Posted by: AceRailgun | February 6, 2012

Persona 4 Episode 17

I wasn’t as impressed by this fight as the last one but it did prove one thing and that is by adding a blue outer glow and a silhouette to any persona it instantly makes them cool.

The personas that Yu used this episode were some of the lamest ones from the game but somehow the anime made them look badass. His summoning of Beelzebub was impressive and may have unintentionally destroyed the entire secret base. With his level of power already this high the next battles are going to be a real treat.


Speaking of badass old Yu was great. It’s funny how Rise was still in love with him, must have been the beard he was sporting. The relaxing conversation between the old characters with the tradition Japanese music was very amusing and for once Teddie proved useful for something more then a laugh. Even though Yu did do the most battling I feel Kanji really stole the spotlight. He stood up for Naoto and was the one to save her in the end. That and he had another conversation with Yu in the hospital which went further into his social link.


Things are going to get serious next episode and I am hoping for some of Dojima and Nanako’s social links. We might even see a bit more of Margaret as she seems to have a crush on Yu now too.


  1. Kanji x Naoto needs to happen…NOW!!

    Looks like next week is when a certain someone gets nabbed…They even mentioned Heaven >.>

    I guess this week was just for Kuma and Rise to use their new Persona…and Kanji to be badass

    • Kanji x Naoto is looking slightly more likely. It would be so great if Naoto realizes Kanji’s feelings. I’d also like to see how she fights and if she has her weapon. She seems like the kind of person who would bring her weapon.

      • I dunno…all of the battles seem very Persona-centric so far

    • Kyubey X Naoto is better! 😛

      • I cannot even Imagine that. Naoto would probably shoot him in the face.

  2. Man I’m getting left behind with all these anime getting released T^T , guess I should start with this ^_^

    • Persona is one of the best amine this season. If you are going to start anything this is what I would personally recommend.

  3. Rise’s reaction to old yuu was… unexpected…

    It… i dunno… LOL

    Look i’m having a hard time finding the right words but-

    Rise is the LAST person i’d expect to get all giddy with a cool looking old guy… Makes it seems like a…

    Well if you see enough hentai you know where my line’s going…


    • Tactical facepalm indeed. I’m not sure it’s intended the way you are picturing it. I think she was probably just impressed with how cool he looked compared to Yosuke. Poor Yosuke has been the fall guy for the last few episodes.

      • Yeah at first i was like ok… she just probably think he’s a kuroji (kuuru ojiisan/cool grandpa)

        THEN on the second replay, i noticed she was blushing and all giddy, or maybe that’s just my mind playing tricks on me

  4. I second you on the “lamest personas” thing. He even pulled off Abaddon >.<

    Need more blushing Margaret :3

    • Margaret blushing was amusing. We need more of that for sure.

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