Posted by: AceRailgun | March 18, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 11 Final

To be continued. For all the fans these words displayed at the beginning of the credits are a blessing. I already know about Kizumonogatari movie which is yet to be released and there is also at least one more story in the light novel series called Tsubasa Tiger which could eventually end up as an anime. 


The episode started with the usual insest but that is soon forgotten as Shinobu takes lead role yet again.

Big Shinobu is always nice to see and despite having the same voice as her child form she comes across as mature in a strange sort of way. Plus you have to admit she is hot.


To be honest I couldn’t help but laugh during some of the more serious moments. I was mostly laughing at how the character would say one thing and then do another. Let me provide a translation.

“Lets fight.” = “Lets talk.”

“Lets talk.” = “Lets talk a really long time.”

“He”s not defeated yet.” = “He can barely stand but it’s okay because he can still talk.”

“I don’t want to fight anymore.” = “Let’s talk.”

Another observation was that Araragi talked himself to victory. Good job man, I’m proud of you because violence never solves anything.


I’m kind of sad to see Nisemonogatari finished as I know there will be nothing that combines fan service and decent story telling together ever again as well as Nisemonogatari did. Sure the dialog gets sloppy at times and plot points are forgotten completely. What ever happened to the front door? What ever happen to Senjōgahara? Why does Kaiki not get more screen time? All questions which will never be answered but that’s okay because we got to see Araragi kissing his sister. But at least it’s entertaining.


I’m treating Nisemonogatari as part of Bakemonogatari which is what any normal person would do. Since Nisemonogatari didn’t really do anything new I’m leaving the pair at 47 on my top anime list. That’s better then over 100 other anime I watched so it’s not too shabby.



  1. step 1) get beaten to pulp
    step 2) win

    • Almost.

      Step 1) Talk
      Step 2) get beaten to a pulp
      Step 3) Win

      • Step 1) Get your blood sucked
        Step 2) Talk
        Step 3) Get beaten to a pulp
        Step 4) Win

  2. Who would want a grown up Shinobu when you can have a loli Shinobu?
    I can wait till she’s the correct age again (in my eyes)

    • She’ll be a loli again soon enough. I’m sure it’s only temporary.

  3. +1 for teenage Shinobu. Seriously, out of all the girls I liked in the series she’s the only one left with long hair. ಠ_ಠ

    • Horray for someone else liking older Shinobu. She was the only girl not to have an emotion fueled moment of hair cutting. I think I preferred the girls with for the most part too which is a shame.

  4. Step 1) Take Shinobu home
    Step 2) Give her many donuts
    Step 3) ……
    Step 4) Profit!

    • I doubt you can complete step 1 as Shinobu is currently here with me and I’d like to keep it that way. 🙂

  5. I heard one of my writers said that there is going to be 2 more episodes. I’m not so sure if it’s true but I’d would love to have more. I can’t wait for Kizumonogatari. It looks bloody and awesome plus we get to see the real sexy Shinobu 😀

    • I’d love to have more episode but I’m not sure about that. We will see in a week or so I guess if there is more episodes.

      Kizumonogatari is looking better and better in my eyes. Shinobu and fighting will mix perfectly.

      • Well if it’s true. I’d say the episode will be dedicated to Senjougahara meeting up with the Fire Sisters. True. Kizumonogatari definitely looks better.

      • I’d love to see Senjougahara meet the sisters. Araragi said they would meet eventually so it’s very possible. If it did end with the 11 Episodes that’s fine by me because it actually felt like an ending unlike what happened with Bakemonogatari.

  6. “there is also at least one more story in the light novel series called Tsubasa Tiger which could eventually end up as an anime.”

    Oh, but, I don’t really care for Tsubasa…
    I’d much rather watch an entire series about my favourite lesbian monkey-girl…

    • True I never liked Tsubasa that much either, just think how the recent two arcs went down. Neither of them solely focused on the girl the arc was named after so I’m sure we’d get to see at least a bit more of the lesbian monkey girl. There isn’t that much more to see though because we already saw her naked.

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