Posted by: AceRailgun | March 6, 2012

Another Episode 9

How the hell is Mochizuki still alive. That little art boy has triggered about a hundred death flag especially at the start. Then again Teshigawara has almost died comically a few times. That guy is immune for the time being however as he is a comic relief character. If I had to put money on any character lasting all the way to the end that was Mei or Kouichi then it would be Teshigawara.


Those girls sure wanted to die this episode. As soon as it showed them walking home together it was super obvious they were the next deaths. One of them lived however and now she gets to live with a crane sticking out of her house.
What gets to me most is that this “curse” has been going on for over 20 years and yet the authorities have yet to realise. Sure they all get the lame amnesia thing but surely someone would have caught on that lot of high school students die every year randomly. Proof of this is that Kouichi’s grandfather mentioned a lot of funerals at the begining of the story but that is yet to be acted upon.


Now to the tape recorder. It acted as a way for the writer to explain some more grisly deaths without killing off actually students. In typical horror mystery style the tape gets predictable cut off half a second before the details are explained.


The preview didn’t show much so i’m not sure what to expect next week but oh well I guess it will be a surprise.


  1. I think Mei is immune to death, in fact, I think the “dead” person is immune at least until they crack from lack of social time.

    Although he doesn’t show it in real life, his dreams are suggesting he subconsciously feels at fault. He got acknowledgement that he isn’t dead, but he may be the cause of everything even though I think the curse isn’t his fault.

    • His dreams do seem to be dropping subtle hints. I have a feeling that will intensify until the last episode. I’d like to see what goes on in Mei’s head that girl knows something I just know it.

  2. Mei putting on that flower was cute :3
    Mochizuki is probably next if he ever manages to fix the tape. I bet on Azakawa making it to the end along with Kouichi and Mei.
    Those girls set their own flags by saying a lot of good byes.

    • Mei is so unpredictable and always does strange thing which seem out of character. Sometimes she acts cute other times she is mysterious and distant. I kind of feel like Mochizuki is safe for the time being, if he does fix the tape he could easily trigger some death flags and end up dead.

      Those girls had it coming.

  3. How stupid could they be?! They got the tape broken. I had a feeling that the tape wouldn’t work by the end and that assumption was half correct.

    Also, it seemed like the visit to the shrine made the curse even worse! Just mentioning the curse could get you killed!

    • The curse is a strange thing but somehow the guy in the past ended it and I want to know how he did it.

      The tape was never going to give anything crucial away because this is a horror mystery and it’s not close enough to the end. I suspect it will get fixed as there is no other way for them to obtain information that isn’t “convenient.”

  4. I agree after so many students have died in the same class you would think SOMEONE would be trying to do something. It is almost as everyone is just so lax about it. I mean in a normal situation wouldn’t they disband the class…close the school…something? What gets me as well is that everyone around them from previous years remain completely oblivious to it. That would be a bit hard to forget that one year in high school when everyone around me fucking died!
    I am curious who will end up being the dead student. I am also curious if at the end they will really “solve” the curse or will it continue to just be an on-going thing. What about these students would make the curse go away opposed to previous years students?

    • I’m not sure how they will end the series to be honest. I feel they could easily discover who the dead person is and end the curse for good or they could stop the curse until the school year ends and leave the school and the curse behind as someone else’s problem.

      I know i’d freak out if I was in the same year at school that lot of people die in. I guess it just follows horror fiction logic that not everything needs to make sense.

  5. Well the amnesia thingy is really lame. And people keep forgetting about the most important part is the lamest of all. I knew that the tape recorder will get broken or something before they could here the important part. Well it isn’t too long now until the series ends. I’m just hoping it will end well. I have still yet to see the boy with specs. Where the hell did he go!

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