Posted by: AceRailgun | January 29, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 4

One of the most tasteful images from an entire episode based around a young girl having a bath with an awkward man. If I heard this episode summary I would have guessed something creepy like Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! or Kore wa Zombie Desu ka but not this.

Although considering the sexualisation of the young cast stepping into Nisemonogatari from Bakemonogatari I really should have expected it to happen at some point.


So unlike last weeks episode where I watch the entire thing without subtitles and still understood everything I know this week would have been different. There was a lot of interesting and plot crutial information being delivered by a bath tub girl. Which may be important in the next few episodes.  On a side note I guess Senjōgahara scissors must have gotten the best of everyone because over half the cast now has short roughly cut hair.


Karen is also show to be ill with after being ‘stung by a bee.’ I’m not sure if that is a metaphor or she actually got stung by some kind of magical bee. Maybe I missed something last episode.


I don’t think it was really important to the story bu the idea that Araragi could live to be 500 years old is an interesting one. Characters with like this always seem to have a different outlook on life so it is very possible this will affect some of his decisions in future episodes. He will probably be less willing to cause himself great bodily harm even though his body can withstand a lot of punishment. Which is lucky for him because he sure hangs around with a lot of violent women.

Tsukihi for example was not above killing a child in a bathtub. Or was she going to kill Araragi. Either of those outcomes would have been bad though.

I suspect next week we will get some more action maybe even some fighting and a hole lot more Tsubasa and Karen.


  1. This episode pissed me off so much that I stopped watching 15 minutes in. The last sketch lasted so long, my blood pressure nearly exploded. That is all. You and others can like it all you want, I was too furious to care about the Bee’s curse and only know the basics of it. I’ll Wiki the rest later.

    Thank goodness Last Exile 2.14 was there to cheer me up.

    • I don’t know how yo managed to get through the other episodes if you didn’t like. It was just more of the same. It’s a shame because the way that scene ended was entertaining. I’m sure wiki will be able to fill you in.

  2. This anime is good but a bit perverted. Also I sent you an email and you havent replied

    • Perverted is an understatement. I am amazed they let this be aired on television in Japan.

      Edit : I found it in the spam filter. Sorry about that. I’ll email you now.

  3. Oh god how I love Shinobu’s voice

    • I was a bit shocked at first but it does suit her very well. I wonder if she’ll appear again or not. She doesn’t really serve much purpose to the plot but she does have superpowers so she might come back for some reason.

      • I agree, her voice doesn’t fit her…loli body so I’m guessing that she’s hiding something regarding her powers and physical form

      • Kisemonogatari should explain all that when it is eventually released. Hopefully sooner rather then later. She is older then she looks so I guess her voice has matured somewhat.

  4. Enjoying this show so far.

    After the fan-service-y nature of the first two episodes, we’re riding a slow train called Plot heading towards an unpredictable resolution. Shinobu has suddenly injected a new energy in this show with her 500 year old view of things.

    So far, it’s no Bakemonogatari, but let’s check again after episode 11.

    • I see potential in the next few episodes. Especially now that Karen and Tsukihi might get a chance to do something. The plot is thin and at this point the only resolution I can see is a conflict with the man from the 3rd episode.

  5. I really hope Shinobu sticks around throughout the show, definitely my favorite character in the entire Monogatari series. Of course that’s only because I’ve read Kizumonogatari, otherwise she would just seem like a convenient replacement for Oshino.

    • It took me a second to realize you were talking about the Male Oshino and not Shinobu. Having not read Kizemonogatari I must say she does share similarities to Oshino. From what I remember he acted as a sort of mentor to Araragi. Now it seems like Shinobu has taken that role.

      She is one of my Favorites too. Her and Sengoku anyway.

      • Well, her name isn’t… never mind, spoilers.

  6. that bath scene lasted so long. it’s lucky i love this anime so much or i’d have left half way through.

    though thinking back, i think this anime is primarily talking anyway.

    • If you get sick of the talking in a talking animation that is a huge problem. You can always and watch something more action orientated.

      I love all the talking and the animation really adds to it in my eyes.

  7. I see hate and love from every angle, from the new followers or the die hard old followers.

    As usual I’ll stay my blade until the season ends.

    • Wise man. I am loving it at the moment so you will hear no hate from me. I expect it will pick up in terms of action soon.

      • From the length and “content” (both visually and verbally) that we just saw. I’m dibs with some action soon.

  8. a Shinobu is fine too! she’s also legal judging from her age. What’s the problem then?! 😀

    • I love it how people try to justify a loli being “legal” because her fictional age is a few hundred years old. It’s the same story with all the Touhou characters. Though I admit she is very cute.

  9. Lots of people claiming Shinobu as their waifu’s this week. I’ll take my chance and run away with my Senjougahara 😀

    The episode was good, I don’t see why there is any reason to be mad as OG did. I enjoyed the talk in the bathtub especially the one about the 500 years lifespan. The discussion was too long though, I wish it could be shorter and they could make the Hanekawa part longer 😉 Short hair version of Hanekawa is soooo cute! I’m claiming her as well xD

    As for Karen and the bee, I think it is just like the one in Bakemonogatari, where they get cursed by some spiritual creatures. I’m hoping for some action. Enough with all those girls already.

    • It’s one of the longest re-introductions I’ve ever seen. I presume this is a 12 episode series and it’s already taken 4 episodes to reintroduce the girls and their new haircuts. I don’t think I’ve claimed a waifu from this anime yet. Not sure why just never got around to it.

      There should be some sort of ‘plot’ next week as I presume they will continue with the bee explanation.

    • One does not simply claim hanekawa as his waifu on my watch…

      • Then i guess I’ll have to go for someone else then. 😛

    • That was easy o wo);;;

      I was expecting a glorious fight LOL

      • I never had my eyes on Hanekawa anyway. I’d rather have Suruga Kanbaru or Nadeko Sengoku XD

    • hey ace, mind getting on skype for a sec if you can?

  10. What Shinobu left Araragi with was interesting, not only should his character change quite a bit if he does end up living for another four to five hundred years, shunning those around him and keeping them at arms length. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of that aspect, and secondly it pretty much confirms the overall end for the series. No matter what happens with Senjougahara, Araragi will end up going away with Shinobu at some point in the future, a bittersweet ending of sorts.

    Other than that I was actually kind of shocked when Tsukihi returned with the knife as well, and with either one or two episodes left for this arc I’m interested to see what happens next week as well.

    • There should be a lot of action next week. Or at least a tiny bit.

      Tsukihi with the knife was a shock. Was she going to kill Shinobu or Araragi? Either way it’s a bit extreme in a funny kind of way.

      I honestly don’t know why Araragi is still with Senjougahara. Sure she was nice but she is a bit crazy from time to time.

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