Posted by: AceRailgun | January 26, 2012

Death…. Of a blog

So this happens on occasion and to be honest I hadn’t witnessed it until yesterday. It happened twice in one day. 2dteleidoscope said his goodbyes after over two years and then Little Lucette a blog that started at the same time I did disappeared three months after starting.


I’m aware that all blogs must eventually die and it is highly likely that a blog run by a single person won’t survive over two years. That’s a daunting prospect for most of us and myself as I currently blog alone. That means that a year from now if I am still blogging I will most likely be talking to a completely new audience of readers and I will frequent different blogs from what I do now. In the four months I have been in the anime blog-sphere I have witnessed it change for better and worse but what gets me most is that I suspect it will be a very different place one year from now.


Some of the longest running blogs I know about are populated by groups of over five writers and have been around for too many years to count. These blogs have evolved into communities which I feel are very hard to get involved in now. That might just be because I prefer to establish some kind of identity with a person I am communicating with online. That is harder to do if I have to sift through a dozen posts by different authors to find the one I like the writing style for.


However these large communities have the option of hiring new writers if one decides to leave so in truth the blog may have gone through over 10 writers and may not even contain the original creator anymore. This might be a key aspect in keeping a blog going for the long run.


Disinterest or changing taste must also play a part in the death of a blog. A writer might simply get sick of anime or sick of the community or lack of if that person is not getting many comments. To that I laugh as I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of anime when stuff like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate and Persona 4 keep popping up and becoming stories I wish to discuss with the world. Plus I love you girls and guy. Yes you the reader. It makes it all worth while if a blogger gets even a single comment. I’m here to stay and if you don’t like it go somewhere else.


Big questions of the day I am curious about your opinions on would be.

What can keep a blog alive?

What ends a blog?


  1. What can keep a blog alive? Dedication or the will to make something more than a hobby out of it. Hell, I’d kill to get some sort of ‘job’ out of writing for my place.

    Now… about what ends it? Like you said, changing tastes. I figure I’ll always like video games and shit, so I can write about them in any capacity.

    Unless I get too burnt out, in which case, I’ll take a bit of a break for a week or so (like I did around Xmas last year).

    • I think I must like anime as much as you like games. I see blogging as a cross between socializing and writing practice and since i wouldn’t stop doing either of those things I’m sure I will just keep going until the end of time.

      Taking a break is one way to avoid getting burnt out just make sure those breaks don’t turn into two weeks or a month. Otherwise that’s it game over.

      Do you think it’s even possible to make a job out of it?

      • If not directly that, then I’d say you could get something in a similar line of work.

        I mean, hell. Look at TotalBiscuit or someone like that. Not /exactly/ blogging, but the man plays video games and makes videos (along with hosting tournaments and doing general press-coverage stuff) for a living.

      • That’s another step up from what my blog is about but I feel if I could keep blogging for a few more years I would expand into a variety of other mediums like that which present the possibility of making money

      • I’ve been (very lightly) dabbling in doing video stuff for a while now, actually.

        The problem is, I can’t think of anything (outside of streaming, but that’s another branch of stuff entirely) that people don’t already do infinitely better.

        Also, I’ve tried recording stuff from scripts. Ho-ly balls, am I bad at scriptreading.

        What else did you have in mind for money-making, anyway?

      • Video stuff is always a possibility and I’d love to see what you come up with. I’ve questioned the possibility of making money but never really thought it to be necessary. It would be nice but I blog for fun and socializing. If I make it to three years I will seriously consider possibilities for making money and find a way to do so.

        Currently I feel YouTube or a similar video website would be the best way to make profit from anything web based. Having advertising on your blog or website can also make money but only works if you get a lot of hits.

        What sort of scripts have you been writing?

  2. Well what keeps a blog alive is committing yourself to try and write about what you like for months and months. However, what ends it is real life matters (job, personal reasons). You could be burned out. And especially since you’re not getting paid to do this (if you’re qualified, publishers might send you stuff out if you ask), it comes down to what’s the point?

    But most importantly, you never know what can stop you from blogging. All you can really do is try and give as much effort to your blog today as you can weeks or months from now.

    • I like to think of my blog as something that is still evolving and the possibility of change is another aspect that keeps me blogging.

      “What is the point?” That’s really hard to answer and I guess it’s different for everyone including you. For me it’s a mixture of many things.

      I wish I was qualified and could get my stuff sent out by publishers. That is the ultimate dream o a blogger I guess.

  3. Lasting even 1 year is an accomplishment.
    if you become a long term blog with only 1 writer, that is also an acomplishment.
    ive only just joined your viewers so i hope you stay active for a long time.

    • I don’t think i’ll be going anywhere for a while so don’t fret. 🙂
      Achieving 1 year will be a big thing for me as when I started I was more or less testing the water to see what I could do with a blog.

  4. I don’t really know what can keep a blog alive other than the interests of the blogger, but that is also not always the case in blog deaths. I guess that blogging “elixir of life” is still out there.

    As for what ends a blog, I think it could also be real life issues wherein juggling both school, or work, or something else, with blogging just becomes too much.

    • >As for what ends a blog, I think it could also be real life issues wherein juggling both school, or work, or something else, with blogging just becomes too much.

      This is one of the BIG reasons I’d like to make a career out of something like this. I legitimately enjoy writing for the handful of people who give a damn about what I think. And if you do a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

    • I think waiting until school was finished was a smart move on my part. Now i’m only juggling work and blogging.

      If I ever find an “elixir” then I will be happy to share it with everyone. Now I just need to find one.

      As for what Mystia of the somewhat variety said there I think making it a job could be great. Looking into how other people make money from the internet would be a great place to start.

  5. To sum up my own post on this subject in one sentence: My blog will continue existing for as long as my passions (Hobbies) in life do

    • There is no reason a blog can’t change what it covers over the years. Especially if it is your personal blog. If you one day decide something crazy like you want to (Warning this is crazy) build your own theme park instead of blogging about anime then why not make the blog about roller coasters. You could even combine the ideas into an anime style theme park. I would visit that. 😛

      Sorry that was my random ramblings for the day.

  6. The two fastest ways for a blog to die off, in my opinion, are real life and boredom. And one of the best ways to combat boredom is to get more involved with the rest of the community. It’s a lot easier to appreciate what you’re doing if you have other people and blogs to care about.

    • Combat bordom is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. Expanding my horizons and creating new content is what I think I do best. There is this box right. Well I think outside it and then walk off somewhere else entirely into a realm of new ideas. That’s where Cassie came from and the podcast nonsense which I will finish eventually i swear.

      I genuinely enjoy visiting some other blogs and would be devastated if they died off. I know some will but I want some to stay around. There is one in particular which I won’t name but If that blog died I would be left without and idol/mentor which would be a strange felling indeed.

  7. I think the only reason people stopped blogging is because they think is a chore, people usually start off blogging as a “past time filler”. I created a blog with a goal, this helps me keep it going for the past 5 months or so. Yes, sometimes i can have no new posts for as long as a week but i got over it. See my comics? Those are actually things that happens between me, wifey and the kids. Sometimes they even help me direct the comics since they’re also anime/figure/model kit fans. That’s how i get the ball going on, sharing my love for figures to even the smallest, simplest things. That, and i have one goal. “my blog isnt about news, it’s about sharing things i like” that alone fueled my spirits up till now.

    • If you aren’t sharing the things you like and are interested in then there is no point to it so that makes sense.

      Your comics have grown on me in recent days. I love them. Using every day life as inspiration is a good thing. It makes me laugh trying to think how someone like Rider could exist in real life or be based off the personality of a real person. Keep it up, I hope you don’t get sick of it.

      • If you noticed, i became selective in articles and news items. It’s not that i don’t want to post every single figure news etc etc. But instead i opt to be more selective in posting only news about figures that i REALLY like or want to get, this eliminates the “chore” factor. This also allows me to concentrate on the thing i love the most, figure comics and photography.

      • Wise words. Choosing to blog only about what you like on a personal blog seems so normal but a lot of people forget this simple fact and do burn out. I only blog what I enjoy which is why I dropped Guilty Crown at it’s stupidest moment.

        Which that attitude of yours I suspect you will be able to keep blogging for a long time.

  8. This is only my second full month of blogging and I will agree with Yamadipati that blogs probably end because they become a chore. Yerocha is also accurate in terms of real life getting in the way. People get older, go off to school, get married, get ill, pass away, have children, or their interest changes. I have seen blogs “die” in the sense that they changed the direction of the blog. So they killed off what they started with but kept going with another topic. I think another reason blogs die because some people may want more readers and if they don’t reach that number, they give up. I am surprised that I have even continued to blog as consistently as I have for these past couple of months. I decided to blog about what I like and if others find enjoyment from it, I’m happy. It’s also helping me with my writing skills which I’m pretty sure have been deteriorating because I was no longer writing papers. It’s a way to exercise my brain. Keeping a blog alive can be done by blogging things that interest you.

    • A lot of that seems obvious but it is so easily forgotten by many. I feel that end up with a family I would still find time to blog. It’s something I love doing and would probably make time for it under any circumstances.

      If i feel ill I would probably turn to blogging more so then give it up. Being ill will obviously cause you to give up aspects of your life but blogging is something that can be done from anywhere. Even a bed or hospital.

      My writing skills have improved significantly since I started blogging which also helps my novel writing. Simple logic applies in the sense that the more you do something the better you get at it.

      Keeping a good pace is important it’s impressive you can post consistently but don’t burn yourself out.

      My ultimate goal for keeping the blog alive is to keep doing new things. That’s how the site mascot came to be and also how I got into podcasting. I haven’t exactly finished editing yet but there should be a podcast in a few weeks.

  9. What ultimately keeps a blog alive is what ultimately kills a blog. I’m sure most of us are blogging about something we enjoy and that we have time to invest in said hobbies. If one day we end up not enjoying anime/manga/games anymore or we are bogged down by real life commitments and struggle to find time to watch anime, let alone blog about it then naturally the blog dies.

    • In that department i have an edge ^ _^)/

      I’m already working, already have a family and they’re all (luckily or not) loves stuff that are japan-related. So if one day i’m too old that my hands are unable to hold up a camera or type on the keyboard, i know that my kids would gladly take my place. That’s why i encourage my kids to take a seriously considered hobby AFTER they’ve found their place in life. Before that, they should take their hobby gently and slowly.

      • Hoshiko says it simply If you stop enjoying the subject matter then obviously you won’t talk about it. I can agree with that to some degree but I feel it is more complex then that in some cases. Maybe I’m just over thinking it.

        Having a family is one step above me and having them involved in the blog is impressive. Hobbies are important and choosing the right one is even more important.

  10. Well, my first time on your blog and the first topic i see is the Death of Blogs. That’s ominous as hell lol.

    Really, i have a lot of respect for Blogs with multiple people, cause i’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be to get a group together, especially over the internet, for a group project like that, both first hand and from a distance. It basically requires a bunch of like minded individuals who have enough drive to go for such a task, and that’s if they don’t quit after seeing how much work it is.

    It might also be why i prefer Vlogging over Blogging. I just find it easier and more relaxing to just sit in front of a camera with a topic in mind and let it flow. Hell, i even do a weekly series, and i love listening to the feedback i get on that.

    But to sum up on the original topic, Blogs exist as long as someone gives enough of a damn to continue them. Sure some of the bigger blogs may have gone down, but give it a month, and they’ll be a loving memory while some new big dogs will have moved into their spot. Your only relevant as long as you can keep making something people, even if its one person, like.

    And once again, i have no idea if what i typed made sense or not lol.

    • It makes sense alright. Perfect sense. I’d first like to say that death isn’t my usual subject. It just so happens you came on a day where the only thing being served is death.

      I certainly respect the idea of group blogging and organizing something like that must be challenging. However I prefer to just deal with myself and not have to worry about other people producing content.

      Vlogging is an interesting topic and I suspect it hard to get right. With typing you have the opportunity to retype entire sections and fine tune the entire post to be most satisfying to read.

      I do wonder who the next big dog will be in the blogging community now that 2d has retired.

  11. You know we should make some sort of social messaging groups or something LOL

    i dunno, i’m always available on mobile messengers anyway (ie. kik, touch/pingchat, etc etc.), desktop messengers such as ym and stuff? not so much, can’t really bring a netbook to the diner’s kitchen XD

    • Bringing a netbook to a kitchen probably isn’t a good idea. I use Twitter, Steamchat and skype. I’ve never used Pingchat before and I don’t have YM.

      There is so many communication programs I can’t get my head around all of them.

      • Ah cool, meanwhile, wordpress really should create “rings” or “groups” or whatevs

        So we can gather around in a single bloggish social group 0 w0)a

        Easier to circulate news/posts/contents and also to just hang around and be stupid lol

    • >social groups

      You have the best idea ever. I’d love to join if only to talk to you folks.

      I have pretty well everything. Preferences are MSN or Skype or something. Need a better reason to use Skype anyhow.

    • might as well throw this into the lot, my skype is meguriai[dot]sora

      • SomewhatMystia

        And there’s my Skype info. Don’t expect me to be on too terribly often, though. I’m horribly forgetful about that kinda thing…

      • I think I’ll add you two now. And done.

  12. Things in life is what makes most of a blogs dead. Other than that either they feel that it is a burden or they are simply bored to keep blogging. As long as you have the passion, there is no reason to stop. What keeps a blog alive is of course the commentors and the readers. As long as they are there, there is no reason for me to stop blogging.

    Keeping in touch with your fellow blogger is a good way to keep you interested in blogging as well. I’m using skype and msn to keep in touch with Feal, Marthaurion and Analytism. We as in everyone should use this social messaging tool to keep in touch more often.

    • I don’t find blogging to be a chore yet and doubt I ever will. Unless something serious happens soon then I doubt I’ll ever stop. I enjoy it too much.

      You should be able to find me on skype as acerailgun. I recently starting using all these messaging programs recently.

      • I have been a chore for me sometimes. Not all the time. I’m enjoying it as well. If you see me writing a long post of an episodic review, that is probably the time where I’m enjoying myself. Aha i’ll add you soon dude.

      • You want to be careful not to make it a chore. Only type about something you are truly interested in otherwise it’s going to reflect in your writing. I seem to get a bit carried away too when I’m on a roll.

  13. Whoa . . thinking of allowing my blog to die makes me nervous. I think that if it does die, my number one reason would be school. I can’t think of a bigger reason than that other than dying. My blog is almost a year old this April and it’s just me riding solo. I don’t think I’ll stop blogging about anime anytime soon since I’ve already gone through a blog change. At first it was merely personal, but now that I’ve discovered this passion for anime it became an anime blog. Hope you keep blogging for a long time. I like dropping by from time to time to read your episodic reviews.

    • Almost 1 year, Good job. It is a bit stressful trying to blog when you are at school (My first month of blogging) but without school I cannot see anything that will stop me blogging. I juggle it and work with ease currently.

      Death is obviously another subject itself. Sure it can happen but blogging will be the least of your worries if it does.

  14. There are to many reasons for which a blog die, but well from the study I have done blogs generally die more at the very beginning and at the 2 year mark.
    If you go over these two values your pretty much safe…:D

    • 2dteleidoscope died after 2 years but your right for the most part in my little experience and from the stories I’ve heard stuff that has been around over 2 years tends to last forever after that.

      I hope we can reach at least 2 years.

  15. Life happens I guess. There are too many reason to pinpoint why they exactly die, but I guess if you look at common factors like: real life (including work, school, etc), time, etc it does really add up to a multiple of reason. For me, while this is a hobby, it also something that will keep me actively involved in Anime and talk to others with the same interest at least. I would of probably lost interest in Anime if I did not decide to start up the practice Kaminarianime site when I did. A hobby is boring without anyone to speak about it with, but also after a period of time it can happen as well. Who is to say…

    (Nice post. Coensides nicely with something I am working on at this moment and something I already finished to have ready on the weekend ^^)

    • I comfortably watched anime for years without talking about most of it but now that I blog about it I see your point. Being able to talk about something you love enriches the experience. So without that factor maybe anime would become boring for me now.

      I’d like to see what you have written on the subject. I’ll have to keep checking back I guess.

  16. Other than the interest itself, based on what I’ve felt after blogging for a year, is that whether you care about your voice being heard. When you stop caring about whether you want to be heard about a particular subject, blogging lose its meaning…

    At least, that what I’ve felt, anyway.

    • I think you are the first person to suggest that idea. If I simply don’t want to be heard in a few months/years from now I guess that would be one less reason to blog. Sure I blog for other reasons and as long as one person still stuck around I probably wouldn’t mind too much.

      • I’m curious, what other reasons?

      • Maybe not very good reasons but they are still important to me. Writing practice is the first reason. My general grammar and typing speed having improved greatly since I started blogging.

        Blogging is also an outlet for my crazy ramblings and gives me opportunities to discover and learn things I wouldn’t otherwise. My “That anime character” is a good example of learning new things simply by sitting down and thinking about it.

  17. What keeps a blog alive?
    …I’d have to say personal interest. You and I are both strong believers in “quality over quantity.” However, while quality posts are certainly important, I think the thing that matters most is if you have fun. If you’re blogging and you make really good quality posts and have a massive readership, but you somehow can’t get any enjoyment out of it, then blogging becomes like a chore or a job. That’s why I think what’s most important is to view blogging as sort of a fun activity, even a hobby. While there certainly is obligation to the readers, make sure that you also fulfill your obligations to yourself.
    What ends a blog?
    A multitude of reasons, almost all of them stemming from the physical (non-virtual) world. School/work commitments, time constraints, and so on.
    Certainly a thought provoking post.

    • Once blogging becomes a chore it’s all over. That or real world commitments getting out of hand.

      I think disinterest is also the cause in a lot of cases. I’ve seen two more blogs discontinued in the past week and I believe the reason for both was disinterest.
      I enjoy it still and hope to for many years to come.

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