Posted by: AceRailgun | January 16, 2012

Anime Blog Carnival – What Makes 10/10 anime – Conclusion

Read this if you have no idea whats going on. I read everyones version of the post and commented on most of them too. It was very interesting to see everyones take on the same topic and as dorky as it sounds I think I’ve changed my opinion on the topic somewhat.

So if this was a real carnival and not the type of online carnival two things would be different. The first would be I would have cotton candy and the second is that my pockets would be emptied of all money. I enjoyed the anime carnival and the large amount of different opinions on display were a real eye opener.

I’m most impressed with the amount of participation from the anime community and it was great to see that some other bloggers also got in on the action and wrote there own posts on the subject. Here is a couple of I managed to find.

Overlord G –

Valence –

@fkeroge –

Kai –

I think the biggest thing that has changed in my eyes is what a 10/10 actually is. Before the carnival I pictured a 10/10 as the perfect anime something which is essentially impossible. I think the word groundbreaking is the best way do discribe a 10/10. An anime that changes the way we view anime as a medium, something that people who don’t even like anime love and something that starts a new trend similar to what Evangelion and Cowboy bebop did years ago.

I don’t expect any new 10/10 anime for a while but when we get one we will all know.

The other thing I’ve noticed more so in the comments is other bloggers opinions changing on the subject matter as well. I thought I was the only one to change my feeling about what is 10/10 but I guess other people did too.

I would like to thank Du5K for organizing the event and giving me the opportunity to participate in the carnival and the other bloggers for sharing their thoughts as it wouldn’t have been a carnival without them.

Other bloggers that were involved.

One Minute of Dusk

Anime B&B

The Otaku’s Study

Anime Viking

Nopy’s Blog

Draggle’s Blog


Leap250′s Blog

Listless Ink

Mainichi Anime Yume

Lemmas and Submodalities

Ephemeral Dreams

World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko


  1. I’m looking forward hearing which will be your very first 10/10 anime. I had fun sharing and reading your thoughts during the carnival.

    • One day I suspect something will just hit me and I’ll love it to pieces. But until that day I guess it’s going to be 9’s for the good stuff.

      Thanks, your thoughts during the carnival were some of the most logical and interesting to read.

  2. finally someone who doesn’t have a 10/10 Anime yet…*__*


    • Are those sparkles in your eyes. If so you make me proud. I think that makes us hipster.
      One day I know I’ll find the perfect anime but until then 9’s for everybody.

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