Posted by: AceRailgun | January 15, 2012

That Anime Character #4 – God Tier

They are rare but when an interesting one pops up that isn’t in shonen style anime I usually get excited. Most of the time these characters are interesting because they have such unique powers and stand high above their peers.

A god tier character is the best of the best. Not just the strongest fight or even the guy with the best magic. God tier goes beyond that and into things we can hardly even imagine. They control time and space, hopes and dreams and they can manipulate those around them however they see fit. These characters are few and far between but a good one pops up ever so often that really gets me excited. They are the kind of character that mot likely cannot be killed simply because they posses a level of power so great that no one else in the story can even imagine.


Yuko Ichihara from the Clamp anime and manga is a perfect example of this. She has control over dimensions and can freely travel between them. She also has knowledge in magic and the supernatural far beyond the understand of any of the other characters.

With her abilities she sends various character across dimensions with no effort and is rightfully names the dimensional witch.


The following paragraph contains spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Serial Experiments Lain.

So both these anime have one thing in common at the end the main character becomes god like. Madoka becomes ‘hope’ whilst Lain becomes a sentient being capible of traversing the network of communication in her world. The trend with god tier characters is that they are always good. More so in Madoka’s case as she fixes all the wrongs of her world to the best of her ability. Lain on the otherhand helps her close friend turn her life around and then disappears into the network. Both characters earn there power and aren’t born with it which might be a part of this character trope I haven’t noticed until now.


There is also characters which nearly reach the god tier but are held back by limitations of some sort.  Van Hohenheim is this character. He studies for hundreds of years and learns so much about alchemy that he is levels above the rest of the characters however he is undone by the villain and his own son who both gain more power then him by the end of the series. If given hundreds of years a character can learn a lot but are unfortunately restricted by brain capacity. Momoka from Mawaru Penguindrum also has the same vibe about her but she is simply too restricted in the use of her abilities to be god like.


These characters should not be confused with characters that perform a god like move that is a one off thing. Minato from Persona 3, Simon from Gurren Lagann and Ushio from Clannad all perform god like acts in their final moments but shouldn’t be classifed as god tier. They are still awesome however. Also note that any character that is undefeatable when using the powa of friendship cannot be classified as God Tier.


  1. Aside from the ones you mentioned, the only god-tier character I could think of would be Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai – who could basically “kill” anything that exists.

    Also, lol at the last line. I vaguely remember some Digimon episodes being like that ^^

    • Oh yeah I forgot about her. She did seem evenly matched against a few of the things she though so maybe that’s why I forgot.

      I bet they do. Heaps of Shonen manga and anime do it because it is cool.

  2. I have so many god-tier characters. But right now, I really love strong willed characters. Two of my favourites are Senjougahara and Chihaya.

    • Storng willed character can be interesting to watch as long as their motive isn’t just to save the world or something average like that. Senjougahara knows what she wants and sticks to it which makes her a great character.

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