Posted by: AceRailgun | March 23, 2012

Guilty Crown Episode 22 Final

Let me blunt for a moment. I didn’t like Guilty Crown that much. It wasn’t bad but it was great. Which is something I seem to say a lot lately. I don’t want to sound pompous here but I’m going to state something. A few years ago before I’d seen 150 plus anime I probably would have enjoyed Guilty Crown more. But I’ve seen so many anime now and that Guilty Crown just feels like it’s copying all the good elements from better anime and mixing them all together into something that still feels like it’s missing something.


I could talk Guilty Crown down all day but I’m not going to. I’m going to talk about what I liked about Guilty Crown. Not the music though. Every other anime blogger and his dog is going to write a paragraph worshiping the music. But in the end music doesn’t make a story good.


I liked the concept of voids. It’s a unique concept which was well explored in the first ten or so episodes. Sure there was some dodgy ones but I did like the one that opened things and the scizzors. Both very clever. In the end the more situational void’s were the ones I liked. A giant shield and a sword seem very default in comparison.


Another thing I liked was the way Shu formed bonds with the other characters. Sure a lot of them hated him or at least disliked something about him but they were drawn to him in the same manner I was drawn to the anime. I didn’t like it but I kept watching it anyway hoping it would fall on it’s face. Some form of curiosity just took over and I couldn’t help myself.


Guilty Crown passes the time so if you are bored and have already watched everything else in my top 30 then give it a try. The ending was very typical but I don’t think it could have ended any other way. Guilty Crown receives 114/152 on my top anime list which isn’t so great.


  1. I think the ending could have been done in a better way. It felt way too rushed…all the conflicts were resolved in a matter of a couple of minutes.
    And while it’s true that music doesn’t make the show……it was pretty awesome music

    • It was very quick. Mana just sort of disappeared. I’m not really sure what happened to a lot of the random character either.

    • sigh…and it was getting decent towards the end. They just had to mess it all up again

      • it wasn’t so bad. At least they didn’t all die. It is a shame another one of Shu’s girlfriends died.

        Also was he blind? If so why? It makes no sense.

      • Well…kinda looks like he’s blind…based off the stick and the fact that he used an earpiece in the end. Not really sure where that came from either…maybe the virus in his face?

        Honestly, I don’t see why Shu was kept alive, but that’s just me

      • I don’t mind that Shu was still alive but there was no reason for him to be blind. It seemed very unnecessary and forced.

      • yeah…I’d agree with that…just didn’t make sense

  2. I doubt I would have ever enjoyed this series much, it’s so fucking B grade action film…:|

    • Everything about it screams hollywood film. I went into it not expecting a lot and that’s what I got. Hopefully some good new anime start soon so we can get all excited again.

  3. Dissapointing ending, but then again this is Guilty Crown afterall so that was to be expected.
    The amazing music and animation was a waste on a story like this.

    By the way, I have nominated your blog to the Liebster Blog Awards. Check it out:

    • It is a shame they chose something so average to put all this money and time into because if that art and music had been put into something more creative I’m sure we would have had an anime of the year on are hands. Lets just hope they realize the error of there ways and give us a good story next time.

      Thanks for the nomination. It’s an honour.

  4. I didn’t like the anime all that much. I kept deluding myself that the anime will be better, Shu will be a better character, etc.. There IS a change but in the end, I still don’t like it all that much, and Shu still remained as an annoying character to me the very end.

    • After about 5 episodes I knew it wasn’t going to change but I kept powering through it every week out of curiosity. Lets just hope there isn’t any huge disappointments like this next season.

  5. im going code geass all the way. guilty crown was too short and shu wasnt very clever but shu had more feelings than lelouch. the ending sucked code geass ending much better! i would recommend code geass before this anime!

  6. I do not agree with you guys. I believe that Guilty Crown was an amazing show. I think there should have been more than 22 episodes. The show made me cry. The suspence in the end sucked though. I think Inori should have lived the whole time so that Shu could of had somebody to be with. In the end Shu was all alone so the least they could do was give him a girlfriend. Shu’s void should have been different though. He should of had a void that did not almost kill him with the virus.

    • It’s been a long while since I’ve watched Guilty Crown and honestly it was so hyped at the time that nothing it could do would live up to that hype. Sure some of it was good and it was all brilliantly animated but the plot jumped about all over the place trying to fit too many ideas into one anime.

      Giving Shu a girlfriend is an odd concept. People in real life aren’t just given girlfriends it’s something you have to find yourself and because Shu was so indecisive he never ended up with a special someone.

      If Guilty Crown made you cry then I’ve got some anime you are going to absolutely love by comparisons. I highly recommend you give Angel Beats or Clannad a try because I suspect you’ll be crying rivers by the end.

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