Posted by: AceRailgun | February 11, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation 18

This episode was one of the best ones so far. It fleshes out the family dynamic of the Dojima’s and Yu probably obtained two more social links. I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects battle as some of the best personas become available when you have Nanako’s social link. The Justice Arcana. I also noticed that Yu’s stats are becoming godly now. He is a force to be reckoned with.


The basic idea of Nanako’s mothers story was in the game but it was presented in fractured pieces as the player did each stage of the social link which ruined the affect to some degree. By having the whole story in one hit and ending with Nanako running away was a wise choice and it really helped me get invested in the characters again. After seeing this I was reminded of the bad ending of the game which still haunts me for its sadness.


All the detectives have a lot of work this episode and both Naoto and Adachi have their input on the hit ad run case involving Nanako’s mother. Adachi needs to learn to shut up as I’d take great offence to some of the things he said if I was Dojima.


Next week looks like it is the cross dressing episode. Yu sounded very feminine in the preview and Kanji is going to look amazing. The player got to pick who wins out of the girls so I wonder who Yu will pick.


  1. Damnit i haven’t watched this ep yet >_<

    Oh do you still wanna know how the brs anime goes and ends?

    • Being the sophisticated gentleman that I am I will have to politely decline any and all spoilers now and in the future regarding the shooting of black rocks or anything else for that matter. I hope this doesn’t affect are friendship.

      • *likeasir.jpg*

        fair enough, good man. Then i shall refrain from posting spoilers or will i…


      • You better be careful. I have you on a hook above the spoiler barrel. 😛

  2. You would have to be made out of stone not to cry, Geeze, this episode was so sad, but glad they decided to stick to the game SL for it.

    I actually thought the game was better in some regards with handling the SL, despite the fragmentation. Actually cried a bit more in the game, but this was not bad either, since it caused the same effect. Arg, need to watch something funny to cheer me up now; episode really got too me >_<

    • The whole thing is sad but I didn’t cry. Probably because I knew how it was going to turn out. Although the waterworks will probably be going towards the end of the next dungeon. That’s going to be emotional.

      • Eh, don’t even mention that one. Bad ending was depressing and glad I avoid going through it, My girlfriend on the other-hand walked right into it 😛

      • I dodged it too somehow but then someone told me there was a bad ending at that point and I had to go find out using YouTube.

      • am i the only one that got the true ending without any guides/faqs on the first run T^T ?

      • Probably, it’s completely luck if you get it or not because there was one conversation with 6×3 choices which had to all be answered correctly to get the true ending. I used a guide to get them right but by that stage i was 90% I knew who the murderer and I wanted the real ending.

      • What Ace said. I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was (the game even made hints of it at the start and during the gameplay itself), but during the part that is upcoming, if you slip up and choice wrong you get a premature bad ending that way and of course can do the same on the part Ace just mentioned. I really wanted to use the guide on the first run to complete all the SL’s, but saved it for my second run, since I was more concerned on getting the True End (only was short four =_=).

  3. Sad episode but it was awesome. Need more Nanako 😀 I want her as my little sister.

    • I would love to have Nanako as a little sister too. I say good on Yu for fixing their family.

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