Posted by: AceRailgun | February 21, 2012

Another Episode 7

Before I start, there is a beach episode next week. I F***ing called it as soon as Mei said she was going to a summer house.

So I sat down with my bowl of milo cereal yeah you heard me chocolate goodness in a bowl and was like. Alrighty I’m going to watch some anime. So I double click the new episode of another and skip the opening. The teachers stabs himself in the throat and then walks around with  a knife sticking out of his neck. Yet somehow I didn’t lose my appatite and just munched on my cereal watching this.


When the knife left his neck I got the feeling it was either going to land on someones desk or in someones face but it just clanged on the floor followed by madness. I did like how this scene played out and I’m glad everyone stopped ignoring Kōichi and Mei.


What surprised me most is that nobody died at the end of the episode it just ended with Mei being hopelessly romantic and Kōichi remaining completely oblivious to the fact he could ask her out and she would say yes. More of the plot was explained but I feel very little is going to be accomplished next episode at the beach. One thing however strikes me about the beach episode. Someone will probably die and that someone is going to be someone at the beach, someone who is probably a main character. Art boy is on the top of my list of potential victims but I also suspect the sister or whoever she was at the bar who knows some back story is also in trouble.


Any guesses as to who is the living corpse, I’m going to say it’s Mei but that’s a boring and safe guess so I’m going to say it’s the glasses kid from the hospital at the start who hasn’t had a lot of screen time since then.


Also here is an image I keep seeing every time I go to Wikipedia to remember Kōichi name. It’s Mei on the cover of the original Novel. She looks cute but really creepy at the same time. If anyone has seen the clean version of this image link me to it. Thanks.


  1. I’m telling you it was his aunt. The signs are pointing in her direction ad the living dead. The story regarding the guy from the bar who was in his aunt’s class. The guy freaking out at the bar. I loved how the beginning started, wasn’t surprised no one died at the end because they took care of that at the onset.

    • But it wouldn’t bother me at all to be wrong! This show is great so far.

    • I’m not sure how it’s going to go at this point but if it is the aunt i’ll be disappointed because it’s had too many things pointing towards it and I don’t like her much.

      I had always thought it had to be a student because the whole extra student plot line they have going

  2. Ha ha ha. I would have lost my appetite 😀

    • Normally I would but I feel I have become immune to anime gore and gore in general, I don’t like gore but it takes a a lot to make me feel sick now.

  3. The grossest part this episode wasn’t the teacher’s suicide, but rather… Kouichi’s dream… UGAAGAHUGHH. That was freaky.

    Still loving this series. I can never be too certain what is going to happen next, which is always a plus for this sort of show.

    • Aside from the obvious beach episode i can never predict what is going to happen next. Kouichi’s dream reminds me of something I’ve seen in live action somewhere. Not sure where though.

  4. No idea what a beach scene is doing in a horror show O.o

    • Definition of an anime : Must be a beach episode between 6-10 episodes into the show no exceptions.
      If not present replace with two subsequent episodes which contain bikinis or underwear.

  5. I’m gonna sound like a sadist here, but I was a bit glad they did the suicide scene like that with (no censors). I was a bit annoyed with the lens flares at Mirai Nikki’s latest ep, lol

    I’m guessing someone’s gonna drown, maybe Mochizuki. As for who’s actually dead, no ideas yet. I’m guessing the other short haired girl.

    • Th knife through the neck wasn’t really too bad in my eyes but once limbs start getting cut of and guts hanging out that’s when I feel censorship is necessary.

      I never considered someone drowning but it is a possibility. I also just remembered that the librarian said something about the “curse” having range like a mobile phone would so maybe the beach is a safe place and someone will die in the town while they are gone.

      • I’m just glad the “white-out” scenes hasn’t been a trend yet

        Well, if the beach is outside Yomiyama I guess the students and whoever’s coming along might be safe. That just leaves friends and relatives of class 3 then. Or we could be optimistic and say no one dies on this special beach ep ^^

  6. I was so sure he was going to suicide! Also, im wondering how the beach episode will be.I find it hard to believe they will actually do one. lol

    • Beach episode in a horror/mystery anime seems so out of place. I’m not sure what to expect either so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  7. I think a beach episode filled with sea-splashing-bikini-fun, as appealing a prospect as that sounds, would confirm my encroaching feeling that Another is becoming a bit of a mess. The story is becoming so laced within itself, I can’t see how they will fix this.

    As you said, the thriller, mystery side of the show is gone and has now become a horror anime. But even those aspects have slowly become hardly shocking to the audience. The optimist I am though, I hold out hoping it can get out of its own compounding maze.

    • I am just praying everything isn’t explained by saying that the “curse” “dead student” gave everyone amnesia and made them all forget the plot holes. If it does pull itself out of the hole it dug properly then i’ll be impressed.

      • My money is on Koichi’s aunt. She seems oddly forgetful and very mysterious…

      • She seems to have raised a lot of suspicion among viewers lately. The one thing that ruins that theory is that she isn’t a student in the class. What’s the point in having an extra student “corpse” who isn’t even a student. I guess we will know soon enough.

  8. I was searching for that book in Kinokuniya. Not sure if there is any novel in English but there is a Another comic in English. I was so happy that there was a result when I search it with the machine but in the end there was none at the book store. 😦

    • I’d love an English copy too. You might be able to get it off ebay or something and It might be reprinted now that the anime is out. It might be in English but it’s probably rare so that might be hard to find. Good luck with your search is all I can say.

  9. Milo Cereal FTW. xD
    Anyway, I have no idea how a BEACH episode goes with a HORROR anime but thats fan-service, I guess. So yeah. 😐
    I place my money that Koichi’s aunt will be at the school. As a new teacher. I think..

    Oh and that cover. I saw them selling the novel here and it had a poster of it too. (Mega expensive though.. and in Japanese..)

    • Beach episodes don’t work with horror so it’s a dumb idea but since it’s anime it has to be there.

      She will probably end up at the school one way or the another and it will probably get her killed or reveal her secrets. I’m looking forward to that happening.

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