Posted by: AceRailgun | February 7, 2012

Another Episode 5

This was much better. Stuff finally got explained. It’s about time too I was getting sick of waiting for some answers. So we start off with the typical police investigation which was obviously going to happen. Nothing got explained in this bit but it did lead to the other students turning on Kōichi. Not in the sense where they were violent or agressive towards him but they certainly stopped talking to him. Not like they did in the first place however.


Then that kid died of a heart attack Death Note style when he was about to tell Kōichi about Mei. The scene itself was kind of out of place compared to the other deaths but it did serve on purpose and that was to demonstrate the evil entity or curse can do whatever the hell it wants. This scene was actually well animated and the way Kōichi and the frail art kid reacted was perfect.


The one thing I don’t get is why the students start ignoring Kōichi. Sure you could say some half assed reason but in all honesty it is pointless to ignore him if the information presented to us currently is correct. Because the students stupidly failed to mention talking to Mei would get heaps of people killed the curse started it’s cycle again. Which raises the question. Will not talking to Kōichi stop the cycle midway? The answer is a big fat no so there is no reason to stop talking to Kōichi or Mei for that matter. Since the curse has begun why not just talk to them again.


I want to know what Kōichi and Mei will get up to now. I guess they will try and hunt down the dead person imposter and I’m sure it will somehow tie into the story of Kōichi aunt and his dead mother. The conversation between Kōichi and his grandfather was very powerful whether you realised or not. He has witnessed a lot funerals in his time and I’m sure he’ll get to witness at least one more either for Kōichi or Mei by the end of the series.


Also Mei not being a customer in the doll store explains the old ladies dialog about there being no other customers. I’m really getting into this anime and hope it keeps delivering like it did this episode.



    Anyways, I think that the kids are hoping that they’ll be spared if they ignore the two, even if it’s already started. I guess they think it will end it or something.

    • I’m so glad she is normal and probably not evil. I wouldn’t have minded if she was a ghost or something either.

      The other students are really one dimensional at this point. They have no personalities at this point so it’s going to be hard to make there deaths convincingly meaningful. It’s obvious lots of them will die.

  2. Did you happen to see the post-credits stuff?

    Because it looks like there’s a romantic subplot in store. Sadface.

    Otherwise, yeah pretty much agreeing with you. I could see the ‘let’s pretend Kouichi doesn’t exist’ as a last ditch sort of thing. They probably think “Well, we fucked up, but maybe we can fix that”.

    • edit without an edit: Yes I have a problem with romance being shoehorned into everything.

      • Hopefully it doesn’t go anywhere. For some reason I have this idea of them is going to die at the end cause the other to be sad face.

  3. Misaki acting normal was kind of nice compared to her other attitude.
    But Im confused. Mei stopped existing in the same year Koichi came to Class 3, so wouldn’t ignoring Koichi be for nothing? 😐

    • That’s what i thought. It’s pointless to ignore Koichi now that he has started everything. They should have told him the proper details to start with. However If Koichi had waited a month it would have probably been safe to tell him why they were ignoring her.

  4. Koichi also saw something else in his mother’s class picture before the librarian came up; this wasn’t fleshed out. It is obvious there is a relationship between Koichi and his dead mother; something must have happened besides her death 15 years ago. It doesn’t appear that everyone agrees with how the class is handling Koichi but it seems every time he asks someone about Mei Misaki especially those who are open to it; that person dies. They have to ignore him. He wouldn’t let things go but no normal person would have.

    • If I was in there situation I would have said “WAIT ONE MONTH” with a stern look. The red hair girl was sick that first day she probably would have told him that properly. Her being sick may very well have caused this whole mess.

  5. A bit of a side thought, but… Is it me, or did the pacing this time seem kind of weird? Like… I know half the episode was a giant infodump, but the pacing just felt funky this week.

    • I think your right. But I liked it better this way. It was too damn slow before. It felt like everything was in double time this week.

      • Really? I thought this episode was particularly slow, myself.

      • Maybe double speed is a bit of an over statement but instead of taking an episode to kill someone it did only take half.

  6. I thought avoid talking to them will helps them overcome this situation? Although the curse has been triggered it might work? It seems that this type of things happens a lot at their school so I think it’s the best for them, for now. So it is confirmed that Misaki is not a ghost, I knew it. So can I claim her as my new waifu? I really like this episode as well, the pace is way much better than before where everyone keeps avoiding the things that we should have known from the start. Thanks Akazawa for now coming to school.

    • Wow so many typo. *I thought avoiding talking to them will help*

    • I would have taken her even if she was a ghost. We better be careful it’s still very possible she is up to something. Serious why did they pick her to ignore out of the whole class.

      Akazawa is one of the most mysterious ones now. She could be up to something nasty.

      • That is true. We need to be careful indeed. But if it is true, then Misaki might just be one of the other victims of the countermeasures. We are not even sure if what Misaki is saying is even the truth. Indeed. Akazawa…It’s her fault for not coming to class..

      • If Mei is lying I’d hate to know what she is really up to.

        Lets all blame Akazawa for the deaths that will make us feel better.

  7. I’m glad she’s normal. I even lol’d at the fact that there was an elevator behind the curtains, and that she doesn’t pop out behind the coffin all the time.

    So the play on “Misaki” was just a red herring, and that there’s some other corpse in their, but I almost believed my theory last time that saying “Misaki Mei” will kill you – it was even instant this time, lol. I doubt these kids can “self-suggest” themselves that there’s one less student in their class.

    Also, that “uphold the class rules” thing is creeping me out. Imagine them chanting that while they try to kill you

    • I can totally see “uphold the class rules” written on a wall in blood at some point. I fear most for the teacher that poor guy might have to teach that class every year. If he dies there is going to be chaos trying to find a new teacher.

      I’m amazed Kōichi was brave enough to use an elevator. But then again it’s either that or stairs and we all know what stairs can do after episode 3.

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