Posted by: AceRailgun | February 12, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 6

Slow going this time. Not a whole lot happened just 3 more conversations which in all honesty weren’t the best of the series. Plus the big question got dodged. 

So Araragi kissed his sister, maybe. It’s unclear as appearently he only managed to take half the bee’s curse. Does that mean he only half kissed her. Maybe he missed her lips and only got a cheek kiss.


We did see some change in Araragi’s character when he met up with Hachikuji as he did not get all perverted instantly. It did prove that Hachikuji is messed up as it was like she was expecting and wanting to be groped and kissed etc. Because this doesn’t happen the conversation takes an interesting turn and to some degree the characters do a role reversal. Araragi has to try even harder then usual to get her to keep talking to her and he even resorts to calling her mispronounced names.  At the end of that conversation Araragi does one of those things where the character says “and that was the last time I ever saw….” but he cuts himself off and goes “Just kidding.”


Araragi seems to be as confused as I am as to why he is in a relationship Senjōgahara as she is clearly deranged in some way or other. She threatens to kill him on two occasions during the conversation and also hints at cutting her hair short like the promotional image. I don’t know what Araragi sees in her at this point.


I’m interested to see the conflict that will result between Araragi and his sister when he finds her as well as the conflict Kaiki that should happen soon. The series is over half way at this point but there is still a lot of content to cover so we may end up getting more episodes later or another season.



  1. More episodes? Dear Lord, Please not another year of waiting three or six months for ONA episodes, my body can’t take it.

    • The Wikipedia page says there is 3 or more character arcs so I presume there will be more because Karen Bee has taken 6 episodes so far. I don’t think i can handle the waiting either.

  2. Yeah, he probably kissed her.

    I was expecting him to creep Hachikuji but sadly he didn’t. I’ll be patient till the next time he meets her.

    • I love it how he say he wants to load his last save file. He did kind of screw up that conversation but the next time they meet he will probably be perverted and she will call him immature for reverting back to his old self.

  3. maybe the kiss is why Karen ran away 😀

    • If he was quick enough that might explain why he doesn’t have a black eye.

  4. Lol. I am thinking along the same lines as Marth. Shinobu, that sadistic tsundere probably knows more than she is letting on 😛

    Also, was I the only one counting all the pop culture references (Ghost Busters, Final Fantasy, detective conan, etc)…

    • It wouldn’t surprise me the pencil tsundere knows more then she is letting on but I feel that Tsubasa knows the most out of everyone. I got the Ghost Busters one and the Detective Conan one. It’s so random to have all these references in an anime like this.

      • Gahara probably does. Also her reaction to Tsubasa was priceless. You could hear her voice jump slightly XD
        Also I think we might be seeing more of the monogatari series if this is true:

  5. lol! Cheek kiss. Seriously?

    I’m not quite sure why she is dating Senjougahara as well. But it seems like a perfect match for me. I really like those two, when they are together.

    Shinobu is a tsundere :3

    • Shinobu has a completely different personality from what I remember of her when I watch Bakemonogatari. She is more tsudere then before.

      Senjōgahara is a good match for him in a strange way. I’d like to see how Araragi would interact with the other girls if Senjōgahara was present.

      • Indeed. It is not the same at all. It’s like a completely different Shinobu.

        True that never happened before. Both would be shy and all with everyone looking. I really like the shy Senjougahara 😀

  6. Something probably happened that stopped him from completing it, but I still think it works better with him only taking half of it, it adds a bit of suspense and still keeps Karen as the damsel in distress for this arc. Hopefully things pick up after this though, not much has really happened over the past few episodes at all.

    And it was interesting to see that he took that silent promise after being molested by Kanbaru to heart as well, he probably won’t keep it next time but it was still nice to see.

    She’s a fun character but niether do I at this point, it really seems as if he’s with her for the sake of being with her in the story. That said the last time I watched Bakemonogatari was in 07 when it was airing, so a lot of the details aren’t exactly fresh in my mind. Other than that I think she just enjoys teasing him like that.

    • I have forgotten nearly all the little details from Bakemonogatari since it aired a while back. But I do remember the pacing was a lot faster and action was more frequent. It should pick up soon as they will might try and tell the Tsukihi arc as well.

      Senjōgahara most likely with him just to tease him. He takes it like a man which probably isn’t helping in the long run.

  7. Pointless to run away from truth. He kissed her, and we’ll probably get the scene on the DVD/BD…:D

    • Yeah I would be surprised it the DVD wasn’t filled with incest kissing action. I suspect you would get them.

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