Posted by: AceRailgun | January 24, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 15

Yu steps it up again and becomes some kind of sizzling girl magnet. Screaming fan girls everywhere. 

So this was rather hard to obtain but once I got it I was more then ready for the Persona 3 references. The entire soundtrack this episode was from Persona 3 and there was even some music from Persona 3 FES in there.


I was wondering how they would treat the scene with Yu getting a girl in the kings games but it turns out he gets all of them. Hell Yu was a ‘stud’ the whole episode even in the hotel room he sat in the chair just a little bit to comfortably. That scene was clever going from the fanservice girls rolling around on the bed to the man service guys rolling around on a bed awkwardly. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.


The trip itself was pretty reminiscent of the game but i really just want to talk about the kings game and not the many many crossovers. Naoto got to know the groups secrets in this episode when ‘drunk’ Yukiko and Rise spill the beans. Naoto also kills the mood by bring up a life story and forgetting to add a punchline which Yosuke is all to quick to bring up.


Speaking of Yosuke he seemed very out of his safe zone and didn’t really know what to do in the bar. It seems trivial but it is actually great character development on his behalf. It is also clear that bars aren’t for Kanji or Naoto either as they were constantly blushing or covering there faces.


Is it just me or is Teddie’s costume size constantly inconsistent. When Teddie wears it it only goes up to Yu’s waist but somehow it is a lot taller when Yu wears it.


Next episode is Naoto’s dungeon. One of the best ones in the game I might add.


  1. Yu’s such a boss….

  2. Yu = ROFL. Has to the be the funniest episode yet for the series as well as bringing back some nostalgia from P3 with the music.

    • Even though the nostalgia value of this anime is great I still think the comedy and use of music is my favorite aspect. I’m almost ready to call this my favorite anime of all time.

  3. Glad to see you finally got your hands on the episode. It’s great to see Yu awaken to his full potential.

    • Yu’s full potential is making all the other males sexual confused and at the same time inadequate by letting the ladies climb all over him.

      The music played such a great role in demonstrating this.

  4. Yuu Narukami = Harem Route, You’re Doing It Right


    • If that’s not right then I don’t know what is. I just hope he can bag at least on girl by the end or get at least a kiss.

      • Somehow i have a feeling that everyone will get friendzoned instead… while he bags margaret all for himself lmfao~!

      • I could live with that outcome. Margaret is pretty great.

  5. this episode was so fucking win…need more drunk Rise! :O

    • I’ll take any of those girls drunk. Especially Rise.

      • I’ll take a drunken Margaret… or Yuko o wo)b

      • A drunk Naoto would also be a sight to see.

  6. Weird can’t find episode 15 subs anywhere….

    • I had to stream it. Google searching should lead you to about 5 streaming sites. I don’t know why there is no upload yet. Maybe the internet is dying or something.

  7. As of now the episode 15 is the most hilarious episode ever. Yuu is sooo cool. Hit me again. 😀 What’s with the cheap love hotel? lol! Looks like the next episode will be a serious on, lets hope they insert some jokes at some point just for fun 🙂

    • Naoto’s shadow is going to make so many awkward jokes I can’t. I’m also excited for how they treat Naoto’s dungeon.

      The love hotel was in Persona 3 as well and it was just as epic. The bed scenes were perfect.

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