Posted by: AceRailgun | February 22, 2012

Site Mascot – Cassie – Artwork Round 6

Addictions are a terrible thing, I have a gaming addiction, an anime addiction and now I have some crazy deviant art commission addiction that five people ever have gotten. But unlike most addiction this one can benefit you the reader as you get to see some great art for free. On the other hand I have to pay for it.
So there will be more after this but I have eaten a huge amount of pills  chocolate so hopefully I can ween myself off the overspending on commissions. I have big plans for a Halloween art spectacular but until then there might not be too much art.

This weeks art is a mixture of everything I hope you like them.

Full version

The artist of this piece is GlaciesClover. Check out GlaciesClover’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Jinkimania. Check out Jinkimania’s page.


Full version coming soon

The artist of this piece is ShuryouGospel13. Check out ShuryouGospel13’s page.


In case you have forgotten or are new I’ll remind you. Cassie is a character from a novel I am writing which is over 50% complete and should be finished about halfway through the year. Click here if you want to read the prologue.


  1. Out of curiosity, have you decided on how you plan on publishing the novel?

    • It’s something I’ve considered a few times but haven’t figured out yet. Since it is my first novel I may go with digital publishing or self publishing. I would like to have a hard copy of the novel eventually though.

      • I would totally pick up a hard copy if you ended up making ’em.

      • Now I have to get some made. On day soon i’ll sit down and do my research on publishing.

      • Woo!

  2. Cassie in a kimono!!~

  3. Btw I’ve already made plans to publish my novel! YEAUUHHH

    • Cassie’s got about 5 kimonos at this stage 😛

      Nice job, give me a run down i’m interested in the details.

      • It was simple. Some guy read my story on fictionpress and asked if I wanted it published under my name.

      • That’s neat. Maybe I should post my prologue on Fiction Press. So I guess you sorted out some details with him then? How much more do you have to write until you are complete?

  4. I need to write at least 12 more chapters

    • That’s a lot. How many do you have written so far? I’m up to 23 chapters I think and 42,000 words.

      • I only have 12. Been working on it since October… It’s my first novel lol.

  5. When you publish your novel you better not forget to license it, each and every page of it. XD

    Who knows someone might be interested

    • Oh don’t worry I’m going to be ultra careful about getting it all licensed/copyright as I don’t want some fat chump to try and pirate it. Plus I really want to get at least some copies printed but I know that’s going to be a long process.

  6. Wow, these are fabulous. What will your novel be about? If you’ve already posted it somewhere, I apologize for missing it. Addicted to chocolate, eh?

    • Yeah the link is at the bottom of the post and Here.

      Novel is about a group of character, one of them is Cassie who are travelling to a distant city to find Cassie’s sister among other things.

  7. Totally love this character design. Her wings are so gorgeous!

    • Hey thanks, It’s taken a while to get her to look the way I want her to.

  8. How much did you pay the artists to make theese for you?

    • Let me think it’s been a while since i paid for these.

      Top one was about $7 i think
      Middle was more expensive because it’s huge res. I think it was about $45-$50
      Bottom one was $30 I think.

      • Wow nice. They were definetly worth it! Thanks for telling me.

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