Posted by: AceRailgun | January 25, 2012

Another Episode 3

It was so damn obvious she would have a dolls eye. How did I not see that coming.

So one mystery solved and that leaves us with a bunch more questions particularly what she said the dolls eye could do. I’m not to sure about it but it’s possible  it will play some role in the process of saving students from the ‘curse’. Another thing I noticed is that presumably seeing Mei causes you to die. This would be an interesting twist at the end as Kōichi has seen Mei a lot

So lets get into that juicy Guro scene at the end. Guro makes me cringe even as a grown man and this was some of the most intense stuff I’ve seen in a while. What makes it even worse is that she didn’t die instantly. What I liked about this scene is the last part was so overpowering it hides the build up. The teacher runs to the classroom to fetch Yukari who then rushes out of the room. This can usually only mean one thing and that is that someone in her family was hospitalised, killed or in an accident. I guess we will find that out next week.

It hurts my brain to keep coming up with theories but the one line that intrigued me was when the other students told Kōichi  to wait a month before they would tell him more of the story. Is this why Yukari died? Is this ‘curse’ going to last months and kill off all the students one by one. Is the Tsudere doomed?

Also Mei was going on about being a cousin of the person who died or something. That means there might be Another evil ghost or something.


  1. So my guess is that the reason Kouichi hasn’t died yet has something to do with his not hearing the second half of the story

    • That would make sense. At this point I’d say he has a 50/50 chance of dying at the end.

      • I thought the first episode started with him telling the story of the whole series in flashback. That would suggest he lives

  2. Damn! Crunchyroll won’t stop glitching so I can’t watch this anime! I’m a sucker for dark stories and gruesome things too! Higurashi and Umineko satisfied me. Though the latter was better in it’s original visual novel form.

    • Umineko anime was all over the shop and very hard to follow. Hopefully Another keeps the pace it’s at and doesn’t pull any crazy stunts.

      If Crunchyroll keeps playing up visit some of the links in my sidebar. You should be able to find it there.

      • Yeah the original visual novel for Umineko was much better. And thank you I really want to watch this. Most of stories end up dark too.

      • If you can handle a few brutal deaths then I’m sure Another will right up your alley. I can’t imagine it getting as messed up as something like Higurashi but it will probably get a bit more violent.

  3. >So lets get into that juicy Guro scene at the end. Guro makes me cringe even as a grown man and this was some of the most intense stuff I’ve seen in a while. What makes it even worse is that she didn’t die instantly.

    The fact that she didn’t die made it worse. I honestly had to look away during that shit.

    And a theory I found while stumbling about on r/anime is that Kouichi is already dead. Not sure how legitimate that could end up being, though…

    Also, I was expecting a horrific deformity under the eyepatch instead of a doll’s eye.

    • The dolls eye was tame compared to what it could have been.

      Guro always gets me but this stuff is only going to get worse as the show progresses. I’m grateful there is black censors.

      He could be already dead but that would be a huge cop out. If that theory is true then he could be the person who killed the student 26 years ago. This will require some thinking.

      • >I’m grateful there is black censors.

        There were censors? Because I’m pretty sure I saw the pointy end poking out… *shudder*

  4. It was a grim scene indeed. The fatality was just…ouch. What a way to go. This show continues to hold my interest and me likey. As always, the soundtrack is one of the show’s main selling points.

    At least we still have one hot adult meganeko and a hidden in the background one. This show still doesn’t diappoint.

    A doll’s eye is better than no eye or a K. Rool esque eye tic.

    • I can only what other brutal things we will witness in coming episodes. I probably said this before somewhere but I like the way the cast is most likely going to be whittled down to a select few. It should lead to an interesting finally.

      I noticed the music this episode too. It really built the atmosphere.

  5. Totally didn’t expect the megane girl to die (note to self, stick to retractable umbrellas)

    Yeah, I think seeing Mei is kinda like an omen of death for them. Though, if you remember episode 1, Mei said something like “They associate death with your name”. So who knows. Also curious about that “I’ll tell you next month” thing

    • I think there is a lesson to be learnt her which involves running on stairs.
      Mei certainly is creepy. I forgot about what she said about the protagonists name being associated with death. He is definitely tied to the death 26 years ago whether it be his family or his ghost or something much worse.

  6. This is what makes this show have the potential to be awesome; being able to come up with theories. I feel like the class is in the most danger in this particular month because he was told he would get the rest of the information when the month is over. I have yet to figure out if Mei is a good or bad, maybe something in between.

    • My biggest question is /why/ everyone’s in danger this month. Maybe it’s the anniversary of Misaki’s death or some related event?

      And agreed with the first bit there. Any series that lets me throw outlandish theories at a wall to see what sticks makes me happy.

    • I’m still user about Mei’s motives and if she is good or evil. It’s good to be able to throw crazy theories around. I wonder if Kōichi pressing Mei for information somehow got the umbrella girl killed.

      • I’ve got two theories about why umbrella girl died. One could be a warning to Kouichi for trying to get too close to her.

        Another could be that, during the walk home, umbrella girl was going to let something slip about the ‘second half’ of the Misaki story.

        I couldn’t see Misaki being good. Neutral at best, really.

      • I think both those theories could be correct. Her death could act as a warning but I think it is more likely that she died because she was going to expose the story.

  7. Not going to use any umbrella any time soon… I didn’t expect her to… 😦
    Well the story is getting interesting with a few of the question answered and a couple of more question popping up. Man, can’t wait for the next episode.

    • It’s a question overload. I just pray they answer them all properly. Umbrellas are scary now and give me nightmares lucky it’s summer her and hasn’t rained in a while.

  8. This episodes lesson : Buy soft tipped umbrella’s.
    Poor megane girl.

    • She learned the hard way. Such a shame to be the first one to die.

      • Yeah. And the way she died. Horrible. I mean, she was still alive while she it was in her. But I feel that nice nurse is going to die soon.

      • That nice nurse is doomed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tsundere or the boring guy that showed up with her at the hospital die next.

      • Well I was expecting (hoping rather) that this would be a creepy show, without the excessive violence, that too many of these shows are plagued with. This episode certainly put an end to that notion. Well the nurse was somewhat setup as the first to go, but I guess they didn’t want to do the obvious. Unless she is already gone and it didn’t show it as yet. The elevator thingy and the scene fading out.

      • Subtle. Like that’s ever going to happen. I wish it would but truth be told crazy gore and violence gets the viewers. The nurse could already be dead but I suspect that if someone is going to die it’s going to be show in full gore and details.

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