Posted by: AceRailgun | January 17, 2012

Another Episode 2

“I have no other customers.”

Clearly Mei is also in the store but either the store owner doesn’t see her as she is a ghost or she chooses not to acknowledged her presence as Mei is some kind of demon. It’s already been proven she has some sort of supernatural element about her as she can disappear when she wants to.

The other thing I noticed this episode which applies to the last episode as well is that nobody except Kōichi was interacted with Mei. It raises the same question as before. Can nobody see her or do they choose to ignore her.

They find it awkward every time Kōichi mentions Mei in conversation or when somebody else does. What I find more ineresting is the group of three students that met Kōichi at the hospital the redhair girl who is probably a tsudere seemed angry at something that happened during her one day absence. I think this might have something to do with the othr girl in the group letting Kōichi go to the roof and talk with Mei.

The dolls appeared a lot too and you ave to think they symbolize something but it remains unclear at this point. Mei allowed Kōichi to look at her drawing in the library which was some sort of wingless which could very well symbolize something to do with heaven and spirits but I don’t want to think about it too much.

If someone is going to die it will be the nurse otherwise I suspect that Mei will reveal some details to Kōichi along her eye and the three students will become more agitated.


  1. I still wanna believe Mei isn’t evil…they’d have to be pretty skillful to make her evil and make the show good

    • That’s true. It could be the other students that are evil so there is still a chance she is good. Otherwise she will probably go crazy and start killing everyone and that will be boring.

      • I don’t wanna see her crazy face >.>

      • Hopefully we won’t have to. Someone is going to go all crazy face and if it isn’t her it will be those creepy students.

      • we can only hope that’s the case…

  2. It’s pretty clear the dolls are the show’s main symbolic theme like the millions of others in Mawaru Penguindrum. It’s like you said about Mei’s drawing and the doll that immediately appeared after the library scene ended. For now let’s wait till things make more sense before we explore the dolls.

    So you’re betting on the nurse dying first and my money’s on the frail boy (Art kid). How much do you want to bet who dies first? It doesn’t matter if someone else dies before them, what matters is who dies before the other, the nurse or the kid?

    • It’s a tough one because the frail art boy painted a target on his head. To be honest it could go either way. I’d rather bet on whats under Mei’s eye patch. Although I bet she get interrupted before she shows us or she shows Kōichi but not us.

      • That’s a tough bet as well because normally it’d be a good idea betting on the it not being revealed so soon. Sure i’d be upset but having thought about it, that’s EXACTLY what a thriller WOULD do if the eye patch is an important part of the story.

      • For some reason I just pictured a final scene with the frail art boy and the nurse standing in a room of dead people looking at Mei with her eye patch on. Are bets would be so useless if that were the case.

  3. Damn this cliffhanger. I’m not so sure if the doll store is even real, I think it’s just like Mei where only Koichi can see it. The show was able to scare me a few times, the sound of the elevator which was suddenly going up and when the elevator open there was no one inside, it’s like Mei has the ability to appear and disappear. The show is getting very interesting, hopefully more of this mysterious stuff will be answered soon. 🙂

    • It hasn’t scared me just but I hope it does eventually. i don’ scare easily anymore which is actually a bad thing.
      The cliffhangers are starting to get to me but I guess that’s just what we should expect when I watch anime as it airs.

      Next episode will be great as long as there is some action.

  4. I think they used this episode to point out that Mei can only be seen by Sakakibara, or something like that.

    As for Azakawa(?), I think she got mad ’cause no one briefed Sakakibara in about class 3’s curse. It’s either that or the opposite, I still don’t know.

    I don’t want the nurse to die…she’s so nice >.<

    • Nice people in always die first. That and the adult will die before the teenagers.

      If she is mad because nobody briefed Kōichi then it might be up to her to explain everything.

  5. Maybe the dolls symbolize someone just using or playing with them. (aka some ghost force is playing with the humans..) Then again, I might be getting ahead of myself.

    No doubt, Mei HAS to be a ghost. Those dolls scare the hell out of me. (Probably because of the movie “Child’s Play”) The elevator part is pretty creepy too..
    And how can Sakakibara not be scared of that old woman. /shudders

    • He wasn’t scared of the old lady because he couldn’t hear the creepy music or sound effects.

      Your doll idea is interesting. I’ve seen a lot of theories related to the doll but at this stage it’s hard to tell what they are actually for. It would be interesting if they did symbolize something to do with games or playing though.

      • Good point. 😛
        But I wonder is Mei is evil. I would rather want a Mei double. >_< Though that would be a cliche, huh?

  6. Is it me or did Mei have this utterly demented smile on her face when she was taking off the eyepatch? That and some trembling.

    Really glad I chose to watch this show during the day, rather than last night… *shudder*

    • I love watching this kind of thing in the dark. It hasn’t been scary yet just a bit creepy.
      Mei’s facial expression are subtle but when she does make any kind of expression something is about to happen.

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