Posted by: AceRailgun | February 25, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 20

So everyone invites themselves to the Amagi inn when Yukiko tries to invite just Nanako and Yu. The situation would have been a lot different if just Nanako and Yu had gone alone but it lead to many more comedy situations having the whole group attend. As expected Yosuke and Rise got the most excited and even high fived. Naoto also got a lot more excited and then expected and called her grandfather. A character I’d like to appear at least once.


As I guessed this is the Yukiko episode and she completes her social link in a fashion very similar to the game. Yukiko is actually more clever then I though, by putting the guys into a haunted room she solves two problems in with one gesture.


I love it how Aika is always appearing too. She is a neat addition to the cast and would make for an interesting social link, but I know that is never going to happen.


There is a lot of unexpected encounters for the guys this episode which usually end with tragedy and some kind of war music which is totally appropriate. Yu is really shining as a group leader and the other guys are okay with that. Plus Nanako calls Yu a gigolo and a pervert both with prompt great reactions from the other characters.


I’m looking forward to seeing how the group handles the mail Yu received as I cannot recall exactly how this pans out in the game.


  1. Next week, it happens…this time, we’re getting it right >.>

    I was kinda surprised to see Yukiko just say she won’t leave the inn. If I remember correctly, she actually like packs stuff and tries to go in the game. But I guess that’s just how it is with time constraints.

    also, why the heck was Margaret singing? so confused….

    • I think Margaret is a bit screwy in the anime. She isn’t how i’d hope she’s be. But her telling Nanako that Yu is a gigolo was priceless. I hope Margaret talks a bit about her sister from Persona 3.

      I guess the whole Yukiko arc was shortened because of the time constraints which is fair enough.

      • yeah…dunno what’s up with her

      • Igor was so embarrassed.

  2. Aika reminds me of P3 male protag… <_<
    I wonder if she was actually meant to be the female MC, but was used here instead XD

    • She would make a great female protagonist, she does share similar traits to the p3 protagonist too which makes her great. i hope she comes back a few times before the series ends.

  3. Yuu has a natural inborn talent to be a gigolo…

    YOU DON’T SAY???

    • Yuu makes this anime worth watching. The guys reactions this episode were so great and ping pong is such a great way to vent those frustrations.

      • And he chose what most of us chose in the game too…


      • I chose to stand my ground in that scene too. The longer you can stay in that bathhouse room the better.

      • REAL men fear not buckets…

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