Posted by: AceRailgun | March 21, 2012

Site Mascot – Alpha? – Artwork Round 8

So this is Alpha. A new character I had designed by the amazing Omocha-San. She is not a replacement for Cassie or anything like that so don’t worry. She’s not going to be a site mascot either she’s just a character I really wanted to see drawn.


If you don’t already know I am a creative writer and coming up with characters is something I do a lot of as part of that. In the last six months or so I’ve come up with dozens of character for my novel which is now over half finished.  Cassie is one of the character from that novel and she is the only young girl from that story.


Alpha is a character from another story i’d like to eventually write. Again she is the only young character in that series. Now you might be wondering why I get the young girls drawn and to be honest it’s because I feel these two characters are my most creative and interesting to look at. Plus it’s easier to explain to an artist a more unique character then a simple one. Guy with armor and sword or women in regal dress can be interesting character on paper as they have personalities and do things but when seen as an image they can be boring to look at. At least for me anyway and I don’t really want to put a face to characters from my novel as I picture them as humans and not anime characters.


Sorry I went off on a tangent about character design there for a bit. So let me explain a bit about Alpha. She is a robot that takes the form of a little girl much like characters from Chobits or Time of Eve. I’ve come up with a story and I’ve even written a little bit but I better edit it before I upload it anywhere. When I upload that her personality will become more clear but for the time being I’ll say she is quiet, awkward and friendly for the most part. The other character in the story outshines Alpha at almost every way so this makes Alpha a bit jealous and competitive at times.


I know this post won’t be to everyone’s liking but I love doing this kind of thing on occasion as it mixes up the normal anime posts.


You can expect more art of Alpha in the future as well as some more Cassie stuff.


  1. Wow the design is so cute!! :3

    I absolutely love her eyes!

    • Omocha-San did such agreat job. My site banner is by the same guy.

      I told him to emphasize the eyes and he did just that.

      • If only I had spare funds…one day…one day.

        Mind me asking what is the price range of such a commission?

      • This one was $35USD which included the character design process. I don’t buy many anime figures anymore so I can easily afford art commissions. I’m addicted you see.

  2. She looks like a computer personality and after reading she’s a robot, I’m satisfied on my deduction.
    She’s pretty cute. Cassie is cuter, but she does look nice.

    • Good deduction. I doubt anything could top Cassie for cuteness.

  3. Alpha looks more technoish then Cassie IMO. Can’t wait to find out more details about Alpha.

    • She’s a robot after all. That was the vibe I was going for in the character design. I look forward to developing her character some more in the story. I have to put that project on the backburner however as I still need to finish Cassie’s novel. Does your Mascot have some kind of back story as well? I’d like to hear it.

  4. You’re writing a novel? When its finished I would love to read it!

    • Yes and I have been for a while now. It’s hard work. You can read the prologue here.

      • Thanks! Seems pretty interesting. Got any idea when you will be able to finish it?:P

      • I’m aiming for August but I think September or October is a more realistic goal. It will be some time after that before I work out how to sell it though.

      • Well, good luck with figuring out a way how to sell it.
        You suggest you try and sell it online as well.

      • I’m going to try that. I know since this is my first novel it’s probably not amazing but i’d still like to be able to sell it so I think digital sales will be a good option to consider.

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