Posted by: AceRailgun | February 18, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 19

That’s the closest we will ever get to seeing Naoto in a swimsuit. Poor Kanji got so excited for nothing.

I love the writing for this show, the way the music girl social link was tied in with the culture festival as well as Rise’s social link was brilliant. Having the music girl learning the deep and meaningful music was a great idea which lead to the amazing scene were she unintentionally provides music for Rise and Yu’s scene on the roof.


The content of that conversation was near the end of Rise’s social link in the game so there is a chance we will get to see her persona evolved. If the trend is to continue we will most likely see another side of Yukiko next episode and maybe Teddie or Naoto.


Yu also stepped it up again in the pageant and dating when he pretended to be feminine which he was oddly very good at. He questioned Yosuke’s sexuality and we also got to see what Kanji likes to see in a women when he pretty much describes Naoto. Kanji also performed his best line ever which was something along the lines of “Make me a man dammit.” Which made me laugh.


I could go on and on about how much I love Persona but I won’t. Next weeks episode is the inn episode which has some bath action and even Nanako shows up. It’s probably going to focus on some of the group dynamics and maybe we will get some more of the Margaret social link.


  1. I don’t remember there being swimsuits in the game >.>

    • There wasn’t at least not for Naoto. That is the closest we will ever get to seeing her in a bikini. Unless something happens next time in the pool episode.

  2. for next week… *insert epic floating dead body in the pool pose here*

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