Posted by: AceRailgun | March 3, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 21

This is what I’ve been waiting for. The episode which the television world is revealed to characters outside the immediate group. Doujima, Nanako and Adachi too all know about the television world to some extent.

Not to mention poor Nanako gets kidnapped and gets throw into the television world. Her imagination produces a huge castle like structure which the group is going to have to conquer next episode.


Two things I like about this episode are how Yu is becoming very emotional, unlike the game he becomes very reckless luckily he is set straight by the rest of the group. I also noticed the group has been broken into two halves which I’m sure not many people picked up on. There is the moral support half of the group and there is the detective side of the group. In more then one scene this episode it is clear that the characters have preferences for what group they are in.


Naoto, Kanji and Yu form the detective group and feel like they are doing the bulk of the work. Their personalities are the most mature of the group and when things get serious they act like adult to get things done. This is most prominent in Naoto who keeps her cool in any situation to get things done.
The rest of the group are obviously still teenagers and for the most part go with the flow not really knowing how to deal with the situation and can do nothing but provide moral support. I feel Kanji was a part of this group but by being around Naoto he has a role model of sorts to guide him even if she doesn’t realize it.


That car chase really was something else too. It was tense and well constructed. The most important part is that it felt like the kind of car chase you would have in a country town and not a big city. Plus when Adachi showed up it made it even more exciting.


Can’t wait for next week. I am hoping for some amazing battles with Yu showing off some more Personas.


  1. The end is approaching! I love this show…

    • I’m so excited for the last battles it’s going to be great. I’m totally ready to name this as my favorite anime ever.

      • Glad I wasn’t the only one that picked up on Yu’s reaction being much better. I thought I was crazy 😀

      • Everything Yu does in the anime is better then the game. It was strange seeing him get so worked up but it makes sense because his little cousin got kidnapped after all.

  2. Gimme Nanako back! NOW! >_<

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