Posted by: AceRailgun | March 25, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 24

Beef Bowl finished, Sister revived, Culprit found and Yosuke punched. All in a days work for Yu. Episode 24 sets everything up for an action packed final that is if it actually ends next episode. There is still a lot of content to cover but I feel the true ending is going to be ignored. 


So it’s Adachi, he did it and after his drawn out explanation there is no way he can escape unless he were to kill all the main characters and Dojima. That or he could use some sort of magic memory erasing magic something which Another anime seem to do a lot lately.


I love it how Yosuke’s final social link scene was throw in between the deduction that Adachi is the killer and the confrontation with him.


I only worked out it was Adachi as Naoto was recapping everything. It just clicked with me when she said something about having access to all the victims and Yu’s house.


It did have as much impact in the game but the scene with Teddie in the velvet room was very well done. His wimpering which although corny really helped flesh out his character and show just how happy he was.


I’m looking forward to the next episode and seeing how the ending is treated and if they can actually finish it in one episode. Adachi vs Yu is going to be spectacular as I saw a gun in the preview for next episode.


  1. I was confident an episode ago that the true route could be done, but now, er…not so much. The production staff pretty much rushed this episode alone, so my faith is just set on the good end, unless the next episode is a 1hr special or a DVD/BD OVA is on the way. Yosuke’s final SL might mean their is more to come, since they did not do the others…I can only hope at least….

    • A 1hr special would be great. That way they could cover the true ending as well as the Christmas events. They have way too much to deal with if there is only one episode left.

      Proof they are rushing it is that there hasn’t been intros or outros for a while now.

  2. Interesting that we would see a gun in the preview, since Naoto summoned her Persona by pointing at it with her hand like a gun, rather than the weapon she uses in the game.

    I’m curious how the next episode will be handled too, since the Adachi fight in the game was never really challenging. I don’t think I saw, to avoid spoilers, the Big Thing the appears after fighting him in the game during the preview.

    • I have no idea how they are going to get the “Fog boss” into the story. It’s got to be explained for sake of the story but It’s probably going to be rushed or dodged if there is only 1 episode left.

      I think Adachi having a gun still gives him a sense of danger and makes him more of a threat. It’s a wise decision for the anime to let him keep his gun.

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