluded to him being the cause but they never went much further than that. Guess I’ll have to read the manga.

    • Yeah reading the novel will probably shed more light on some of the remaining questions. But you are going to need to know Japanese if you want to do that.

      I didn’t mind the ending I just think it could have been…. better.

      • I think the manga adaptation is translated into English. I’m not sure how close it is to the novel but I do believe the show was more adapted from the manga than the novel.

      • If you do end up reading it and it’s different let me know. 🙂

  7. There are quite a lot of unexplained facts remained, how did Misaki ended up with the power in the first place, and just who is that “random” assailant who murdered Reiko. And what’s with that “subtle” amnesia for most of the characters? Reiko is understandable, but Reiko’s classmates and even Kouichi himself seem to forget things that happened before one and a half year ago.

    • Akazawa flash backs about her meeting Koichi were a good example of the dodgy amnesia. The first time she has the flashback Koichi is wearing a hospital gown but the second time she has the same flashback he is wearing a school uniform. To top it all off Koichi doesn’t even remember meeting her.

      I don’t think it mattered who the random assailant was as he had no affect on the plot after he runs of. Keeping him random makes Reiko’s first death all the more tragic.

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