Posted by: AceRailgun | February 4, 2012

Black Rock Shooter Episode 1

Yes I’ve heard the song and yes I’ve seen the OVA. I thought the OVA was good and I think the song is okay. The new series however has promise, it’s stylish has some cool action where the protagonist isn’t super over powered and the main girl seems to have a bit of a crush on the girl with glasses. 

The one thing that strikes me about this series is the character design. The contrast between the black and the indiviual girls assigned color is neat and the alternate world which they fight in has this dream like feeling to it. That and it has an absolute tonne of checker patterned objects.


I don’t remember too much from the OVA but I know that the school girl are represented and linked to the fighting girls in the other world. At this point it’s not clear as to whether they are the same girl, dream/imagination version of the girls or different girls entirely. This intrigues me and I’d like for this not to be explained by somebody who already know the outcome.


I’m hoping to see Strength soon as her character design is the cutest. I also wonder how she and the other girls are going to fit into the real world school scenario.


It was also a nice touch adding the Black Rock Shooter Music to the credits. I was expecting it and glad they delivered.


  1. I like the the animation in the other world. It’s much better compared to the real world. The animation is a bit lacking but I can’t really complain, since i’m a big fan of BRS.

    The TV series is heavily related to the OVA. From the looks of it, it’s something before the OVA or something between the scene in the OVA. The TV series will probably explain the things that is not explained in the OVA. It’s still the same girl and stuff. Nothing really has changed.

    What I don’t like the redesign though. Just look at Yomi and Death Master. It’s not like the one from the OVA. Oh and I find that Chariot is cute but scary at the same time. 🙂

    • If chariot is that little crazy kid then she was really scary. Her other world form was massive and just kept on winning.

      I did notice the character designs were a bit different from the OVA but since I’m not a huge fan. Plus Dead Master had glasses.

  2. Hey you wanna know how it ends ace?

    Well they all- *gets thrown a random antispoiler barrel*

    • Don’t you worry I’ll be throwing you into a barrel if you let anything slip.

  3. Slightly disappointed from what I was hoping for, but still not bad. Hope eight episodes (if I seen that correct) are enough for the series to accomplish what it needs to.

    • I think that eight episodes is probably more then enough. It won’t outstay its welcome that way.

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