Posted by: AceRailgun | January 10, 2012

Another Episode 1

This anime season sure is being nice to me. Everything I start has turned out great, that being said I’ve only started the good things.

After reading about Another a few months ago I got excited, it sounded just like the kind of anime i’d be into. That subtle kind of Japanese horror mystery I’ve grown to love after over exposure to rubbish American horror.

But then I saw the PV a month ago and the picture I’d painted for myself about the anime crumbled. The PV was rubbish, the art looked dodgy and it made me a bit upset to see something that could have been good looking so bad.

Then I got the episode and was pleasantly surprised. The character and background art looked much better and then the story started. I have a tendency to try and guess the outcome of this kind of story and here is my predictions to either laugh at or agree with. I’m jut going to say that Mei is obviously a ghost.

Kōichi mother killed or was some way involved in killing Mei. I guessed this before Mei started her little talk on the roof about Kōichi last name being linked to death.

Kōichi will be responsable for a death at some point in the series. This would be an interesting card for the story to play.

The three students that greeted Kōichi at the hospital will be linked somehow to the ‘ghost’ or ‘spirits’ or ‘horror’ aspect of the story.

Those three characters whos names I can’t remember just yet made me laugh when I saw them. I was honestly expecting the middle guy to say the following when they were lined up at the end of Kōichi hosipital bed. “I am the student body president and take everything seriously, to my left is the ditzy and clumsy girl and to my right is the tsudere.” But he didn’t.

Also Mei is the coolest new character this season so far. I hope she pulls some horror moves at some point soon, but not the crazy Yuno type.

On a side note compare the 4th ending of Code Geass to the Another intro. One is a horror version and Shonen version of the same song.

I’m looking forward to watching more of this series and I might blog about it. We will see next week I guess.


  1. The songs are so familiar. But yes that outcome seems about right. And if Mei turns into a yandere Yuno I will break something. I may love Yandere’s but this type of anime doesn’t need it.
    I’m gonna blog it. ^__^ (Oh and Ali Project FTW)

    • I’m interested in seeing what you write about.
      I’m not a huge Yandere fan and Yuno really doesn’t help it. She isn’t cute enough to make up for all that crazy.

      I hope Mei stays mysterious as long as possible. Because once she gets explained she will lose some of her charm.

  2. Thanks. ^w^
    Aww. Yuno is adorable. That crazy girl.
    Yep. I think though, Mei is (dead) Misaki or something.. Well, I just can’t wait for next week. I just wonder how Kōichi is involved in any of this.

  3. I really wanna watch Mei keep that cool look on her face while all sorts of crazy stuff is happening around her (rather than the super crazy face that Yuno puts on…or god forbid a creepy smile).

    • I think we’ll be lucky if we get so much as smirk from Mei. I bet she could easily keep that expression for the entire anime.

      • well…that’ll make me happy 😛

  4. I thought it was a good first episode. I’m curious to see where things go from here–there’s certainly a lot of possibilities, and there’s certainly a lot of puzzle pieces for us to work with already.

    • An event which sets the plot in motion hasn’t occurred yet so we can’t even be certain that Mei is good or evil yet. Since this is a horror anime I am kind of hoping someone gets killed.

  5. Well now, so Ali Project performed the ED for Code GEASS as well. To think I became their fan after their awesome OP in Shigofumi and their decent Avenger OP.

    Now on to the anime, it’s a pretty good suspense/thriller. What I like the most about the anime, aside from creepy student boy officers is the soundtrack. It helps intensify the show’s eerie setting.

    • Everything about this is right up my alley. The sound was fitting and it helps build tension. I’ve noticed in a few of the lesser know thriller anime that the music hasn’t been enough to add to the overall feel of a scene.

      Aside from the overuse of doll I was happy with this. That and the hospital, so cliche.
      I can’t wait to see how they handle the next few episodes.

      • The overuse of the dolls obviously means they symbolize something, just like the overused symbolic figures in Penguindrum…then again that show’s a symbolism gold mine. You’re correct dood, not since old school anime (Not many that I can remember) has a soundtrack as ominous and depressing as this one and that’s glorious.

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