Posted by: AceRailgun | January 14, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 14

This episode was essentially the last episode but from Yu’s perspctive instead of Nanako’s. That may sound cheap but it was carefully scripted and was very enjoyable. That and it probably helped explain a lot of things that were strange last episode.

I may as well start with the fact that Yu is the master of social interactions and pulls of an amazing feat in the space of a few days. He continually one ups his previous actions by performing an array of extreme activites which make his summer an unforgettable one. His antics this episode were great and there was also a few nice call outs for the game players too.


The big one was catching that big ass fish. First he had to order the fishing set off the televison which is something you do in the game. The character on the tv was also from Persona 3 as well amusing to say the least. Then Yu wears his new “explosive fishing” outfit and goes fishing for an entire day catching boxes upon boxes of junk. His dramatic exit with the ‘holy’ music playing as Nanako watched made me laugh too.


The minor characters stories were all fleshed out enough to be understood by new viewers and didn’t overstay there welcome. I enjoyed the clever thinking Yu’s birthday present for Shu and his determiation to earn enough money to buy the broken toy and umbrella for Nanako.


Margaret also has a bit of a crush on Yu at this point and It would be great if she leaves the velvet room for an episode to spend time with Yu.


I’m looking forward to the next episode yet again. It seems it is the school trip which involves alcohol and the girls.


  1. The Port Island/Gekkoukan trip! ^w^ I love Persona 3 references. ♥
    Dat fish.

    • Port Island was probably my favorite little side trip in P4, if only because Chihiro is one of my favorite links in P3. 😀

    • If we are lucky we might get more then a Chihiro reference. Lets all keep are eyes peeled for background characters and the such.

      I remember Vincent from Catherine appears at the same club/bar in P3P so that would be amazing if he was sitting in the background.

      • I’d love seeing Vincent somewhere! And also hoping (but not expecting) a few SEES people to pop up.

      • Ah Vincent in Escapade.
        Yeah. Imagine if we see Mitsuru or Junpei in the background. Even better, Shinji. 😀

      • The writers would be trolling us so bad If Shinjiro walked in. I can imagine Junpei serving drinks however.

  2. I love how the show makes these social links look like nothing, yet they took me forever to do because they were only possible on certain days. Also, you couldn’t go to the hospital and meet the nurse on days you went into the TV…it was such a nuisance.

    • They took me such a long time to complete too. The nurse was such a pain to finish as well since you constantly had to travel into the tv world instead. The way they are treated in the anime is good for reminding us about them but not diving into the complex backgrounds of each characters.

      These two episodes were probably the hardest to convert into anime but they pulled it off nicely.

      • I wanted to grind…but flirty nurse was okay too

  3. Oh man, I am so far behind on this series. :\

    However, the fact that Tanaka’s showing up again makes me want to just tear through these next few episodes I’ve got. Loved that dude.

    On that note, I’d really enjoy a P3 anime…

    • Tanaka was almost as bad for my pockets as the fox. I bet he ends up in Persona 5 if they ever make that.

      Persona 3 was great too. An anime for that would be amazing. P4 has been successful so far so maybe a P3 anime isn’t out of the question.

      • “P4 has been successful so far…”

        That’s kind of what made me want one. Considering it’s a GOOD video game adaptation helps, too.

        And don’t get me started on that fox and his extortion-level prices…

  4. Creative way of handling all those social links. Very liberal from the game like Marth mentioned, but can’t have a complete adaption. Think I liked this way better. Hooray for including P3 music, too ^^

    • They have such a good selection of music to choose from it’s great. Next episode is set in P3 territory so I expect we will be treated to some more of the P3 OST.

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