Posted by: AceRailgun | January 31, 2012

Another Episode 4

You would have to be a retard to not have picked up on the 1000 hints suggesting the nurse would die this episode. Subtle no. Entertaining yes.

“Hey everybody people related to class members die too.” Student says.

“Hey everybody i’m related to a student.” Nurse says with a smile.

*Ring ring*

“Hello, it’s the end of the episode and nobody told me where i’m suppose to die so i’m just going to use this old elevator. Wish me luck.” Nurse says and then dies.


Stupidity aside there was some new interesting things that got me excited. The whole once a month someone will die. Does this mean that over half the class will die? I hope so. There is also a possibility of people dying in pair. This could mean the guy in the middle of the picture “brother” might die very soon. This is also a long shot but there is two people that are suppose to be Mei or the ghost or the cousin. (Sorry I don’t remember all the details.) If both of them died then it could explain the whole dying in pairs theory.


Kōichi aunt* also painted a target on her back this episode. Not as big as the nurse but a target none the less. She won’t tell detail about how she survived class 3-3 15+ years ago. It’s silly that she won’t help him against something that will probably get him or everyone around him killed. There must be a good reason nobody will tell Kōichi about the curse otherwise they would have by now.


The principal is the smartest character so far. By not actually appearing on screen he secures his safety.

The preview suggest the staff are finally telling Kōichi about the curse and Mei. Hope they don’t hold out on all the juicy details.


  1. >Kōichi sister also painted a target on her back this episode.

    I could’ve swore she was his aunt… The one who freaks out when he asks ‘Why?,’ right?

    Also, yeah, Nurse dying isn’t surprising. Actually more surprised that a strong wind didn’t knock her off the roof or something. Least she didn’t suffer (or so I assume).

    • Okay my bad it is his aunt. It’s kind of sad anime character all look the same age wise. When she was on the roof I was looking for sharp things in the background for her to impale herself on. She was making noise after the elevator crushed her so I presume she was alive for a bit after that. We couldn’t just have them dying peacefully now could we.

  2. and throughout the episode i was begging her not to die.

    and when she walked into that elevator, i knew it was too late.

    • Elevators and horrible death seem to be very common. She was smart not taking the stairs after what happened last episode but the elevator was an even worse choice.

  3. “What were you trying to tell me last month?”
    “Well, it’s a new month, so I can’t say anything unless someone else dies.”
    Nurse calls…dies.
    “Now can you tell me?”

    • So true. That’s if he doesn’t die as well. It looks like he might get told something next episode by the school staff so that’s something at least.

      • I’m thinking he won’t die in the end, but that’s just me…

      • The more I think about it the more I think you are right. I have a feeling the three in the picture are kind of safe for the time being.

      • Yeah…tsundere chick because she’s tsundere chick. And that other dude cuz they never kill the goofy guy that does stupid things

  4. They wanted to foreshadow her death and make it seem obvious and inevitable, not to suprise anyone. I think it went quite well. The same with the glass girl – although it was probably just accident (because she survived; you usually don’t survive when death is hunting you), the terror on her face showed that she will die anyway soon. And she knows it.

    Also, isn’t the girl from Koichi’s house his aunt by chance?

    • yeah I already went over the whole sister/aunt situation with Mystia. Turns out she is his aunt and because I don’t pay enough attention I forgot. She looks the same age as him anyway so you can understand how I got mixed up.

      I think the foreshadowing worked for what it wanted to achieve but it was very obvious and not at all subtle, something which should be prominent in the horror/mystery setting. There is no way the first death in a horror anime is an accident. She was meant to be a brutal example.

      I can’t wait to see what happens next. I need to know what happens to the group now the nurse is dead.

  5. The nurse’s death isn’t meant to be a game-changing plot twist. We all know Another is a horror story, so it’s not surprising for people to die. (This is like groaning and shouting “SO OBVIOUS!” when characters fall in love in a romcom.) I feel you might be approaching this series in a very different way than what’s intended…
    Better questions you could contemplate: Why did the nurse die, and why at this time? Is Mei at fault, or is it Kouichi? (Or neither? Or both?) What precisely is it that Akazawa is afraid to tell Kouichi? What exactly is it that sets off the curse? Why is there a curse in the first place? How does Mei fit in for all this? Is it true, that she doesn’t exist? Is she related to the Misaki from 26 years ago? And what does the name “Sakakibara” mean to the class, exactly? There’s a ton of mystery to this series, and I personally don’t see any obvious answers for all this. Another’s about much more than characters dying (which you can find in plenty of other shows already)–at the very least, I definitely don’t think that’s its main selling point.
    Also, you note that it’s silly how Kouichi’s aunt won’t reveal more information, but look what happened to the person Kouichi was discussing things with the most. It’s clear that everyone’s reluctant to explain the full situation, and Akazawa even states outright that it’ll be dangerous for them if they don’t word everything just right. None of these characters want to meet the same fate as that poor nurse.
    Also, the principal isn’t necessarily safe, since he might be appearing next episode with the school staff shown in the preview.

    • You might be confusing my sarcasm for stupidity which I am not. I am merely poking fun at how cliche the nurses death was. At least the umbrella girl died without warning. Well little warning. The nurses death was meant to be a sign for everyone else to not tell Kōichi anything. But it was SO obvious a 13 year old could have written the second half of this episode.

      What would have made me more interested then her cliche death would have been her avoiding her inevitable death. She could have stepped out of the elevator at the last second or even realized it was going to kill her before she stepped inside. This could have pissed off what was trying to kill her in the first place.

      By killing her it was “safe” for the writer. Hopefully we a break from this pattern of one person dying a month. I don’t want Another to turn into a guess who is going to die next anime I want it to be about avoid death, saving others and exploring the mystery/curse. All of which Kōichi has already done in this episode.

      • I’ll have to disagree about a 13-year-old being able to write any of this. Each episode of Another has shown that quite a bit of thought has been put into every scene.
        The nurse’s death established that people other than students in class 3 can die at any time. And at the same time, the situation has turned much more grim for Kouichi, as it’s now shown that those he speaks with regarding Mei and/or the curse have a high chance of meeting a grisly fate. This is quite the dilemma, since solving a mystery generally entails discussing the situation with others in order to figure things out. The nurse was the one normal person he had to turn to for help in all this, and now that she’s gone, things have become much more problematic. It’s a very good tactic for a story to make things more difficult for the protagonist. It creates more tension, which is quite useful for the atmosphere of a horror story.
        There was no way for the nurse to step out of the elevator when it was already falling. There was no time for her to do anything once the cable snapped. And having Kouichi somehow save her seems rather impossible, at this point. Horror stories rely on protagonists that are everyday human beings, who aren’t able to save the day from the get-go. If Kouichi could defeat the curse after just a few episodes, I don’t think people would care to stick with this series.

  6. Well, looks like I lost the bet. I said between the nurse and frail kid, the kid would go down first but I was wrong. Oh well. Good episode. Looking forward to next week and see how Angry Tails and Energetic dude react to Male Lead screaming Mei Misaki’s name and the phone call.

    • It will be interesting to see what happens next. I mostly want to see how angry tails reacts to the phone call.

      I should have bet money on the nurse. I could have won big time.

  7. I knew she would die on an elevator.
    Sakakibara’s aunt is related in a big way. Yet I don’t think she may die early here. In the next episode, Sakakibara will be told most of 26 years ago, I hope, since it looks like that from the preview.

    • From this point on I think we will start to get some more details each episode.

      If I had to make a guess now I’d say that his aunt will get deeply involved towards the end and if she does die it won’t be until the last 2 or 3 episodes.

  8. The minute I saw those scratch marks on the elevator doors..I knew it was her time. Your prediction last time was right, though I still don’t like killing her off >.<

    With no one explaining anything to Koichi (and to us, by extension) I'm left to speculate. I doubt that I'm right on this one, but maybe invoking Misaki Mei's name does the trick, like how Kouichi only told the name "Misaki Mei" to Sakuragi and the nurse (or so I remember)

    Also, the episode scheming is making sense now, its about how to make a doll..I think

    • I think you might be on the right track with the name dropping being involved with the character death. Maybe not just her name either as everyone is quick to remind me that his name is ‘linked to death.’

      The nurse was the only person to actually tell him about the curse but she didn’t really know much. The students and his aunt know the whole thing so hopefully on of them shares some details.

  9. I’m wondering how they are going to prevent this from happening. Some countermeasures..
    Not so sure if this is going to prevent the death that will keep happening in every episode.
    Turn out the anime is turning out to be like the Final Destination movie. lol!

    • I kind of get that Final Destination vibe from it too. It’s too western and not as interesting to watch as some of the more creepy eastern horror stuff. I really hope it gets more creepy soon and not just more gore and violence.

      • I guess the story is more about the mystery of Mei and the town. The creepy stuff is just something additional to keep you interested into the anime. Other stuff that you should think is how the other character is going to die. I mean how they are going to die? Another umbrella? stairs? You get what I mean. xD

  10. I actually like it. The deaths have been a bit gory but nothing over the top. I think it’s positively creepy, not terrifyingly so but to the point where I’m looking over my shoulder. You know, there might be a live doll staring at me eyes rolling slowly around.

    • Doll are creepy but I feel that lose scare when there is more then 10 of them. It’s not that I don’t like it because I do it’s just that i feel it would be very easy to make it all the more scary.

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