Posted by: AceRailgun | March 17, 2012

Persona 4 Episode 23

As teddie would say. I’m going to try something slightly different this time around so BEAR with me. I know you have watched the episode so lets skip the explanation and jump into the fun stuff. The discussion.


First off I loved what Naoto saidduring the first confrontation with Namatame. She thinks like a detective so what she said was cold and calculated. At that moment she was more terrifying than Yuno from Future Diary. Once again the group was split which supports my ramblings from last week. The detective side of the group (Yu, Kanji and Naoto) all wanted to get some form of revenge but were stopped by the support half of the group.


Despite his absence Teddie played a big role in the revival of Nanako. I can’t quiet remember from the game what he did to revive her but I know he was responsible. Now it’s just a matter of tracking him down in the television world.


The scene ends on a key scene in the game. That scene outside the shop with Naoto and Yosuke will always haunt me. You have to make a lot of correct desisions in order to move forward to the good ending and ultimately you decisions determine who the true murder is.


I suspect we have three episodes to go one of which will probably be the true ending route as the flags have all been triggered for that to happen. The treatment of the final battles is what I am most looking forward to. I just hope it doesn’t get rushed.


  1. wtf…Margaret just randomly gives her arcana >.>

    I think there are two episodes left…which would make everything probably super-rushed…I sure hope that’s not how it is.

    • also…Yosuke scene = no girl for Yu?

    • They really should have established Margaret’s Arcana a bit earlier because now it just feels odd giving it to Yu. I just read there is only 2 episodes left as well. It makes me doubt they will go into the true ending which is a shame. Maybe the true ending will be DVD bonus material or something.

      I’m pumped up for the next fight. It’s going to so tense.

    • yup…definitely gonna be good
      I was thinking some bonus episodes too…unfortunate, but I guess that’s how it is

      • Now we have to go and buy the DVD’s. I was going to anyway but that is besides the point.

  2. so 2 episodes left huh… but i don’t want to say goodbye to persona! =(

    • It’s going to be sad to see it go but at least it will go out with a bang.
      Bring on Persona 4 Golden and Arena. Maybe even some Persona 5.

  3. That final scene with Yu and Yosuke was very bromantic…

    • Because 4 ladies aren’t enough for Yu.

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