Posted by: AceRailgun | March 10, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 22

As far as bad endings go that was by far the worst. I had a feeling they would try and work a bad ending into the anime just to make it more emotional. It’s kind of what like what they did with the Kubo scene but much much worse.

I don’t see how the writers are going to change this into a good ending without “Magic” or “it was just a dream” as the damage has already been done. Plus the preview didn’t hint at some kind of magical revival sequence.


Now I don’t want to spoil anything and I won’t but I hope everyone who has played the game and obtained the true ending saw a certain someone make an appearance. I love these little things.


Onto the badass fight sequence which I fondly remember from the game. In the game i’ve beaten Namatame twice and both times I remember it being me and Yosuke (or Yukiko) vs Taro, Chie and Kanji. Those traitors kept getting converted right after I buffed their stats which is a huge blow when they unleash their top tier physical moves. In the anime it was Yu who got converted first but being the boss that he is he managed to break out of it in style.


I’d also like to present a theory that is as flimsy as a piece of wet paper, underwater. Kohryu is Nanako’s persona. Flimsy I know but just think about it. The card comes out of the sky above Nanako like all the other character persona cards did. Okay I know Yu did some fusions but still. It would be neat.


I’m really excited for the next episode. Especially Dojima’s reaction as well as Yu. I suspect they will both go into a state of shock. Plus Igor and Margaret won’t be too impressed with his failure.


  1. wtf? how could they do that to Nanako?

    • I just hope they find a way to fix it. It’s too sad.

  2. I wish they real did make the boss take control of the MC in the game. I would been in big trouble if that was the case, since I had reflect Physical Hi equipped. It was too easy of battle even on hard mode.

    Also on Kohryu, I thought Nanako said Dad when she sort of woke up meaning that it was Dojima’s. Nanako’s tarot is justice – which was the last summon Yu used (that demon looking thing that cast a Hama spell). Could be wrong myself.

    • I was very over powered the second time around but I just kept getting unlucky with the who chance thing. Whenever chance is involved in Shin Megami Tensei games I seem to have very little luck.

      Well that would be even more epic if it was Dojima’s persona. It kind of represents some sort of family bond so it is more likely Dojima family persona.

      • Kouryuu is one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) persona of the Heirophant arcana (Doujima’s social link). I was really impressed by what they did here. Seiji Kishi now has my eternal respect.

      • It was pretty neat. I’m really looking forward to seeing what personas he uses in the last battles.

      • Kouryuu is definitely THE most powerful persona of the Hierophant arcana, and one of the most power persona of all that it is very useful until the final, and hidden boss.
        Plus, Nanako’s social link is “Justice”,(Yay!) and the last persona summoned is suraosha, the ultimate Justice persona.
        Considering the definition of persona is a social mask covered on one’s ego, Yuu summonning Kouryuu implies that he will protect nanako just as dojima would.

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