Posted by: AceRailgun | February 1, 2012

Music Time #2 – Great songs from obscure games

These songs occasionally end up playing on the loop my iPod does and every time they play I’m always thinking they are such unappreciated music that got lost to the void because Mario made a new game and Sonic remixed another song for the tenth time. This post isn’t for everyone but I hope it can amuse at least one person.

A lot of these songs are ultra obscure so don’t feel bad if you haven’t even heard of the games. I kind of made this post so I could remind myself what got me into game and anime as well as make myself feel superior to all the wee little children who only get mainstream games from there parents for Christmas.


Commandos – In Game

Commandos is an old PC game that came out when I was in primary school. The gameplay was complex and challenging but very rewarding. I brought them all on steam a while back to play again.


Emperor Battle for Dune – Defenders of Arrakis

Another computer game, Emperor Battle for Dune was the science fiction equivelent of Age of Empire back when I was young. I played it to death and this is just one of the amazing songs from that game. There is a dune movie series but I have no interest in that.


Suikoden Tierkreis – Janam Sorcery Empire

An obscure DS game based of a successful Playstation 2 series. I never played the other games but Suikoden Tierkries was great despite it’s lame 3d characters which were made up for with the anime styled artwork. I believe there is a new gmae being released for the new consoles but I’m not sure on the details. I know I’ll eventually get it though.


Muramasa The Demon Blade – Briskly Windy Moonlight B

Wii game, Amazing music with an oriental Japanese feel to it. The soundtrack ranges for calming music to tense battle music which should appeal to almost anyone. If you loved Okami’s OST you should like this.

9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors – Unary Game

Another DS game, Although the music is hindered by quality limits of a handheld console they did a great job making this music set the mood of the scene. If you like this the rest of the soundtrack is more of the same.


  1. Had to bring up Suikoden Tierkreis. Among the greatest Suikoden game solely for the music (well, second to Suikoden V IMO). Did like the game itself, but the music was just awesome. I liked the Janam kingdom theme, but also Clash Of the Librarian (Archivist) and the remix for Soily Beacon (if I remember that name correctly) is also sweet. Surely getting the new Suikoden game for PSP (even if it is another spin off).

    My girlfriend has been telling me good things about Muramasa The Demon Blade, but I have yet to play it as well as 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Both are on my “To play” list. Another obscure title that had some semi-good music I liked was Disciples II. Not really that great in the music department, but just loved listening to the themes being played over and over. Still like the game today (shame it is too painfully slow going).

    • I didn’t expect much when I got Suikoden Tierkreis so it was a nice surprise it turned out awesome. I was debating which song to put on and in the end I picked Janam instead of the Archivist battle music even though it is awesome.

      Both Muramasa and 999 are great. You won’t be disappointed. I had a quick listen to the Disciples II music. It seems pretty epic for what the game is.

  2. My favorite video game music is probably the remix OSTs for indie game Yume Nikki. Incredibly atmospheric.
    I’ll also add the soundtrack for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, which is also very atmospheric.

    • I’ve played Fragile Dreams as well the music in that was amazing. It set the mood so well.

  3. Cassie with headphones is kawaii! And no Touhou? Shame shame

    • Touhou’s certainly not obscure to the anime crowd. 😉
      That said, I sometimes enjoy playing remixes of UN Owen Was Her for hours at a time. It’s a good thing there’s so many of them (and of such high quality). The soundtrack in general for those games is quite impressive.

      • I reccomend emotional skyscraper. That’s an epic Touhou song. Also Cinderlla Cage~ Kagome Kagome. Those are my two favorite songs in the series.

      • U.N Owen was her is okay. Just overrated like at the characters from Touhou 6. Touhou 12 were it’s at.

      • Not obscure in the slightest. I have about a dozen remixes of that song. With lyrics in about 4 different languages. It sure is an extensive soundtrack but the fan remixes are where it’s at. There is tonnes of those.

  4. I suck at touhou games but I love the over rated Touhou 6 characters 😛 although I don’t really get the appeal of the chinese girl. I need to listen to more Touhou music. I have piles of it on my computer that is untouched.

    • Dude Touhou 12 has the most unique characters in my opinion. Especially the girl who is an umbrella. Yeah listen to the original sound track more. After you look at Touhou 8, 10, 11, and 12’s characters you start to realize how boring Touhou 6’s characters are.

      • I’ve got a figure of the girl who is an umbrella ^^;

        I’ll give them a look.

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