Posted by: AceRailgun | February 5, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 5

There is always two thing I think before I start and episode of Nisemonogatari. The first is I guess which character will appear in their underwear. I was right this time as I picked Karen. The second thing I do is remind myself there will always be at least one joke that will make me laugh.

The event that made me laugh this episode was Hanakawa gave Araragi the breast touch token. The success pose coupled with the camera flashes was brilliant and then it was proven to be useless which added to the brief joke.

I did enjoy the scene between Karen and Kaiki. It was a good way to remind us that the fire sisters are in over their heads as well reminding us they are still children and are very naive in some aspects of life. Kaiki performs admirably as a villain showing us just how easily he can overpower Karen both physically and mentally. I like how by simply stating his mind he could outwit Karen and make her question what she had set out to achieve.


I only noticed this episode that everyone in the Araragi family has one of those hair things which reacts to there emotions. It’s a clever and unique way to explain a characters feeling with facial expressions or dialog.


As a side note Araragi was offered breasts twice in this episode in exchange for accidentally providing a full display for his sister and Hanakawa. I honestly have no idea what will happen next episode. Maybe Araragi will get his kiss and maybe he’ll get killed by Karen. That joke with Araragi’s tombstone was perfect and could become a reality


  1. Araragi, turned down breast twice. Not sure whether I want to brofist him or beat him. Oh, well, think if the last minutes were anything to go on, Karen will do it for me next episode. 😀

    Also, I just noticed the thing with the Ahoge (the term for the hair), too. I didn’t even realize Karen and Tsukihi had one until now.

    • Yeah the hair thing is clever. I laughed when I noticed.

      I think Araragi is smart to turn down breasts when he has a girlfriend already.

  2. not sure what will happen the next episode, but I think there would be no kiss. Otherwise the story will end very soon with Tsukihi using her knife against Koyomi. 😛

    • Maybe then the series could be about just the first sisters. 😛

      Poor Araragi is too forward with his own sister.

      • well, I can understand his behaviour! I mean, I don’t know how would I feel with such a cute sister…

  3. ROFL the Hanekawa part giving the ticket is definitely the best. I have to agree about the camera flashes. The execution was perfect. The Ahoge was definitely something new. I don’t know if there is any other anime show that does it other than Bakemonogatari and Nise.

    • I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I’m surprised Ararargi didn’t just go for it anyway.

  4. He might as well use the token, even if she hates him after, he could choose to never let go.

    • I’m sure she would force him to let go. Araragi lives in a dangerous world.

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