Posted by: AceRailgun | February 26, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 8

That rib breaking hug sure was something.

I’m pretty sure I just watched an entire episode about brushing teeth and the possibility that it can be treated as some sort of sexual fetish. It’s a strange way for Karen to lose her virginity.

Brushing my teeth will never be the same again.


The intro was catchy and I liked it. That is all.



  1. >I’m pretty sure I just watched an entire episode about brushing teeth and the possibility that it can be treated as some sort of sexual fetish.

    The absurdity of that statement makes me want to watch this now.

    • Araragi had the tooth brush in her mouth for over 5 minutes easy.

      • Was she just kind of going around with it in her mouth or was there a huge focus on her actively brushing?

        why am i asking these questions

      • It was essentially a sex scene but with the act of Araragi sensually brushing his sisters teeth. She was about to climax when they were interrupted. I expect this kind of thing from Shaft anime and I can accept it. If any other studio did this it would be hugely perverted and scare me away.

      • … Sure, why not. Thanks for giving me the motivation to watch Bakemono, assuming that it’s half as crazy as this is.

      • Well I feel kind of special knowing that I have convinced a poor soul to watch Bakemonogatari. Expect a lot of talking. So much talking.

      • Is it a good special or a bad special? Also you indirectly convinced me to watch Tiger and Bunny.

      • I think good special. Tiger and Bunny is great did you watch all that?

      • Haven’t gotten around to it yet, trying to clear out this season’s backlog (aside from sequels/stuff I’m just not interested in) first.

      • It’s such a pain clearing out backlog it takes a lot of motivation sometimes but it can be worth it if your backlog is good.

      • Anime backlogs are easy to clear out because watching something doesn’t take a hugely variable amount of time.

        Videogames on the other hand…? I’ve still yet to beat Persona 3 and Nocturne.

      • Shin Megami Tensei games take so much time. I’ve finished a lot of them and you need to finished Persona 3. That game has a great ending.

  2. That was a short post… Did you at least enjoy the toothbrush scene?

    I really want to see what else Shaft have in store for us.

    • It was short because only 1 thing happened 😛
      From a perverted viewpoint I though that scene was great. Every episode seems to step it up. I won’t be surprised if the sisters are going around in their underwear in future episodes.

  3. Ahahah, certainly there wasn’t much to talk about, but I liked the OP as well. So catchy! 😛

    • I’m going to get my hands on the extended version of that song as soon as I can. I know it’s hard to get shaft songs but I shall find a way.

  4. I guess it’s official. Shaft can do anything. From half an episode in a bathroom to almost a full episode of brushing teeth.

    • I can only imagine whats next. Although to be honest i’d rather the two things you said than an entire episode of any anime in a classroom or on a beach.

  5. The opening blew my mind with moe ness…

    • I was ready for a new op but nothing of that level of Moe. I’ve watched it again a few times already.

      • It definitely beats Ren’Ai Circulation by a large margin >_>;;

        MaxFac better hurry it up with hanekawa and shinobu, so they can move on to tsukihi

  6. So it looks like I’ll be sticking with mouthwash for the rest of my life…

    • You might want to be careful as the next episode might ruin mouthwash for you to. As long as you brush your own teeth it should be fine.

  7. Dat toothbrush scene was really something, too. Yup, really something 😀

    • Something great. I can only imagine trying to watch this show in Japan with your family around. It wouldn’t end well.

  8. Well I was waiting for this toothbrush scene. A lot of people were talking about it but I didn’t expect it to turn out like what we have just seen. It isn’t bad for some but for some it was like “what the f did I just saw”. It’s like a hentai show without nudity.

    • If you listen to that scene with your eyes closed it sounds like a sex scene. I’ve come to expect these kind of things from Nisemonogatari and Shaft so this kind of thing doesn’t even faze me. I suspect we will get even more racy stuff in the next episodes.

  9. Im pretty dissapointed that they got interrupted. Also could you answear me this question: Why exactly was she feeling good from just having her teeth brushed?!

    • it was about to get X rated when they got interupted which was a shame.

      The mouth is a a sensitive area and I suspect for a teenage girl with no sexual experience it would be a very strange feeling. Plus I think it’s probably some kind of fetish I’ve never heard about.

  10. I’m not going to watch any adult anime in the rest of my life. The toothbrush scene is much better than any adult anime.

    • You are right about that one. The audio alone could probably be dubbed over a proper sex scene and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Combine it with all the partial nudity from the other episodes and Nisemonogatari becomes something which should really be adult rated.

  11. It’s actually quite amazing how Nisioisin/Shaft were able to fetishise something as simple toothbrushing so easily, I knew it was coming and had an idea of what to expect from Shinbo but I’m still quite surprised by it. Let alone how it broke away from the usual episode formula and took up an entire episode.

    But anyway, so far a good start, though I have a rough idea of it, I’m interested to see how Tsukihi’s arc will play out in the next episode.

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