Posted by: AceRailgun | March 24, 2012

Black Rock Shooter Episode 8 Final

The whole power of friendship thing was lame but I loved the outcome of the Strength/Yuu story. But then that was screwed up because she was alive again after the credits. Not sure what was going on there but it took away the dramatic affect of her death.


So going into Black Rock Shooter I was expecting brutal violence and sappy friendship stories. I got both of them so in that sense you could say I’m satisfied with the anime.


Out of all the characters I’ve got to say the only one I like more then when the series started is Strength. She had the most interesting arc and even swapped bodies with Yuu. Plus she didn’t have a crazy emotional counterpart that chopped her own hair off or committed self harm. Those parts of the series were a bit too much for me. I think there is better ways to show someone is emotionally depressed without them becoming angsty.


Onto the art and music. Art was great, the use of 3d models in anime is becoming more realistic and it’s finally getting to the point where it doesn’t look awful. The visual effects in the battle world were really nice too so props to the creators for that. I just really want those 3d models and i’d even pay for them. Anyone remember the music? I don’t. There was this one song you should all know called Black Rock Shooter but other then that there was nothing of real interest for me.


I was not expecting the rainbow annihilation cannon either which although pretty severed no real purpose except to form ever last bonds between all the girls and end the anime in a sparklefest of glitter color and smiles.
Overall Black Rock Shooter was good. I enjoyed my time with it. It ends up at 75/152 on my top anime list which means 50% of anime I’ve watched are better but 50% are also worse. Lets try it a different way. If this was a complex exam (rocket science) then Black Rock Shooter scored 50% which is a pass. Go watch it if you have already watched 1-74 on my list or cute girls fighting is one of your favorite genres.



  1. Yeah…I think I said the same thing in Guilty Crown. Why do you kill characters if you’re going to bring them back?
    Importance of colors in the show…Yomi rushing to help Mato…Dead Master stirring…Rainbow Friendship Cannon was the only possible result

    • It makes death so trivial. Death shouldn’t be treated so lightly which I think is part of the reason these anime didn’t score higher for me. That whole bird book thing seemed to take over in the end. I’m surprised there wasn’t a picture of each character on it’s pages associated with there color.

      • I know that a lot of ppl do their fangirl squeals when their favorite character gets to be alive at the end. But seriously…that’s just not worth it. Death is a big deal. Maybe it’s part of the escapism of anime…kinda playing down the role of death. This is also related to my opinion of the ending of Code Geass. It just has so much more impact if the characters don’t come back to life. The idea of making an ultimate sacrifice for the world or something…

      • I’m the opposite. I squeal if my favorite character dies a badass at the end. I think that is the reason Code Geass was so popular in the ending because it could be taken either way.

      • I’m probably the same way.

    • … Man, I had a reply about Yuu/Strength/whatever not dying…

      Then I saw the last 30 seconds. Come on, BRS, that shit’s disappointing. I guess it’s mostly there for a sequel hook or something.

      Anyhoo, expect impressions over on Grass Pants by Monday. Currently wrapped up with screwing around with a beta so I can get an article out of that.

  2. I think they came back to life because they represent the girls pain and suffering so as long as they come across pain, their fighters will manifest. In a way it was just to emphasize that they will always be there to fight for them.

    • That makes sense, but nothing has disappointed me quite like this for a long while. Real World ending was satisfying and good, though.

      but that otherworld, man…

      • Didn’t she die to symbolize she had overcome her problems. Bringing her back to life just undoes that last 8 episodes. To be honest it would have been amazing story if only Black Rock Shooter was alive at the end. Sure she won but winning in that world is a bad thing. The whole scene with Strength getting revived at the bottom of the cliff a few episodes earlier showed us that by suffering again the other self is revived. It feels silly to do it twice in such a short time.

  3. Happy endings really make you feel good inside. That rainbow canon was awesome, friendship can even reach other worlds.

    • If only real life friendship created rainbow cannons. I did enjoy the anime and am glad I watched it.

  4. Remember my friend, whenever you have an argument with a friend try to be the first to pull out a cannon! 😀

    • I’ll keep that in mind. It was a damn impressive rainbow cannon.

  5. I actually really liked the sad tune in BRS and I’ve been trying to find it, I think it’s a really nice tune, can’t find anything about an OST release or even the name of it though. It’s about 16:17 through the episode.

    Any chance you could help me a bit on finding it?

    • It’s a good piece of sad music. I’m going to try and find it too. I’ll let you know if I do.

  6. If you find out the sad music at around 4:45 please post it here, been trying very hard to find it 😦

    • Looks like I’ve got a job ahead of me. I’ll look into it now.

      *Edit* After some searching I’ve decided it’s going to be next to impossible to find it so soon. Plus it doesn’t help that the OVA which came out a year ago has the same name. I suggest watching a site called Anime OST or Nyaatorrents. Anime soundtracks typically become available 2-4 months after the anime has finished airing. If I do eventually find it I’ll either tweet about it or put a comment here.

  7. Alright will do, and thank you very much.

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