Posted by: AceRailgun | January 30, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 16

Mostly a story based episode with Naoto explaining the murder case and the inconsistenies between the victims. Although the end was amusing and poor Yosuke took one for the team. 

It was clever to depict Naoto standing over her shadow and rejecting it. It wasn’t so much over powering as it was her childish inner desires. Certainly not as serious as say Kanji or Rise’s shadows but still just as scary once it got rejected.


Most of the stuff in the first three quarters was pretty self explanatory and almost identical to the game so I want to talk about the conflict with Naoto’s shadow. First off the aging beam wasn’t in the game, that is new to the anime. It’s a clever way to break up the fighting so it isn’t just the whole team throwing their persona’s at shadow Naoto. Secondly Yu summoned some more strong persona’s this time around this time two things from the temperance arcana I think.


I look forward to seeing Yu summoning some powerful persona’s to take down Naoto’s shadow. I also think Kanji is going to play a large part in the take down. He has taken the lead in battle already and he seems to have an emotional reason for saving Naoto. Speaking of Kanji it seems this was the episode stuff from his social link is explored. Going to the hospital was part of interaction and i may lead to the evolution of his persona if they end up doing that in the anime. Last episode was Chie’s social link so maybe this is a trend and either Rise or Yukiko will be squeezed into the next episode.




  1. The way they handled Naoto’s shadow was interesting, but I’m not sure where they got the idea for an aging beam. Feels kind of out of place here.

    • it’s just scary because it’s new. Don’t worry so much I’m sure it will be even funnier next episode.

  2. I wonder if they’ll actually explore the relationship between Kanji and Naoto in this anime

    • With the amount of stuff they have already done I’d be surprised if they don’t. I’d like to see more of Kanji trying to come to terms with Naoto being a girl.

  3. I’m waiting for the school festival… you know… the part where kanji, yosuke and yuu got d-*gets whacked by a random spoiler board*

    • I’m more interested in the female version of these scenes. 😛

      Though Kanji is going to look so funny and i’m sure Yu will come across as super badass. I hope they get Nanako involved in these scenes too. She would be a great addition to the people poking fun at the guys.

  4. Actually thought Kanji’s had some prominence in this episode like his Persona shifting to 2nd form, but guess not. Be interesting if they do make the association to pair up Kanji and Naoto, but unlikely…

    • I doubt they will be brave enough to pair up Kanji and Naoto but I think we might get to see a friendship form between them at some point.

  5. I was kinda shocked at the aging beam since I’ve played the game. But its a good idea.
    And I really hope for Kanji and Naoto to be a canon. But I doubt that would happen.

    • I would love the show even more if they made Naoto x Kanji canon. I do like the pair but I’d be more impressed that the creators were brave enough to make them into a pair.

      Age beam was great. Old Yosuke makes me laugh. I have a feeling at least one more person will get hit too.

      • Yeah. (Kanota OTP) Especially in the game where Kanji thinks he’s gay and then gets a crush on Naoto and such.
        Hmm. I always wondered what Yuu would look like old. If the girls get zapped that would be .. interesting.

      • Rise would be funny old. So would Yu. He’d probably be just as badass as he is now.

  6. Badass Grandpa Yuu!

  7. Kanji., I’m surprised how he reacted in this episode. Not so sure why maybe he has some good reasons to it. It’s cool if he gets some new persona or the evolution that you are saying. Naoto’s shadow is definitely strong.

    Before Persona episode was only 12 then 24 and now it’s unknown for some reason. Maybe they are planning to make it longer? Not a bad idea. I really like the show.

    • i presumed it was always going to be 24 episodes as 12 is just not enough to cover all the content. If I remember correctly there is still 3 more dungeons to go if you include the true ending which I presume they will do in the last two episodes. I’m looking forward to seeing some fighting as the last time Yu fought with his persona’s it was beyond epic.

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