Posted by: AceRailgun | January 15, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 2

So this episode was filled with perverted females. Not the bad kind, the good kind. And Ararararargi’s sisters showed up too, well one of them did. 

I was shocked to see that Arararargi arrived at Sengoku house minutes after the episode started. I almost expected him to take a full episode to get there. When he finally arrived he was met by Sengoku who has a bigger crush on him then I remember, she has also matured since Bakemonogatari and it seems she really wanted Ararararararargi in that way. But before I get into that I seem to recall that Sengoku was friends with Araragi’s sisters at some point. The three have opposite personalites so I don’t see how this was possible. Maybe when they were children they weren’t so into fighting.


But now onto the who love interest with Sengoku. She did manage to get Araragi to take off his shirt so that’s one point in her favor but she did fail to get his atention with her clothing or lack of. It would seem Arararagi is loyal to his commitment to Senjōgahara which is disapointing because I’d rather see him paired up with any of the other girls.


We did get a great game of twister out of this scene and about 50 images that could be used as wallpapers but we didn’t get the kings game scene. It looks like we will have to wait until Persona 4 episode 15 before we get one of those.


The second part involved Karen, it is obvious these two are siblings because unlike the rest of the episode there was no sexual elements too it. Karen is one of my new favorites as she seems to be even more unpredictable then the rest of the cast.


The third part was about Kanbaru and her lack of clothing. The two had a competition to see who was the most perverted. Something a lot of contests in Nisemonogatari seem to be about. Kanbaru takes the ultimate step in proving her worth and the two play out one of Araragi’s scenes with Hachikuji. Ararargi takes on the role of Hachikuji which is perfectly represented by giving him her hairstyle for one scene. His pants fly off to end the episode.


Now I know this who thing can be taken seriously as it is a bad thing in real life but serious don’t do it. Nisemonogatari is an easy going anime and anyone who wants to start some sort of rape debate has come to the wrong place.


New intro and ending were great too, I love how this series keeps making more songs.


  1. I’ll sum up my own post for this episode by saying the following: I was entertained, but felt unfulfilled by the end.
    -The introduction of the Fire Sisters had me pumped because they are who I REALLY want to see.
    -Sengoku was the best part of this episode. The whole thing.
    -2nd best part was Kanade’s debut in the season.
    -Kanbaru’s hot. With that out of the way I didn’t enjoy the fact she became another one of Araragi’s groupies. Her punishing Araragi for teasing her yaoi fandom was bittersweet to say the least. Seriously, why did she overreact? I didn’t get it.

    To sum it up, I want more Tiger Sisters. Thankfully there are only two more members of Araragi’s harem to visit: Megane and vampire shorty. Hopefully then no more Araragi fanclub for a while.
    Well, there is a bright side to all this, Araragi is not Adam Sandler.

    • I always enjoy it when Sengoku is around. She is really cute.

      The sister are really entertaining. Don’t worry I get the feeling that the second half of the season will be solely about them.

      I never really liked Megane but I am looking forward to seeing Shinobu again. She was pretty interesting.

      • The one things I always liked about megane was her catchphrase: “I don’t know everything. I just know what I know”. I want her to say it just once if she’s appearing next week.
        That’s what kinda bothers me about Shinobu. She’s not only adorable but HOLY COW WHAT A BODY! I don’t get it. What is it about her body specifically that can only be rivaled by Senjougahara’s? she doesn’t have a rack, yet…DARN IT!
        As for Shinobu, I’m looking forward to the cinematic prequel to see just how badass she was at full power.

      • The prequel is something I am also looking forward to. Shinobu at full strength will be a sight to see. Tsubasa did have some interesting things to say. It would be nice for her to appear but I hope we see more of Shinobu and Tsukihi.

  2. I like new music 😀 Especially when it’s good new music!

    • There was some great new background music too. I loved the stuff that was playing when Karen was around.

  3. Since when my innocent Nadeko is a perverted girl?! Who corrupted her?!

    • Well someone did because she is almost as bad as perverted as the other girls now. I don’t know what we can do about it.

  4. Yeah, Sengoku seemed a lot more mature and attracted to Araragi than I remembered but probably because once her arc was over she didn’t do much else in Bakemonogatari. I’m kinda curious to see how she acts around Karen and Tsukihi at their middle school, considering how their personalities don’t mix at all.

    Also, I’ve really enjoyed Karen and Tsukihi so far despite their general lack of screentime. In fact, I think Karen and Tsukihi are probably #2 and #3 for me in terms of my favorite characters in this series, only trailing Senjougahara. Really like the cute, tomboyish nature and carefree attitude of Karen and the seriousness and rebellious nature of Tsukihi toward Koyomi. Can’t wait to see more of them next week!

    • It will be interesting to see how Karen and Tsukihi act around each other. Will they get along or will they constantly be bickering. Their interactions with the rest of the cast should prove entertaining. I feel they won’t get along with Senjougahara at all.

      • From what I can tell and guess, it seems like they’re the best of friends. They never were separated in Bakemonogatari and they’re frequently shown playing together in this anime. Still, we’ve never seen them interact with each other like all the other characters have with Koyomi. Should be fun to see them talk to each other when it’s just them two and with no one else around. Wonder what kind of sibling relationship they have.

  5. Kind of odd that Kanbaru’s segment was censored when her nakedness and all its glory was there for everyone to see in the PV, gotta sell those BDs somehow I guess but it’s still pretty strange after that. That said the karmic justice of what happened to Araragi at the end was great considering just how old Hachikuji really is.

    And so far I like Karen as well, both of the Fire Sisters seem like fun characters from what we’ve seen in these two episodes. Each appearing to have their own quirks.

    • I’m mostly excited for what happens after Arararagi is out of the picture. I’m looking forward to seeing ho the sisters interact with characters other then Ararargi. The censorship of anime is always strange I guess if you wait for the DVD’s it might be uncensored.

  6. Music is good, the visual as always, awesome as ever. Hopefully Araragi learns a lesson and stops molesting Hachikuji.

    • I think if Araragi learnt anything this episode it is that molesting is bad. It was damn funny though.

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