Posted by: AceRailgun | March 13, 2012

Another Episode 10

They sure managed to fix the tape easily. Too bad it’s content was edited. Plus it states the obvious which in a roundabout way said killing a murderer will stop the murders.

I think there is a good chance that Akazawa could be the dead person. I don’t really like her for starts. She is one of the only students to be characterised that isn’t in the main group of four. Plus she had that scene where she meets Kouichi on the riverbank at the start of the episode. But then there was that photo of the past students which had a male student blurred out posibley suggesting he was the dead person. Plus Matsunaga killed a male student so that frees all females from suspition. Gah brain melting.


So that leaves only male students to be the dead person but then again if the dead person is “reincarnated” as a different student each year it brings us back to square one as it could end up as a female. That stupid theory aside saying it is a male that leave us with Kouichi, Art kid, glasses guy from the hospital at the start and Teshigawara.


Kouichi is free from suspition because Mei said so. But plot twists and the fact he is the main character put him under susption anyway.

Art kid triggered too many death flags at the start and that eliminates him from suspition. He is more likely to die then be the dead person.

Teshigawara is comic relief so he cannot be the dead person. Mei probably would have said something sooner if Teshigawara was the dead person.

Glasses guy is most suspicious as he is the only male to be characterized outside the main group.

Asthma guy triggered too many death flags and will probably died in the car on the way to the hospital. R.I.P


Next episode is the 2nd last one and it look great. I’m guessing three students die and Akazawa turns on the main four as Teshigawara killed someone. Probably in self defense.





  1. I’m thinking Akazawa, Teshigawara, or Kouichi for dead person. They never said that the dead student has to be the same student for each time. Just that it has to be a student killed by a past calamity. They would interrupt Mei just as she’s about to tell Kouichi who it is >.> CLIFFHANGERS AGH!!!

    • I forgot about that. Which means that the “curse” could be creating a new dead student each time. Which means that it’s pointless to discover the identity of a past dead student.

      Cliffhangers will be the end of me I swear.

      • Heh…they wouldn’t make it that easy. That wouldn’t be any fun.

        You know, I’ve seen bloggers who love this show and bloggers that hate it with a passion. But every Monday when the show airs, I immediately see like 10 posts on Animenano about it and it has to be cliffhangers at work.

      • Whether they like to admit it or not the haters love Another. It’s not perfect but it has interesting elements and good story telling which a lot of anime are lacking this season.

  2. The preview for the next episode was a crange. Im pretty sure there will be alot of victims in the next one. Anyway Mei just needs to use her eye to see everything and it can easily be over in 1 episode but the anime has 3 more episodes which leads me to believe that there has to be some twist at the end! Another has been doing great so far. Lets hope it won’t screw up at the end.

    • It’s been a good ride so far and it should end well provided there is a good twist.

      Next one is going to bloody.

      • I’m sure it’s going to be good 😀 The show is getting interesting and I wish it is next week already 😦

  3. Another has had a massive turnaround this episode. I think it has taken everyone from a state of decadent prediction to edge of the seat, nails in seat arms cliffhanger suspense.

    For the record though, I don’t think it is Akazawa, as random as her little outburst was this episode, I don’t think it was her. If anything, I still suspect Mei. A show like Another is one where a huge plot twist would unravel everything the audience thinks they have figured out, right at the end. Then again, the show could be trolling us and make it a minor character.

    • That’s where Akazawa comes in. She isn’t a minor character she is one of the only students to be characterized. If the writer wanted to keep the main four alive or kill them all off then that only leaves Akazawa as a potential dead person. Like you said I too think it could end up being Mei. It would be the twist the anime needs and it would explain her ability to see the “death” in people.

  4. Either they’re gonna put one over us and make the dead person either Kouichi or Mei, or it’s Akazawa.
    If you’d notice, in that “dream” Akazawa had, Kouichi was wearing hospital clothes. I don’t think he’d go out like that, so I think there’s something more to that.

    Next episode should be fun. I see some fire in there as well, lol, can’t wait to hear what Teshigawara did

    • Teshigawara is going to burn somebody. Plus there is a bed covered in blood so that’s at least two victims. After everything Mei said this episode it would be unfeasible to make Kouichi the dead person without throwing general logic into a fire. That being said the whole thing with Kouichi in a hospital gown could come into play and screw over everything that Mei said. It could easily be Mei who is dead too. Imagine Kouichi trying to kill her.

  5. Psh, I’m still sticking to my predictions. It’s Kouichi’s aunt and I thought this episode made it even more apparent with Mei’s reluctance to tell him who the dead person was. Then the dream in which Akazawa remembered meeting Kouichi. She remembered him because he came for his aunt’s funeral. My question is now answered about Mei’s “cousin” and she was the first victim of the calamity.

    • The problem I have with Kouichi’s aunt is that she isn’t a student. So she doesn’t fit the details given perfectly. Even if it does turn out it’s kind of cheap as she isn’t around that much. Admittedly it would be hard for Kouichi to kill her if he had to.

      • It doesn’t have to be a student currently but she was a student previously. All it says is there is an extra dead person. She is a teacher of the class which the librarian wondered why they made her a teacher again.

  6. Ah yes cliffhangers,this show has too much of it, anyway I remember promising myself that if another girl aside from Sakuragi-chan (that was just terrible) died I would stop this watching this, but hey look, I’m still following it, this proves that story beats animation. . . . I’ve always suspected Kouichi to be the dead person but I not so sure anymore, I’ll just wait until the next episode I guess.

    • One more episode and we will know the truth. Hopefully. Good story should always trump animation quality. But not visa versa. Yes Guilty Crown I’m looking at you.

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