Posted by: AceRailgun | March 20, 2012

Another Episode 11

I am stunned. I went into this expect this to be a good episode but what I got was more then that. It was amazing.


Okay sure there was so tacky reasons for murder but the pacing and intnesity of the entire episode was brilliant. Things just kept happening at a pace unnatural for most anime. Events directed to other events nicely and there was never a dull moment.


All the main characters really proved themselves this episode. Kōichi for starters was badass. Until now he was a bland protagonist but this episode he punched a guy in the face, kneed an armed girl in the chest and took a kick to the croutch like a boss. Plus to top it all off he got stabbed and could still stand. I love this character now.


Mochizuki was the other character that impressed me. He is usually frail and wimpy so what he did this episode was unexpected. He tackles that deranged women who I suspect was one of the people that worked at the inn and sent her flying. There was the one scene where he was dragging Teshigawara away from her which was just perfectly executed. I know I’m gushing but I can’t help it. After watching all the crappy anime this season when I’m given a scene where a wimpy kid is dragging his injured best friend away from a deranged murderer I can help but smile and say to myself. “This is why I watch anime.”


Okay enough of the gushing. So Teshigawara pushed my prime suspect Kazami off the ledge and injured him. By the fact that he wasn’t there later proves he could still be alive. I’m not really sure who could be the dead person now. Hopefully it’s not Mei is the only thing I’m going to say.


Is it bad when I laugh at the psychos dying? I laughed at the pose that girl ended up in when she fell from the window and I had wide smirk when the other girl hung herself. They totally deserve it plus it’s good for entertainment purposes.


  1. The whole mob psychology thing was pretty cool…I liked their approach a lot

    • Seconding that. The chant (send the dead back to death or whatever) absolutely hit the creepiness of that scene dead on.

      Also found it hilarious that Kouchi kicks a would-be murderer in the stomach, then /apologizes/ for it.

      • It was damn creepy. I’ve always found chants to be a good way to build a tense mood. It kind of reminds me of this chant from Fatal Frame 3 that the shrine maiden ghosts do as they approach you.

        Apologizing to her after he kicked her is what made him so badass. The clean up after this episode is going to be a mess. There is blood on everything.

    • The mob as a whole was interesting because each of the students had different levels of crazy and some of them were just bystanders. I can’t think of any other anime that does things quite like Another does.

      • Now if only the music was perfect, this show would be so much better >.>

      • Well I wouldn’t say the music is bad but it’s not on Guilty Crown standards. But for what it had to do I say the music was appropriate, it built the intensity when it had to but didn’t obstruct the main action.

      • I dunno…I just felt like a lot of the time, the music seemed out of place. While it’s true it worked well to build intensity when it was needed, sometimes it just didn’t fit…Maybe I’m reading too much into it

      • Maybe I just tune out the music when it’s not amazing. I was too focused on all the blood and murder.

      • get your priorities straight, man!!!

      • My priorities are fine music isn’t as important as story in my opinion. As long as the music doesn’t suck i’m happy.

  2. It really did get more interesting, the children actually started trying to kill. It showed fear and hatred really well.

    • And crazy it showed a whole load of crazy. I think over half the class turned evil and the other half got killed. Got to love this anime.

  3. I love the way the students kill each other…and when the time comes and they knew that *Edited by AceRailgun because of spoilers*

    • I’m pretty sure they will all regret what they did and see that the craziest of the students died painfully. It would be kind of a cop out if the teacher. I think it needs to be one of the students in order to make the anime end well.

  4. hmm.. in my opinion it ends very well *Edited by AceRailgun because of spoilers*

    • Have you read the novel because the way you are saying this makes it sound like you know how it ends? If you are guessing then yeah I kind of think Kouichi trying to kill Reiko will be interesting. But him trying to kill Mei or the other guys will probably be hard for him to do as well.

  5. yeah i bought the novel…Its a bit too long if im not mistaken its around 650+ pages (hmm 677pages if i remember correctly) and its way more detailed than the anime.

    • And you just told me how it ends even though I haven’t finished it yet? I really hope you are happy with yourself.

  6. *Entire comment edited by Ace Railgun because it spoils the ending. I admit it makes my next comment make less sense but I just saved you from 100 spoilers.*


    • Yes things are pointing at that character being the dead person all the “facts” you talk about can be taken in different ways however.

      I love to speculate and hate to be spoiled. Your way of explaining things is poor so I cannot even tell if you are still speculating or telling me more spoilers from the novel. I have chosen to edit your comment so other people don’t get spoiled right before the series ends.

      I am really annoyed right now and I’d appreciated if you didn’t comment again on this or any other Another posts I make. Unless you say “Yes I was just speculating and I did not spoil you.”

      Also I want to poke holes in your 1st 2nd 3rd thing.

      1st thing doesn’t mean anything it’s just the banter of a random character and can be interpreted a million ways.

      2nd Everyone loses there memories not just that one character.

      3rd Nobody would notice that and it’s not even a clue until you know who the “dead person” is.

      Lastly the way you have spoken makes you come across as patronizing. Like I was suppose to know who the “dead person” already was.

  7. Hmmm I can’t deny that I was very engrossed in the episode but there are two major gripes with this episode for me. 1) Everyone flipped out far too quickly and to be honest, it wasn’t a very realistic reaction, even if we are talking about an anime. The anime is supposed to be somewhat believable and the madness that ensued wasn’t. 2) Directly linking from point 1, there was too huge a jump in pace. It went from 10 episodes of melodrama to a killing frenzy in about 10 minutes. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it (I enjoyed it too much I think) but I felt it could have been done better.

    For me, the highlight of this was the action. But for a thriller/horror like Another, it shouldn’t be. I’m getting the feeling everyone is praising this episode for something we shouldn’t be praising it for. This isn’t blood+ or Hellsing so it baffles me why the focus has shifted as if it was.

    Regardless, I look forward to next monday eagerly!

    • The pacing compared to normal was a lot different but for the usual but if you just think about the episode itself then the pacing was amazing there was no dull moments.

      Although it was violent only 3 people died. Fire, Window girl and hanging. The same amount of people died in the episode it did the past scenes on the mountain.

      It was fairly tame in terms of violence and gore which is the way I like it.

      The character going physcho was the only downside. They were too easily manipulated by one crazy person.

      • Hmm there was never a dull moment yes and that is why I liked the episode but at times I found myself thinking, why are people even being like this? It makes no sense to target Mei even despite what she said over the PA. I thought everyone’s zombie like psychosis was just really unbelievable if not stretching it.

        Yea by action I don’t mean people dying, I just mean stuff actually happened as opposed to just talking. It was pretty tame but when I said it was like Blood or Hell I didn’t mean in terms of gore, I meant in terms of how the story and characters were handled, everyone was just looking for blood. Even the old couple. Why was the guy dead? Why was there a fire? They had nothing to do with Class 3. I hope it will be explained next episode but even if it is I don’t see any reasonable reason for them to become involved let along try to kill anyone.

        But yea, your last line pretty much summed up all my issues with the ep. Well, one more, and I hope it will say as interesting as this ep was.

      • I just treat it as a horror movie plot line when it comes to characters doing strange things and acting psycho for no good reason. It was the only fault the episode had.

        The old couple are sort of a curve ball. I suspect it will be explained next episode but it sure is strange.
        He had all those things stuck through him. The old lady was kind of freaky and it never explained what happened to her so she will still be chasing students into the next episode.

  8. Man some major bum happened before watching this episode, while reading through a local otaku club’s posts and stuff they happen to have spoiled who the dead/extra person was and mann that screwed up everything for me T-T As for this episode I can agree with you that its amazing and with that I’m really satisfied.

    • I feel your pain. Some chum called villustheos came on here and spoiled the ending for me too. I was a bit annoyed at first but what can I do about it now.

      If the next episode is as great as this one then this is definitely one of the best anime this season.

  9. I see you really like the episode that much. I like the pace as well and I have to say Kouichi was really awesome in this episode. The only con that I could say is that the background music wasn’t good enough. Sure some were good but some weren’t really well executed.

    I’m sad to know that someone spoiled the anime for you Ace… That is really sad and i’d be flipping tables right now and raging if I were you. 😦

    • Yeah If I could punch the guy I would do it Kouichi style.

      I re-watched the episode and realized the music wasn’t as good as I remember it being the first time. Some of it fit but overall it wasn’t anything to write home about.

      I did enjoy this episode a bit too much but for good reason. I wouldn’t gush about something unless it was worth gushing over.

  10. Talk about your least expected ways to die (accidentally hang yourself, break your neck by falling off a window, accidentally burn yourself alive by opening a frickin’ door) but yeah, Ogura and Sugiura deserved that.

    Sakaki got crotch-kicked and took it in like it was nothing. That’s gar.

    I totally have no clue now as to who’s the dead student >.<

    • I got spoiled so I know but lets not bring that up again. 😦

      All the deaths in the anime have been fairly unique which is great it keeps it fresh and keeps you guessing. The falling and accidental hanging were great but the fire one was a bit strange. Sure it was cool but how the hell was there that much fire. The room must have been filled with gas or something.

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