Posted by: AceRailgun | February 23, 2012

Anime Podcast #1 Pilot

It’s pilot podcast time. This took forever for me to edit but I feel that the final product should be entertaining.



This podcast is the highlights from a poorly structured conversation I had with Yerocha and Marth about the reasons behind blogging and how we started watching anime. We talked for about two hours but I cut it down to feature the stuff that I think is interesting. Plus a lot of the time we were talking over each other and going very off topic. It was a great experience and I hope you enjoy it. Just remember that this is the first podcast I have created so obviously editing is a bit dodgy and conversation might be a bit fractured. Hope you don’t mind.


I may create more podcasts in the future and believe me when I say this. I know they will be longer and better then this.

Guests this time were Yerocha and Marth


Music used

Intro – A space in air in space in air – Samurai Champloo OST

Ending – After the battle – Persona 3 OST


  1. I enjoy the podcast, but Ace, your mic was trying to kill your voice by the end there. I’d look into finding a cheap good quality mic, maybe watch for some sales, cause i’ll be honest, your mic nearly killed the whole podcast for me.
    Overall, i liked the interview style of the podcast and am interested to see what you do in the future.

    • Sorry about the mic. I haven’t had problems with it until now. There is no static in the playback so I have no idea what is wrong with it. I’ll be looking into that before the next podcast.

      *Super edit* I’ve just now worked out how to get rid of static properly so there is no need to worry. Next time will be higher quality.

      • wow that is a super edit. Normally, when i torubleshoot a mic, it ends up broken against the wall i threw it against. Can’t wait for the next one now.

      • All the feedback has motivated me enough to do another one I just need to organize it. That’s another problem all together.

  2. Woah this podcast is from the future! (PST is still 2/22)

    Nice to see that people are open to talk about how they got they got into anime.
    I’d definitely say I enjoyed your podcast and will be looking forward to more ^^~

    Good job on the editing. IMHO, I don’t think I could’ve fared any better XD

    • Yeah I’m in the +10 time zone so I’m at the front.

      I reckon there will be more but this isn’t a weekly thing it’s just whenever I can be bothered.

      • Yeah I don’t think anyone has enough time in a week to devote to length chats and editing sound clips XD

  3. Good Pilot its just I wanted it to be longer hehe.

    I think I will continue blogging until I see no need to anymore and that is probably a long long time from now. I like the anime community and I like the debates and discussions that the fans have about different topics.

    Good show I will be waiting for more.

    • Make sure you eat while you are waiting because it might be a while. It’s short because we were so awkward. Now that I know what I am doing it should be better. I suspect the next one will be within a month but no promises.

  4. Not bad, actually very decent for the pilot. Was some feedback issues (possibly needed more audacity editing to cut the noise from the mic or a new mic all together), but decent first time. I still have not had time to structure mine correctly and thinking about scrapping it all together, especially since I have not gotten a new mic nor got a working format going. It depends. Looking forward to more ^^

    • I’ve sorted out the feedback issue so next time It should be nice and crisp audio.

      It was enjoyable to create so I hope to make more in the future.

  5. Love the podcast. You definitely need to reduce the noise of your mic by using something like audacity(like what tsurugiarashix had suggested). It’s good to know how Yerocha and Marth start blogging and stuff and i’ll be looking forward to more of this podcast. It’s interesting and I’d definitely love to know more from you guys 🙂

    • It’s good some people like it. I’ve already dealt with the sound quality problem so that won’t be an issue next time. I’m not sue what we will talk about next time but i’m sure i’ll come up with something as Marth and Yerocha have expressed interest in recording another podcast.

  6. I have always loved hearing different otaku have a little banter on different anime and how they got started. I really liked the podcast. Has a nice feel to it overall. I just made a post about podcasting ironically.

    • Ironic indeed. I hope I can produce some more interesting content it’s just a matter of time and organisation and the lack of them. It was great to talk to some other people about anime too for a change using words instead of typing.

  7. Ooh, nice pilot ^^
    It’s fun listening to guys of the anime community talking about these kinds of stuff. Same sentiments like the above I guess in terms of audio, but the conversations weren’t that poorly constructed. Looking forward to more as well 😀

    • More will come eventually, probably. Plus i’m great at audio fixing now so there should be no more complaints about that.

      I still think we need more structure to conversation if only to keep us on topic somewhat.

  8. Nice pilot, can’t wait to see what else you talk about.

    • Thanks.

      I’ve been trying to come up with more ideas but it’s limited at the moment. If there is anything you or anyone would like us to talk about I’m completely open for suggestions.

  9. Been waiting for this! It was fun listening to, but I had a hard time hearing what you talked about sometimes, it felt like I never… understood (maybe that’s me being dumb ^^’). But for a pilot, it was good 🙂

    • Hopefully if we do it again it will be make more sense. A major factor that should help with that is structuring conversation and topics so I don’t have to chop stuff up so much.

  10. Great podcast. Nice pilot, its always nice to put names to voices and it gives the discussion a much more engaging feel. I look forward to the next. People have already voiced concerns about the mic but it seems like you sorted that out so I won’t get into that :p

    I’ve always been interested in doing a podcast. Its helpful I guess to see others doing it. What was the hardest thing involved in making it? Timing issues? Editing? Thinking of content?

    • Hardest thing would probably be getting people organised. Marth and Yerocha were easy to deal with so I was lucky this time.

      As far as topics are concerned I’m not too worried about a lack of ideas. I’ve already got a few more which should make decent podcasts.

      Editing is a real pain but can be easily avoided if you structure your podcast before you record it.

  11. I really like this podcast. I was having the exact same thoughts you guys had before you started blogging, I was feeling the need to express my opinion on the anime I was watching.

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