Posted by: AceRailgun | February 9, 2012

Time management Ace style

Lets just get this straight first. I don’t have school anymore as I graduated last year. Which means I’m in the middle of my first ever real break from education. Don’t expect a spreadsheet documenting my day because I am all over the shop when it comes to doing stuff in my free time.


I spend most of my home time at the computer which I consider normal and that would explain my square eyes. I watch loads of anime but to be honest I watch most of my anime during meals. I normally watch what I blog about during breakfast and get a post written within about 45 minutes of finishing the episode. 90% of my blogging occurs before lunch time and that is because I am normally free in the morning.


I work night fill most week nights so that is why I prefer to post in the morning as I will have the entire afternoon to reply to comments among other things.  Since I am free most of the time to do whatever the hell I want there is little reason for me to multitask or create schedules for watching anime.


When I am not blogging or watching anime I am either surfing the internet, playing games or reading manga. When I read manga it generally doesn’t take very long but when I play games, Battlefield 3 this year (It was Left4Dead2 last year) then I tend to spend a good few hours on it in a row.


Whenever I’m not doing those things I am generally writing my novel which takes a lot of time but I won’t get into that because it isn’t related to anime.

I probably tend to watch between 3 and 6 episodes of anime a day. It really depends on what has aired an how into my backlog I get. Last night I spent 2 hours going over my favorite scene from Death Note so I don’t have to sit down and watch it from start to finish again. I used to watch more anime in a day 5-10 episodes but since I started the novel I spend more time on that instead.


My schedule is far from being full at this stage and I know I can keep this up indefinitely when I get work however I may need to cut back on some things and that would most likely be gaming and the amount of time I spend re-watching old anime from my collection.


Thanks Kai from Deluscar for giving suggesting this blogging activity. Kai has also organised some other bloggers to write about the same topic.


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  1. >Last night I spent 2 hours going over my favorite scene from Death Note so I don’t have to sit down and watch it from start to finish again.

    What scene is that, if I may?

    • *Death Note Spoilers* The scene which L confronts Light on the TV in the second episode. When L meets Light at the school. The whole FBI scene with Ray Penber. the the good stuff like the car chase with the fake Kira and then L’s death. There was a few little ones but those are my favorite scenes.

  2. Dayum, eating and blogging. How does it feel to finally break free from the educational system?
    btw…ever played Mass Effect?

    • Being free from school is the greatest feeling ever.

      I haven’t played Mass Effect I presume it’s would take a lot of time and I just haven’t got the motivation.

      • No Mass Effect huh? How about Devil May Cry?

      • Nope. I never got into that series. Are you a fan?

      • It’s a quick series that get’s its point across: Kill demons with swords, guns, and strange weapons galore.
        I see that you’re playing Skyrim. Ever heard of Dark Souls?

      • My roommate has it so I’ve seen most of it. Although I’ve never played it. I should really go and finish Skyrim soon.

  3. if your looking for a time killer, Kingdom’s of Amular is said to be fun… oh wait, you want a time killer, not a life killer… let me rethink that.

    • That looks like it would take ages to finish. Although i have lots of time I don’t have that much.

      • lol yeah. i honestly can’t pick this game up because i know when i do, a month of my life is going to disappear without me noticing. I’m actually playing Civilization 5, and i can already lost 4-6 hours just playing the AI… you know what, avoid gaming. its all a time killer. i’m too deep in, but you can get away. Save yourself!

  4. Ahh graduation. I remember when I just graduated from school, I was literally rotting at home, having all the time to myself to watch anime/manga/games and more. How I missed those days…I’m also considering cutting down on visual novels, and indeed I didn’t progress much anyway…

    • Cutting down on anything is hard to do especially if it’s something you like. I am spending a lot of time sitting around at the moment but it’s not like i’m just playing games and wasting time. 😛

  5. Your so fortunate to be resting from education and stuff T^T , I just have barely enough time to do what I want 😦 nevertheless I’m still very happy, I just hope to improve my time management. . . .

    • As long as you are happy that’s all that matters. It’s so good to be resting from education but it is well deserved. Improving time management is difficult but If you can then it’s so great.

  6. Ouch, you guys sure have a lot of time. It’s a miracle if I manage to watch 2-3 episode a day in the normal working days…:P

    • I do have a lot of free time so I usually get whatever I want to do done during the day. I have a lot of work coming up in the next few days however so I’ll have to cut back on something.

  7. Right now I am working and going to school which honestly does not leave much room for “me” time. I get by with what I can though. I typically watch at least 1 anime episode a day or either marathon through a series on my days off work. I always make time for gaming. I play a lot of League of Legends typically about 3 or 4 matches a day…so about 2 hours worth. I just started blogging again so, I am not sure how that is going to fit in with time constraints.

    • School and work can do that to you. I find that a lot of the time I would have spent at school or studying has been replaced by anime and the internet.

      Blogging is time consuming but if you can work it into your schedule it’s rewarding in it’s own unique way.

  8. It’s definitely good to have a lot of free time. That’s what I dislike about school, since it requires you to use your own time for homework and stuff.

    • Free time is the best. I use to have mountains of work to do at home but now I’m free to do whatever I want. Hence the anime.

  9. I, too, do a lot of my anime watching and blogging hand-in-hand with my meals throughout the day. It’s also nice to hear that you’re still dedicated to your hobby despite having finished your studies and preparing yourself for “the real world.” I am curious about how long it takes you to right your average blog post. Can you finish one in the span of your breakfast? That seems so short to me!

    • I’m pretty quick at typing and because my episodic posts are usually short it only ever takes me 15-30 minutes to type a post.

      I normally finish my breakfast halfway through an episode so no i’m not that quick. That would be impressive though.

  10. That’s a lot of free time you have there. I wish I could wake up in the morning like you do, I like staying up late at night. I’m current having my break as well before I start the 3rd semester in degree. More games and anime for us 🙂

    • Yay more anime and game time. I’ll have loads of free time until I get off my ass and get a full time job which I suspect will be a few months from now. I wish my free time could last forever. How long until your next semester starts?

      • Lol sorry for the late reply. It will be for another 3 week, plus next semester is short. 🙂 WHAT! A few months? Lucky. Getting a job sound good but yeah less anime and game for us. Never had a real job before other than part time photography.

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