Posted by: AceRailgun | February 14, 2012

Another Episode 6

So now that most of the back story is explained it’s time to get into the real plot which is finding the fake student, the dead which was invited into the classroom.

The librarian is now one of my favorite character. I hope he doesn’t die because he is the bridge between the viewer and the huge mysteries. He did a good job explaining a lot of stuff this episode which I was grateful for.
The other thing that this episode had stacks of was the whole Mei x Kōichi relationship. At this point it seems Mei just likes having someone to talk to but I can see this relationship developing into some bad romance later on. I really hope it doesn’t.


I was starting to think we might go a whole episode without a death but then the teacher went crazy and either kills himself or someone else judging by the preview. If he did off someone else it’s going to be the frail art boy. That kid has no idea how to ignore someone.


I’d also like to touch on Kōichi family, his dad is cool but the rest of the family makes me cringe every time they talk. His grandfather was interesting to start with but the way he kept mentioning his dead daughter of 15 years made me want to punch him. Then there is Reiko, Kōichi aunt. She pisses me off so much. She pretends not to know details about the school then she apologizes. Stupidly by not telling him she might get herself killed. She is the only character I would actually like to see die at this point.


I’m looking forward to where this anime will go in future episodes. I hope the dead extra student shows up soon.


  1. judging by what the librarian, Reiko might legitimately not remember anything about the school

    Personally, I don’t see the librarian throwing off any death flags yet…if he joins up with Mei and Kouichi, he might get himself killed by finding out too much, but so far nothing like that.

    Mei totally smiled………….it wasn’t even a dream sequence either……

    • You totally have a crush on Mei. She did smile which was nice to see. She isn’t super depressing now that she has a friend to interact with.

      That’s true I forgot about the whole amnesia thing. I must have forgot because it’s a cheap part of the plot that can be used to explain dodgy things and fill plot holes without real story telling.

      The librarian seems safe for now. They might need a replacement teacher soon however.

      • Yeah, but without the amnesia thing, everyone’s going “why doesn’t she just tell them?” or “Why can’t they just cross-reference the photos with the rosters?”

        Didn’t they also mention an assistant teacher or something?

      • The rosters would have been edited and so would pictures. We saws the names re-writing themselves this episode after all. She could well have been the assistant teacher at one point and can’t remember.

      • I can’t fully remember the scene, but I swear they were talking about a girl or something that was in a class 3 or involved with class 3 and then they said they were making her assistant teacher for class 3…that’s probably who they’ll replace the teacher with

      • I remember that. The librarian might have said something about it. She would be a likely candidate. If it turns out that women is Kouichi’s aunt i’ll be shocked but if it isn’t then the women will probably have some experience with the curse and might be able to help.

  2. Yay dancing, love points increased. Now we need it to become reality.

    • That would be so great. Maybe next episode it will happen.

  3. I’d say the teacher killed himself because of how tired he looked, though if he offed someone else it would be very interesting.
    Also to note is what Kouichi’s father said – the year and a half thing. It doesn’t seem like a great enough amount of time for Kouichi to forget that he already went to Yomiyama, but I doubt that was just a random slip.

    • Yeah what his father said was strange I don’t really understand what it was suppose to mean but I’m sure it will be explained in another episode.

      I kind of hope the teacher offed someone else first that way it spices things up a bit from a typical suicide. Poor front row girl gets soaked in blood.

  4. The librarian did mention that he couldn’t believe they were making Miss Mikami (Reiko) the assistant homeroom teacher again when she was the homeroom teacher in 1996.The librarian also didn’t explain how he was responsible for the calamity surrounding the class and school. The grandfather also said “Poor Reiko” but I didn’t understand what that meant. Initially, I thought that it was Koichi that was dead but maybe it’s his aunt. I love this show!

    • Interesting aunt theory. I’m most curious about what the Librarian could have done to start this whole thing. It must be pretty big because he managed to invite a demon into the classroom and get probably over 100 people killed so far.

      • He was the teacher of the class with the first death. I wonder if it’s due to him encouraging the students to still act as if the dead student were still alive. He stated it wasn’t a curse but a natural occurrence. But if it were natural, it wouldn’t have just started out of nowhere. There is nothing natural about this phenomenon.The reason why I think it’s his aunt is that for her to have been the homeroom teacher in 1996, she sure doesn’t remember anything from it. She gets extremely muddled when asked about it and the grandfather mentioned so many deaths and funerals, that he was tired of death a few episodes ago. Also Koichi has been to Yomiyama before and it was in 1996, his father has mentioned it, the class president seems to recognize the name. It makes sense that he came for her funeral. But with the phenomenon changing memories, everyone seems to have forgotten.

      • I really like the theory you have about the aunt. It is very possible she is dead but alive. At this stage I’m not sure who it is but it most likely has to be someone older as they needed to be around when the first deaths occurred. The one thing that punches holes in any theory at this point is the stupid amnesia thing. Characters can’t remember details about being exposed to the killings which means all information given by any character can be proven wrong easily. Everything the Librarian knows could only be fragments of what happened if he forgot critical details.

      • And that’s where I feel the aunt fits in. She doesn’t seem to remember anything and gets extremely frustrated when asked about it. The only thing she can say is follow the rules, that’s it. She has no stories, no information, nothing. But it is really exciting coming up with theories. I cannot wait to find out the truth.

  5. I have to agree. I want to punch his grandfather and also see his aunt die too.The teacher is going to kill someone but not himself, i’m so sure of it. His idea to killing someone so he won’t get killed is not a good move. I want more Mei-chan 😀

    • I think we are on the same wavelength about this show. More Mei would be so great.

      It would be nice if it wasn’t a suicide but I think it was. Unfortunately.

  6. I thought that the deaths occur by natural causes. Such as an illness,birth and accidents. But now it seems that its driving people insane. I really want to see what the teacher is going to do with that knife. He might try to kill them and then try to kill himself. Unfortunately we have to wait for the next episode to see what heappens. So far so good, Another is most likely going to be one of the most succesfull anime of this winter season.

    • As far as the conversation it has generated i’d say it’s one of the most successful.

      The whole knife thing is getting to me at this point. I must know what he did soon but for now I’m just guessing he off himself. Although going after the students would be way more interesting.

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