Posted by: AceRailgun | February 28, 2012

Another Episode 8

So it took eight episodes to reach the beach episode. That’s pretty standard and not impressive at all. What struck me about this episode is that it kept doing things that seemed like someone was dead or going to die but in reality it was just a prank or beach fun.

The watermelon thing was a prime example of that and as sad as it is to boast about it I totally knew that was a watermelon smashing when it happened. As I suspected everyone is immune to death until the end of the episode until the least characterised character is killed off. Poor black haired kid whose name eludes me. Rest in pieces. One thing about this kids death was that the black censorship bars missed. If you slowly skip through the frames of his death you can clearly see a lot of his arm has be twisted around and multiple cuts up and down his entire body.


Now getting to the preview for next week, the cut up kid was in it. He was hanging upside down from something for a moment and with the addition of neck hole umbrella girl standing about it leads to the conclusion that zombies are in the next episode. Not what I was expecting but I can live with it.


Matsunaga is my new favorite character. He survived like a boss 15 years ago and he managed to stop the badness partway through. It’s got something to do with the tape recorder in the preivew but I guess we will find out about that next week.


  1. It’s either zombies or Kouichi is dreaming way too much…

    lol Matsunaga…”I save you all, but…how did I do it?”

    • I thought Kouichi might be dreaming too but serious that’s some messed up dreaming.

      That’s why I like Matsunaga, I’m so great and saved you but I don’t remember how. You know it to be true.

      • and him melting wasnt messed up dreaming? >.> at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised what they put in a dream

      • Very true. I guess it could be a dream. Dreams are cheap and pointless so if hat it is just a dream i’ll be disappointed.

    • Needs more dreams about dancing…

  2. I knew it was a watermelon, I’ve seen too many beach episodes. Beach episodes have become predictable, but at least this killed off another character. Serves him right for swimming out there.

    • Anyone who swims over 100 meters from the coast line deserves punishment. Boat blades might be a bit much but still swimming out so far is very dangerous.

      I do love how he faked drowning so everyone would look at him as the boat was coming.

  3. I’d say Yukari’s shot in the preview looked more like the real world rather than -another- dream. The color and detail in that scene just seemed to feel different than the dream sequence we saw earlier. But still, there’s a dream sequences in the episode (Kouichi opening the door with the red color) and it looked like two previous deaths (Sanae and the kid from this episode, who I don’t recall his name either) were also done in the same light. Leads me to think Yukari might be returning in some form or… -another-…

    Also was happy with the death this week but not how it suddenly changed moods and he ran out to get it. Almost like he was waiting for the wind to blow that beach ball away. Still, was at least more “horror”-ish than the last two which kinda irritated me.

    • Brutally murdering someone with a boat engine is a pretty standard death. Poor guy didn’t even see it coming.

      Good observation with the dream sequence stuff. Since the returning characters weren’t in red dream-o-vision it leads me to believe they aren’t part of a dream and in fact some form of zombie. The cast is going to freak out next episode and I presume the horror element will finally take effect.

  4. I knew someone was gonna drown, but I didn’t expect the propeller. The “beach episode” is too fun for such a series, lol
    Matsunaga was probably way badass back then. He solved the curse by himself!
    As for next episode, I think the zombies were in his dream because of the red atmosphere and stuff (but Sakuragi’s scene seemed a bit more real though). It’d be heart-wrenching to see the nurse again >.<

    • I just really don’t want to see the umbrella girl again or see her try and speak. If the nurse comes back she is going to be crushed beyond recognition.

      I hope we get to see more of Matsunaga. If he teamed up with Mei and the librarian they would be unstoppable.

  5. Is it really gonna be a dream? The hunted house that always appeared in the OP is Kouichi’s house or someone else? If it isn’t anyone’s house then my bet would be it’s the unknown dead person’s house. I don’t really know what to expect next but i’m hoping for something awesome to happen. The tape recorder might be the answer that could solve all this mystery.

    • it could be Kouichi’s house but I think his house is smaller then that. I reckon it’s probably one of his classmates houses. I hope the tape recorder gives us some details on the dead person or at least how to stop them. The dead person is going to have revealed soon as I think Another is only going to be 12 episodes long. I can’t wait to see how it ends. I just hope it doesn’t fall on its face.

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