Posted by: AceRailgun | January 11, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 1

Look everybody a parenting anime, maybe it will be like Usagi Drop and make all the single men watching it have that warm feeling inside as they watch the children grow and mature.

Turns out you’ve walked into the wrong place. A place which you wouldn’t tell a real girl you’ve been and certainly not a place you’d tell your family you’ve been.  There is potentail for great story telling here but I can tell it is going to be about the boobies. The big ones the small ones and the ones you can get arrested for seeing.


I do love the idea of throwing the 20 year old protagonist into a parenting situation and I know some of the stuff these characters get up to will be amusing and probably make me laugh but I can’t help but feel that there is too perverted stuff going on. It’s kind of like the Ore no Imouto were the protagonist isn’t really a pervert but he is put into so many pervert situations by the characters around him.


I can just tell the girl in the top picture is always going to be clinging to him and fantasizing about stuff with him which is kind of strange. The blonde haired girl seems more apporpriate so I doubt she will be sexualised in the same manner as the undressing girl.


The sobbing girl was probably the most interesting character so I am curious as to weather or not some sort of girlfriend / boyfriend situation will form between her and the protagonist.



In every episode there will be either a bath scene, a change room scene or a beach scene. For bonus points all three of these will happen in one episode.


  1. I swear to god there WILL be a beach scene. But I was so hoping for the cute loving daughter type. Does every show need a breast or panty shot. Gah! (Not that I don’t like fan-service, but this is a bit much for this type of show.)

    • The fan service in a show like this should be saved solely for the big boobs girl and not the children. I don’t like that kind of fan service on younger character.

      I guess this kind of anime would sell better in Japan then a nice family anime which is a real shame.

      • Exactly. Kids should be innocent.
        Usagi Drop was such a sweet anime. Why can’t they make more animes like that. =__=

  2. I was laughing so hard after I read your description. Parenting anime…:P

    • Well it kind of is but it totally isn’t at the same time.

  3. I know this is off topic but for some reason I want to ship your mascot with the main character of my novel, Rin Solstice. Sorry I always have yuri goggles on… Plus Rin would be the man of the relationship… Lol since Cassie looks all innocent and girlish.

    • It’s hardly off topic as this anime is probably going to get some yuri action going at some point. That is pretty damn random though . My yuri goggles are strapped permanently to my head so I understand were you are coming from.

      So what sort of character is Rin Solstice.(Love that name by the way.) Cassie is seven and about as innocent as they come. 😛

      • Haha. Rin is quite mature for her age. She is fifteen but has a no messing around type attitude. However things that happened in her past have caused her to become bitter. At the beginning of the novel she dosent have friends and does not even care about having them. However she opens up to a girl named Pandora and the two become best friends. There’s a lot more but they would be huge spoilers. You can read Melancholy Summers: Solstice at under the manga section. I might publish it but I would have to rewrite it. I finally got someone to draw her for me. Yeah Rin goes through a lot in the novel…

  4. I am looking for some type of paternal or family values to be gleaned from it, but something is telling me that is not going to happen….

    • Unfortunate but true. We’d be better off watching Usagi Drop again.

  5. This anime from the description sounds just like Usagi Drop and it sounds meaningful. When you see the cover, your opinion shifts a little bit. When you see the first episode, you realise you were completely wrong and its just a set up for quasi-incestuous / ecchi situations. I predict some loli from the blonde girl as well seeing as there was a panty shot of her… ergh, I promptly dropped this.

    • I might give it two or three more episodes but I will probably end up dropping it if the comedy doesn’t improve.

  6. I wasn’t excited about watching this one and my choice of not putting this on my watchlist was the right one. I wonder if even my yuri goggles will be enough to make me watch this one in the future. I haven’t picked up R-15 yet so it may be a while, or before something yurirific or groundbreaking happens.

    • This probably won’t be all that Yuri anyway. It seemed more like panty shots and bathroom scenes were it’s style. I honest don’t think I’m going to last more then 4 episodes into this one.

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