Posted by: AceRailgun | January 14, 2012

That Anime Character #3 – The Stalker

Is stalking accpetable in Japan because it seems very common place in anime and everyone seems to act normal around stalkers.

Toradora based it’s entire premise around the idea of stalkers and not once did anyone question the morals of the stalkers in question. They just went about there daily business secretly tailing there victims and taking photos. At one point the stalkers even realise that it is beneficial to work as a team which is cute at the time as the two character are mostly just crushing of there respective targets and not hardcore stalking them. Both Minori and Kitamura realize at some point they are being stalked/crushed on but they just find it to be endearing.

Which brings me to Ringo from Mawaru Penguindrum and her obvious stalker attitude towards Tabuki. Her motivations are clear and she takes her actions to the extreme without becoming violent. At one point she moves all her stuff under Tabuki’s house and lives under the floorboards. I’d like to point out that these qualities are part of the reason that Shouma beings to like/love Ringo.

Is he drawn to these qualities in a women or is he more drawn to the idea that she is “damaged” and he can fix her.

I’ve avoided it for now but there is one obvious stalker I must point out and that is Yuno from Mirai Nikki. She is of the Yandere variety, a character type that is unappealing to me but some men (and probably women) crave. She is the step up from Ringo and is more then happy to cause bodily harm if that keeps her target in her life.

I guess the point of this is so I could make a statement. Stalking is bad and should be kept to anime.


  1. Just another stereotype in the wonderful world of anime. Oh how many there are. I’m digging this series of yours dood. As for my thoughts on real world stalkers…of course stalking is a bad idea. Anime stalkers range from cute to disturbing. I currently can’t think of one who is more looney than MN’s Yuuno at the moment.

    • Yuno is the pinnacle of crazy at the moment. Too much for me to handle.

      I’ve got two more planned and I think I can keep this going for a while.

  2. Men would usually loved to stalked by beautiful women while vice versa, very little women would enjoy that from men. Yuno on the other hand goes beyond the traditional Yandere model stalker, talk about being possessive and obsession. But yeah, stalking best left to Anime characters, lol.

    • It’s just strange that we accept stalking in anime without question. If it was real life it would be a different story. If anyone possessed the Yuno level crazy in real life i’m 100% sure they would get locked up forever and stay heavily medicated.

      • Reality = consequences
        Anime = fun, entertainment

        Always will be different story in real life. Don’t think I want to bring Yuno home with me or for matter have her following me.Best she stays confined for my safety Ringo on the hand, I wouldn’t mind. I will just have to sleep with a chastity belt on, lol.

  3. Its not stalking its called LOVE lol 😛

    Techincally we all stalk our love interests at one point, perhaps not to the extremes of anime characters but we all do play the stalker once in a while to get to know more about the ones we desire. Its never happened to me before, if it did I would freak out LoL

    • Maybe so but I would rather someone love me then stalk me. I don’t know if we do. I was friends with my second girlfriend for about a month before started going out. I don’t remember either of us stalking each other. That being said my first girlfriend occasionally tries to contact me over 5 years after we broke up which may be a form of stalking. Considering I haven’t responded in over 3 years.

  4. They’ve always been used to comedic effect so I don’t take it too seriously. Besides, they don’t usually have bad intentions and they knew each other.

    Ringo, on another hand, is as creepy as hell.

    Stalking don’t get much tolerance in Japan. I think so, anyway. Sankaku complex always talks about stalkers getting caught and jailed and stuff.

    • Ringo was so damn creepy. She even got to the stage where she would use drugs on her target. At least she doesn’t cause harm like a certain pink haired stalker.

  5. You would probably get arressted in real life for stalking. It’s something that should be keep within the boundaries of anime D;

    • See that the thing I wonder. Obviously it’s bad in real life but in anime it’s totally acceptable and in some cases it’s even considered cute. Why is that?

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