Posted by: AceRailgun | February 20, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 7

So this episode was two thing I’ve been waiting for actually make that three. The first was the conflict between Kaiki which took over 50% of the episode.

The Kaiki conflict started interestingly as he was proving to be great at lying as even I couldn’t tell what was truth and what was not. He seems to be keen on manipulating character and he was successful during his encounter with Karen but Senjōgahara and Araragi are a different story and despite his constant talking neither of them wavered in the beliefs and he ultimately left achieving nothing which was incredibly anticlimactic. I was expecting him to put a seed of doubt into Araragi but that never happened.


The second thing about this episode was the fight. Karen showed us what she is capible of doing in spectacular fashion. Shaft action scenes are always great and although this one was broken up with talking and some sort of half dress vampire fan service I still enjoyed it. There fighting is on a large enough scale that it affects society and they manage to bring down a few highways.


Karen probably noticed some of Araragi’s vampire qualities this episode but I guess she doesn’t have enough information to fill the gaps just yet.


Third thing I like about this episode is that it bought an end to the Karen Bee arc which overstayed it’s welcome just a little. I think the next arc is Tsukihi Phoenix so we can expect to see some more of the youngest sister and hopefully something new in terms of supernatural things.


  1. I really was not expecting a fight of this calibur from the show. Somehow that surprised me more then how Kaiki’s storyline ended, since he always seemed like the type who preferred to be non-confrontational.

    • This episode really got me too. I wasn’t expecting a fight like that either and I sure wasn’t expecting Kaiki to give up the way he did. That fight was amazingly brutal but I expect nothing less after the fight between Kanbaru and Araragi last season.

  2. I thought that Kaiki just leaving at Senjougahara’s request was pretty anticlimactic, but I guess it did make sense given how he’s only acting in the interest of money.

    • As far as his character is concerned it makes perfect sense for him to leave once the money has dried up but it was very boring none the less. I feel he will still be referenced a few more times however as the characters clean up after him.

  3. The ending scene of Koyomi watching Tsukihi and Karen was so NSFW damn…:P

    • Luckily I was in the comfort of my own room when that scene happened. I’m surprised it didn’t get censored to be honest.

  4. Lolis and now yuri, this series is now complete.

    Hope the season isn’t left open like Bakemonogatari, I don’t want to wait another year for the ending.

    • Judging by the amount of information I’ve heard about later arcs I’m almost certain it will be an open ending. Plus because it’s shaft it may take more then a year.

      Every episode steps up the eechi levels so I can’t wait to see what they come up with as there is not much that could top two nude sisters.

  5. Hmm, i was expecting a mentioning of Araragi getting laid (as ambiguous as it seems) oh well.

    • I didn’t need to mention it because I knew you would. At least it was his choice this time unlike what happened with Kanbaru.

      • Awww thank you i feel special… … i think … … though i love shinobu’s smirk in this ep. >_>

      • She is very unique and seems to have an infinite amount of interesting smiles and subtle insults.

      • that’s it, with hanekawa’s figma announced at wonfes, shinobu needs some articulated love. Like IMMEDIATELY

        0 .0) gao!

      • I’d be surprised if they didn’t release a Shinobu figure soon. Just think of all the comics you could make with her.

  6. Even if he puts the so called seed of doubt, Araragi still won’t feel anything, because of his vampire power. Well at least that is what I think. With Shinobu around, I think everything will be fine. During the Karen and Araragi fight there was two street fighter reference, one from Chun Li and another one from Cammy. Oh speaking of reference there was also a power rangers reference in the tv during the Kaiki scene. Can’t wait for the next arc!

    • I haven’t played a lot of Street Fighter so I didn’t pick up those references. But I did notice the power rangers in the background. That reference went on for ages and ages.

  7. I find it hard to believe that Araragi’s sister has such power. She basically destroyed everything! That’s not normal for a human is it?

    • I think it was just dramatic for effect. But then again does it really matter that she is super strong as there is no villains to fight in combat, she will probably never have a serious fight ever. But I agree it isn’t normal.

  8. The part about whether or not Kaiki was telling the truth was probably what I liked the most about the whole confrontation with him, on the surface he appeared to be backing down so easily but given his profession as a con man there’s really nothing to say that he intends to keep his word. It’s quite likely that he’ll still be up to his old tricks after this episode but just in a less obvious way.

    But anyway I’m looking forward to Tsukihi’s arc, I’m not sure of the exact episode count but I hope it’s more than what I’ve heard.

    • I think I read 11 or 12 episodes somewhere but don’t quote me on that… Unless I’m right.

      Kaiki is defintly going to be around just lurking in the shadows even more then before. I have a feeling about 90% of what he said was lies even the stuff about the affects of the bee last 3 days is probably a lie.

      • That’s what I’ve heard as well, I guess it’s probably to even things out after Bakemono went to 15 in order to complete Tsubasa’s arc, but if so it doesn’t bear well for Tsukihi’s. Either her arc’s really short in comparison to Karen’s or it will be rushed through.

        I don’t know about the bee part, he almost seemed humoured when he told Araragi that the bee wasn’t real and was essentially a case of hypnosis, but I’m with you on everything else that he said. After his confrontation with Karen he even noted that it would be better if he did business from afar. And I’m also not sure of whether or not he actually remembered Senjougahara, she likely would have been just another job for him.

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